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Ulta Gilded Gold Natural Eye Shadow Palette

Purchased by me. Affiliate links.

I've never bought an Ulta shadow palette. None of them ever appealed to my senses before. Yet the Gilded Gold Palette managed to capture my attention. The LORAC Unzipped Gold Shimmer Palette was twice the price, so I dove head first into the unknown.

And by diving into the unknown, I mean I was talking to myself in the store, rationalizing beauty math, as I do every time I shop:

"I really like the idea of an all-golds palette. Yeah, but I don't need another palette. Even though the LORAC one is gorgeous. If the Ulta version is nice AND it's half the price, then it's a fair compromise and I'm saving $22 for something else. And if I hate it, I can always return it."

Never let me balance your accounts. Under any circumstances.

That said, I grabbed the palette and set out to create something fabulous. The shadows are more than a little on the dry side (I know the LORAC ones aren't!). But once you've blended them on the eye with primer, they are fine. I guess. I do wish there were more colors that had gleam. Sure, there are mattes and glitters and shine. But I just wish the pigments had a little more glitter and shine--know what I mean? Oh yeah, and a little more pigment! The swatches below were impossibly hard to get. I honestly got mad and gave up trying.

Overall, this palette is uninspiring at best and straight up bleck at worst. Plus there is nothing golden or gilded about it. If you need another nude palette and hate makeup, be my guest and grab it.

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Hourglass Modernist Eyeshadow Palette in Graphite

Sent for review. Contains affiliate links. 

Let's discuss these new palettes from Hourglass. They are amazing to look at; one color rolls into the next in a seamless stream of beautiful pigment. Yet quite a few makeup lovers have been hesitant to crush on them. People always seem to misunderstand Hourglass products when they are first released. Then they fall head over heels in love when the products are almost out of stock (Ambient palettes, anyone?). I'm quite certain any "chalky talk" is another case of misunderstood identity.

Because these shadows are not flat in a pan and have peaks and ripples, swatching them with fingers will make the delicate points crumble. So don't do that. These aren't meant to have your fingers sploshed into the pigments. Think of it as wearable art (and if you aren't into that kind of thing, then don't drop the money on the palette).

The Modernist Palettes are different from other shadows, thanks to the multi-press technique used when creating the palette. Matte, shimmer and super-pigmented shades are all blended together, giving you extreme flexibility and control of your look. The shadows can be layered, built up or worn effortlessly sheer. It's important to remember to pat these shadows on to the brush when you are applying the shadow to the brush. You can't treat these multi-pressed shadows like a Vice palette. Pat, pat, pat the shadow on to your brush and then apply as you normally would. It makes all of the difference between a mess and a beautiful look.

When applied properly, the shadows in Graphite go on evenly and stay perfectly for no less than eight hours. They are easily blendable and look stunning on the lid. Instead of sitting on top of the lid, looking like makeup, the shadow looks as if it had been airbrushed. Few shadows actually wear this way and it's such a treat to find beautiful colors that play on the lids the way that these shadows do.

All Modernist pigments can be used wet or dry, depending on how much color you want. Of course, adding water, moisturizing eye drops or a mixing medium to your brush will give you more shine. Applying the matte colors damp won't do much other than slightly intensify the overall color. The shadows aren't damaged by using them damp and apply normally as soon as they dry out.

There is something to be said for a palette that is as beautiful to use as it is to wear. The Modernist Shadow Palette in Graphite delivers. If I was made of money, I'd buy all of them. (If I was really made of money, I'd buy them for you, too.)

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Holy Grail Alert! Ellen Lange Retexturizing Skin Peel

Sent for review. Contains affiliate links. 

I've tried almost everything to help refine the texture of my skin while diminishing fine lines. My skin doesn't respond to delicate, gentle or whatever doodleberry extract Allure Magazine swears is the next best thing. Even most peels (ones without downtime) in salons don't do that much for my skin. However, that all changed when I tried Ellen Lange's Retexturizing Skin Peel.

This glycolic peel couldn't be easier to use at home. It involves three easy steps and no complicated neutralizing. You simply scrub, swipe and brush on the foaming peel. Start with a freshly washed face. Then gently massage the enzyme-based peel prep scrub on the face and then rinse it away. Next, you swipe the peel accelerator over your face, carefully avoiding the eyes, lips and for the really sensitive, the area right below the corners of your nose.

Then you wait a few minutes, apply a bit of water and wait again. After the allotted time has passed, you simply remove the leftover peel with water. Do not apply any other acid or retinol-based products for at least 24 hours. (If you do, nothing bad will happen. But your skin may peel excessively or be uncomfortable and irritated.)

You'll wake up the following day with noticeably younger looking skin that is super smooth and very refined.  It's recommended that you do this peel weekly as well as using the peel accelerating pads after you remove your makeup each night.

I've never gotten results this noticeable from any home peel before. The kit itself is $79 and contains enough for 8 peels. That's less than $10 each. In a salon, a peel like this would be over $100. Grab one and try it for yourself--but no whining! It's a peel and it's supposed to tingle and make your skin peel, just like it would if you paid a pro in a medispa. This definitely makes my holy grail list!

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Lipstick League: What Is Your Beauty Pick Me Up?

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Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue Tinted Hydrating Gel Cream Surprised Me

Sent for review. Contains affiliate links. 

I'm in love with airbrush foundations right now. I am. I don't want to use anything else. Airbrush is fast, it's perfect, it looks airbrushed by definition and it wears forever. So when I received Complexion Rescue, a foundation that claims to be the best of a BB, CC and a tinted moisturizer from Bare Minerals, I was curious to try it. But not that excited.

What makes this foundation different is that it claims to boost hydration in skin by over 200% after one week. That is a lot of hydration. Complexion Rescue is also a gel, unlike most foundations which are creamier in texture.

So how is a gel hydrating? Bare Minerals completely turned the traditional foundation formula on its head. Complexion Rescue features squalane (a rich antioxidant) at its core and minerals-infused water at the outer layer. What this means is skin stays hydrated, plump and non-irritated by dryness. Fine lines diminish along with that tight feeling that us dry-skin girls thought was a normal part of life.

According to the company:

Formulated without oil, silicone, parabens or fragrance to maintain the integrity of the skin–loving formula, Complexion Rescue combines marine botanicals and hydrating humectants to help refuel thirsty skin, energizing mineral electrolytes to help enhance skin’s appearance, and a skin–protecting antioxidant that acts as skin’s bodyguard to help defend against environmental stressors. A non–chemical, mineral–based, broad spectrum SPF 30 provides superior protection against damaging UV rays.

So after researching a bit about the foundation, I tried it for one day. And then another. And another. Some of the redness in my skin calmed down. My skin started to look more and more radiant and fine lines were disappearing. While this foundation won't cover dramatic undereye circles or acne, but it will give your skin a radiant, even glow that won't stop until you take it off. What surprises me the most is that the coverage lasts the entire day without changing, fading, slipping or oxidizing. And it's available in ten shades!

Wearing Opal, the lightest shade.

I'm honestly blown away by how much I like this foundation. If it had a little more coverage, it would be a holy grail contender. Try it yourself for $29. Bare Minerals recommends using their Smoothing Face Brush for a flawless application. While the brush certainly helps, it's not mandatory like the brush is for the BareSkin Formula. This is so close to perfect--stop by a store and check it out for yourself.

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