Lipstick League: Buy THIS At The Sephora Sale!

Question of the Week: Are you plotting an order for the Sephora VIB Sale? If so, what's on your list? I haven't planned my list at Sephora (but if I had a list, more Bite Beauty Prismatic Pearl Creme Lipglosses would be on it.) I certainly took advantage of the 20% off sale for platinum members at Ulta! I Here's what I could not live without:

Color Wow Coconut Cocktail Bionic Tonic: This adds slip to hair that is extremely damaged and prone to tangling and breaking. I've not tried it yet, but after the difference the OTHER Color Wow Tonic made in my hair, I went back to grab the Coconut Cocktail. I'll write more about it after I've used it a few times!

Color Wow Kale Cocktail Bionic Tonic: When I was at ABS a few weeks back, I kept hearing about a new product launch for Color that actually helped build bonds in your hair with a little help from a blow dryer. After my bangs were cut with shears that were less than sharp, I was left with hair that while recently trimmed, looked like it had been curled with a ribbon (or chewed by a beaver). Either way, my hair was a disaster. After one use of this product, a woman I do not know well asked to feel my hair in a restaurant. Why would someone ask to feel your scalp after dinner? She mistakenly thought I was wearing a sheitel, a wig worn by an observant, married Jewish woman because my hair was that perfect looking. Considering how I was seconds away from a pixie cut because I could not stop the ends of my hair from looking so raggedy, being mistaken for a perfect head of hair is like actually living one of my greatest fantasies.

Smashbox Petal Metal Be Legendary Metallic Liquid Lip: I wanted something to play up my navy or bronze rimmed lids that would go beautifully with a bronze look. I was thinking Bridgitte Bardot. (I actually went to two stores to find this shade I liked it so much!)

Sheer Wisdom Serum Shadow by Butter London: This matte eye base in Buttercreme makes my eyelids look like the lids of young royalty. Know what I mean? That no makeup perfection kind of look? That.

I wanted to try something new and this seemed like a great addition to the LOC methodWaterest Lasting Water Oil is like a toner with a bit of oil that helps seal in hydration. My skin is looking it's best ever right now, so I hope this keeps it going! I'm obsessed with this extraordinarily potent skincare additive, Vitabrid C12, which is changing the tone of my skin in less than two weeks. The two work beautifully together, so you know photos and details are coming soon. Make sure you've subscribed so you don't miss it!

I also caved and bought a lip topper. Have we discussed how much I HATE CALLING A LIP GLOSS A LIP TOPPER? I guess it's my own version of the battle I had with my own Mom over wearing rouge versus wearing blush. Either way, I bought one of the UD topcoats and it dries to a finish and is not lip glossy at all, so there's that. It's officially called the Vice Special Effects Long-Lasting Water-Resistant Lip Topcoat, which tells you everything you need to know. I bought the color Fever if you were curious.

Do you have a list? What are you thinking about? The Ulta sale lasts until the 22nd, so you have time for both!

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(Wondering what the Lipstick League is? Find out here.)

Clumps of Mascara is Currently Craving: The new Sonic Foundation Brush by Clarisonic is so intriguing! I’m a powder foundation user so I’d love to see how that baby works.
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  1. I think I may have missed the previous blog post about air brushes. I always want to learn the right way on how to use it and I definitely need to know the techniques on how to properly handle it. Air brushes for me is a little tricky as I don't know what's the correct distance of your face to the applicator and I often end up with uneven make up on both cheeks as the other one is thicker than the other.

    1. When I use my airbrush, I hold it about 4 inches from the face (Make a gun with your fingers and point to your cheek. Try to hold the gun where your fist is.) You don't need as much as you think. I honestly close my eyes and FEEL where the mist hits and try to make sure I cover my entire face lightly ONCE. I find when I go my feeling, I get a more even coverage.


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