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Ever wished you had a sister, girlfriend or BFF who would help you navigate the myriad of beauty products available and teach you how to use them? Wish you could hang out with a beauty editor and get to the bottom of what works and what doesn't when you want to shop for a new look? Do you avoid trying new things because it's overwhelming? You're in luck! If you live in the Baltimore area, let's go shopping, help you find the right products for your lifestyle, skin type and look. I'll even teach you how to re-create the look at home.

Love beauty but want to re-create a specific look? I'll help you decipher what the model is actually wearing (you know magazines never tell you everything that was used to create the photo, right?) so you can get the real look for yourself.

Think of me as your personal beauty shopper. Want to get started? Email me for more rates, availability and other details! In the meantime, check out what others are saying!

Kris, 39 year old, legal assistant:

I felt very uneducated about make-up in general until I scheduled my Gouldylox-To-Go with Kelly.  Kelly was so familiar with the various lines available to me locally, but was also able to suggest products that she felt were appropriate for the look I wanted to achieve as well as my skin type.  The employees in the various boutiques even knew her by name!  I was very impressed with her professionalism, knowledge and ability to work with my budget.  Her step by step instructions for application of the products I selected were foolproof!  It was a very exciting experience and I would do it again!

Cybil, 39. Apiarist

Before meeting with Kelly @ Gouldylox I was not very knowledgeable about makeup and makeup application. She educated me on so many aspects of makeup. Choosing my color scheme along with how to properly apply it was merely a drop in the bucket. She was a wealth of knowledge on varieties, brands, purchasing and she was sensitive to what was flattering for me not so much handing me the latest trend. Kelly not only made me feel beautiful on the outside she gave me something else.....CONFIDENCE.


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