Weight Loss Tip #1: Pick Your Zebra Cake and Eat It

Not a doctor. Consult one before starting a weight loss plan. This is my experience and yours might be different. Not compensated by Weight Watchers.

To date, I've lost a little more than 90 pounds on Weight Watchers. It's not been easy, but I did it. And if I can do it, with my intense love of sweets and eating entire boxes of Zebra Cakes while watching marathons on E!, you can do it, too. Weight Watchers has only been one of the tools I've relied on over the last year. So each week I'm going to share a tip or two that has helped me get through the days where I just wanted to eat the kitchen.

Weight Loss Tip #1: Pick A Plan and Stick To It

This sounds easy, right? It's not when you consider how bombarded you are by ads and other messaging about trick ways to lose weight overnight. It's hard to commit to something sensible when you could just wear ice packs under your clothes and eat what you want. That's why you have to find a plan that works for your life and stick with it. There are no white knights coming to save you. It's up to you to make a change, so start off of on the right foot by figuring out what will honestly work for you. 

Your plan is going to become your late night friend, hold you accountable and guide you through a huge change. You'll need to pick wisely, because something like shivering constantly is going to be miserable, no matter how much you like the cold.  If you love eating out, you're going to have a hard time doing something like Medifast*. If you love to cook, Jenny Craig is going to make your head explode. Following any diet that causes you to cut out an entire food group entirely is going to make the maintenance phase nearly impossible; ask everyone who gave up carbs

Be honest with yourself. Are you willing to give up cake forever? Are you willing to only eat meat? Life should be lived and food should be eaten. I personally can't live in a world where I never get to eat a Zebra Cake again. If you feel that way about wine or mac and cheese or bologna, find a plan that agrees with your needs. 

How do you figure which plan is for you? Ask yourself these questions:

Would I be ok with eating this way for a long time?

Do I want to choose my food or have someone else tell me what to eat?

Am I looking for something online, with meetings, with both or none of the above?

If you can't see yourself incorporating these changes into your life six months from now, then look for something else. I always thought about losing weight as something I was doing "just for right now", not forever. And I kept failing, over and over again. Paleo sounds great, but is it forever?

If you want to choose your own food, try something like MyFitnessPal.com, SparkPeople.com or Weight Watchers. 

If you are scared to choose your own food, look for a plan that provides your food, like Jenny Craig, Medifast or NutriSystem.

If you need group support, or the support of a coach, look for a plan that requires a weekly check-in. Medifast, Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, NutriSystem and many others offer weekly or monthly check-ins.

If you are happier working solo, try something web-based like Weight Watchers, MyFitnessPal.com or SparkPeople.com. There are people available if you want them, but you don't have to participate in groups.

If you are short on money and can't join a paid weight loss group, find a copy of Jim Karas's Business Plan For the Body and join MyFitnessPal. It's a really powerful combo that works. 

One last thing:

While you are picking your plan and figuring out what makes sense for your lifestyle, if you hear yourself saying things like, "I could never do any of that" or "I can't give up soda",  I need you to stop it right now. Those are thoughts that are just passing through your mind, trying to keep you trapped where you are right now. Those thoughts aren't you. Don't listen to that voice. 

Squash that inner naysayer, pick the plan that fits your lifestyle and take it one tiny baby step at a time. 

(And it you are having a really hard time, make a cake batter protein shake and keep on going.)

This recipe from The Dashing Dish has saved me from eating the kitchen on many a sleepless night. 

NEXT: Tip #2: Don't Lie To Yourself.

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*Full disclosure, I used to work for an ad agency that held the Medifast account. 

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  1. You've always been beautiful and it's great to see you so happy and healthy! Thank you for writing your story - I'm in awe and inspired!

  2. Awesome tip! It's been awesome to watch your journey, and I'm excited to see more of it by getting insight to the begins the scenes.


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