Hair In a Hurry: Hair2Wear by Christie Brinkley

Is your hair feeling thin, lackluster or short? Lucky girl, you are living in the best time ever for hair extensions! Sure you can pay one thousand or more dollars for hair extensions that are semi-permanent (I've had them and while amazing, they aren't as versatile as you think).

For less than an Urban Decay Naked Palette, you can add a 16" clip in hair extension from Hair2Wear by Christie Brinkley. It's really easy. You section the hair above your ears (or wherever you'd like to attach the piece) and clip up and out of the way. Then you attach the middle clip to the middle of the exposed part in the back of your head. Next, you attach the two sideways clips, which are a little different from a standard extension. If your hair is fine, be sure to tease the roots a bit to give the clips something to hang on to.

That's it! One extension, less than two minutes to attach and you've got supermodel hair! But will it look convincing? There are a few easy steps to make sure your hair can pass.

1. Pick a color that actually matches your hair. This is usually the hardest part of selecting your extension. Hair2Wear allows you to borrow a color ring to make sure you are getting the perfect match. You can not color these extensions, as they aren't made of real hair.

2. Consider your hair texture. Obviously, if your natural texture is curly, picking a straight extension isn't going to work. If your hair is generally smooth with a touch of waves (curling-ironed or otherwise), these will work. If your hair is super thick or textured, you may want to look elsewhere. The hair in the extension I tried looks like supermodel hair.

3. If you have extremely thick hair, you may want to buy two extensions and stack them. I have very thick hair and often have to wear two sets of extensions if I let my hair air dry. If I have a professional looking blowout, then one extension does just fine.

4. Do not use heat tools on your hair. The hair will melt! The fun part about hair like this is that with regular care, the color and style will not fade! It's always ready to go, no muss, no fuss.

I love popping in hair like this for a fun night out, a fuller style or to feel like the glam gal I like to be (sometimes). It seems to blend really well with my natural hair and texture. It's really easy and a great option if you need runway hair in less than two minutes. It's perfect for all of the holiday parties that pop up this time of year!

I'm wearing medium golden blond. Grab one of the eleven colors for yourself for $49 from Hair2Wear.com.

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Makeup Wars: Best Fall Lips and Polishes

Purchased by me. Contains affiliate links. 

This week, Makeup Wars is all about the lips and the tips. I'm not so hot when it comes to polish, but one of my greatest weaknesses is my adoration for all things lip color. This fall, lips are all about the nudes, the reds and the berries.

Nude colors are the shade on the red carpet. Picking a nude isn't always so easy. Be sure to match your undertones when choosing your perfect nude.

For nudes, try:
Summer Angel by Rimmel, Armani Rouge Ecstasy 202 and Buxom Sugar Lip Polish

Plums and berries are universal fall colors and one of the most flattering shades on everyone. You really can't go wrong! For fall, try a berry shade with a hint of blue or red.

For berries, try:
Preview ColorStay Ultimate Suede by Revlon, #15 Rose Vinyl ROUGE PUR COUTURE Vernis À Lèvres Glossy Stain by YSL, I Believe Lip Flush Butter Gloss by It Cosmetics 

Who doesn't love a beautiful red for the evening? Or go light on the eyes and pick a matte reddish orange and create your own signature look.

For reds, try:
Hourglass Icon Opaque Rouge Liquid Lipstick, #8 MUFE Aqua Rouge, Rioja by Bite Beauty

Want more ideas (and polish ideas)? Check out the Makeup Wars tiles below!

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Lipstick League: Do You Get Excited About Limited Edition Products?

Question of the Week: When a beauty product is labeled "Limited Edition" (LE), are you more inclined to purchase it? I fall for limited edition holiday eye palettes every year. Every year I promise to ignore them and every year, I fall for them. Every year. What about you?

Next week, I'm off to Ireland! It's Loxy and my 10 year wedding anniversary and we can't wait to escape the states and visit Ireland. While I'm there, I'll obviously be checking out the makeup. Is there somewhere specific I should go? If you are in the know, tell me!

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It's Bigger on the Inside: A Doctor Who Wedding Makeover

Product partially provided by CVS. Products partially purchased by reader. Contains affiliate links. One day, magazines will have to tell you all of this, too.

