Makeup Wars: Must-Have Brushes

While I firmly believe that skills are the reason for a killer look and not not your brush, once you know a enough to be dangerous, a brush can make or break your look. This week, Makeup Wars is all about the best brushes. Take a look at our favorites!

My current favorite hairbrush is from Ergo. Ergo is a line of styling tools made to make everything easier with a beautiful result. Made with crushed tourmaline, these brushes not only add shine and polish to the hair, but will even remove the smells of the night before if you brush through the hair slowly. Plus, it helps battle humidity. I can't live without the paddle brush to blow dry my lob. The round brushes are excellent as well, but the paddle brush is the best.  $40

When it comes to applying makeup, there are a few brushes that just make life easier. The brush that makes easy work of creating a crease, even when you have hooded lids is the Angled Shader by Make Up For Ever. I turn this brush "upside down", fit it into the crease and viola! Hooded eyes have a perfect crease every time. $30

My favorite brush for smudging eyeliner is a brush you can't just buy (easily). You'll have to hunt for it. Way back in 2010, when Buxom created an unusually textured shadow, named after dog breeds (that happened), they also made the best brush for smudging, ever. This thick, hearty, stiff brush moves liner, shadow and gels around. It smudges perfectly and despite its appearance, manages to get into the corners. Find it, buy it, love it forever. $17

Need more inspiration? Click the tiles below!

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  1. I have a few of those Buxom Brushes that they bundled with products way back when, and they're such great quality!

  2. That last eyeshadow brush looks amazing, prefect for sharing,using the lower Lash line

    Beauty Candy Loves

  3. That hair brush sounds absolutely incredible! I also think that I may "need" that fab MUFE brush as well! Thanks for the great recommendations!

  4. I remember that buxom brush!

  5. I neeeeed that MUFE brush right meow!!!

  6. I have a HUGE MUFE brush wishlist on Sephora. I don't know what it is about those brushes but I love the look of them and I want them all.

  7. I didn' know Buxom had brushes either! They've been holding out on us!


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