L.O.C. Your Skincare To Tame Dry Skin

If you can't escape the tight feeling of very dry skin, try using the L.O.C. method to seal in your skincare. Simply stated, L.O.C. is an easy way to remember the correct order to apply your skincare products. More importantly, if you have dry skin, "locking" your skin means no more dry, tight skin; even by the end of the day!

L= Liquid
O= Oil

So easy to remember, right? I start with either a toner or a skincare mist. Right now, I'm on a misting kick and can't get enough. Starting with skin that is lightly misted means thirsty skin has been given the sign to "drink" up that hydration. It's the same reason your mom has always told you to put your shower lotion on wet skin, not dry. Got it? Pixi Beauty Vitamin Wake Up Mist is a morning boost of vitamin C. Need more moisture? The Hydrating Milky Mist preps skin to stay smooth with a burst of hyaluronic acid. Just wanna glow? The Glow Mist gives skin an instantly brightened effect.

Add an oil to your freshly misted skin as the next step. The Makeup Wars team just selected their favorite oils--check out their picks if you're looking to switch things up. Personally, I'm loving Amaranth Oil from 5 AM at the moment. My very dry skin loves has been reacting to squalene (the plant-based kind!) and amaranth oil has the highest level of plant-based squalene available. If you're skipping an oil, add your serum after you've misted!

I also add my eye cream to freshly spritzed skin. I can't sing Hallelujah loudly enough to effectively tell you how much I love It Cosmetics Confidence In An Eye Cream. Not only does it feel fantastic, it makes your eye bags reduce, darkness is faded slightly and on some days, I can even skip concealer. My husband has even been trying it on "special occasions". I'm 44 and can actually see the difference this makes. I even posted some afters shots on Instagram a while back.

For the final step, lock in your moisture with your favorite cream. Make sure you don't forget the SPF, too! I can't get enough of the Confidence Cream; I'm legitimately on my third container! Please don't forget your sunscreen. Nothing will work as well if you don't protect your skin from the very damage your trying to correct. Honestly, according to this, wearing only a sunscreen will give you younger, healthier, less sun damaged-looking skin than wearing expensive skincare. Protect that pretty face, will ya?

Are you going to try L.O.C.'ing your skin? What works for you?

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  1. LOVE Confidence In a Cream. I am on my second container. I am still trying to get application perfected for Confidence in a Compact, if you have any tips. I know you've said "Less is More" but I can't quite make that work!

    1. I like to either use the brush or my fingers. I think it's easy to overdo it, so go slowly. I kind of really prefer my fingers.

  2. This method has saved my winter-abused skin!

  3. That IT Confidence in an Eye Cream has been my staple since I got it. I love how it makes my eyes feel!

    1. I'm not using anything else. It's excellent.

  4. This product sounds great !
    My skin will totally love it.


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