Don't blink! This episode scares me more than any other.
Who can resist the urge of a bridesmaid needing a little makeup advice? Especially if that bridesmaid is going to be in a wedding with touches inspired by my favorite Doctor? I certainly can't resist helping a Whovian in need. Forget not blinking, this bridesmaid needed some help looking amazing while potentially tearing up!

Meet Mary. Mary works at the same ad agency as me and we share a serious love of Chris Pratt and all things Doctor Who-related. Mary can best be described as a cross between the happy to help anyone spirit of Donna, the wit of Rose and the not taking crap from anyone Amy. When she asked for some makeup guidance, I was more than happy to oblige. My specialty is helping women find their groove with makeup when they feel their makeup skills are a little wibbly-wobbly, so Mary and I hit the CVS/Pharmacy to shop.

Whenever you go to a fancy dress party, I always suggest looking like yourself, but a little more polished and a little more made up. If a smokey eye would never happen on a Friday night, it shouldn't happen at your wedding (even if you are a bridesmaid!). In my mind, I could see how a slightly smudged grey would make Mary's hazel eyes glisten. I wanted to polish her skin to perfection and add a pop of color to the lips. Mary has oily skin, so we needed some products that would not only last throughout the festivities, but keep her oily skin under control.

Here is what we ended up selecting at the store:

ColorStay Foundation for Combination/Oily skin
Revlon ColorStay Ultimate Suede Lipstick in Preview
COVERGIRL TruBlend Fixstick 
Maybelline Color Tattoo Metal Cream Shadow in Inked In Pink
Maybelline Kajal Liner in Charcoal Skies
COVERGIRL TruMagic Face Balm
L'OREAL Voluminous Butterfly Mascara in black (waterproof)
Revlon ColorStay Shadowlinks in Taupe 
COVERGIRL Blush Trio in Refined Rose

I started by prepping Mary's skin with a non-drugstore primer, because I knew it would hold up. Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer has to be one of the best primers, hands down. I also used this on her eyes.

Next, we applied the ColorStay Foundation to her face, following up with the concealer. We made sure to really brighten the area underneath Mary's eyes to make them pop. Never forget to conceal the inner corner and up to the nose!

Then we used a COVERGIRL Cheek trio to define her cheek bones, taking a little time to build a noticeable cheek. While we didn't contour the entire face, we did use the darkest shade in the cheek hollow and back into the hairline, a pop of the middle shade on the apple of the cheeks and a touch of the lightest color just above her cheekbone. We didn't apply a huge amount of blush, because along with eyeliner, it seems to scare everyone away. For the final wedding look, I suspect Mary will apply it with a slightly heavier hand.

We filled in her already pretty great brows with It Cosmetics Universal Brow Pencil. Using my fingers, I applied a sheer wash of the pink cream shadow to the lid, extending it just slightly above the crease. This adds a pop of sheen and a hint of color that makes the eyes seem more vivid. I love a little sheen in the middle of a lid!

We used a small shadow brush to add a tiny taupe crease to the eye. The colors are barely distinguishable, but a little definition is all you need! We then lined her upper and lower lid with the Charcoal Skies Kajal liner, including the upper and lower waterlines. The grey isn't harsh enough to make Mary feel like the makeup was wearing her, but added a little bit of glam that would look smashing in a Tardis-blue dress. The brush with the Butterfly mascara can make anyone's lashes appear longer than real life, which is exactly why we picked it!

To finish her face, we used a flat topped brush and lightly applied the COVERGIRL TruMagic Balm over the face (but not the eyes). This blurs all imperfections, especially for cameras. It's like putting a vaseline filter over the lens of a camera, but it's how everyone sees you -- perfect, polished and really, really pretty!

Finally, we added a few swipes of Revlon's amazingly long-lasting Suede lip balm in Preview.

Voila! The results were amazing! Very natural, but beautiful. Love it! I can't wait to see pictures from the actual wedding. Want more makeover pictures? Here you go!

I should add that thanks to the CVS/Pharmacy Beauty Club card, we got back $14 in coupons to spend next time, as well as $8 of instant coupons! I've not shopped anywhere else where these kind of savings happen!

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Please Don't Ever Forget This.

I talk a lot about making your hair better, your skin better, your eyeliner better. Please don't ever forget that you are also beautiful as you are. Without the lipstick, without the expensive gel liner or at home lasers. Stand tall, fluff your hair and smile. You've got all of the tools you need.

I'll get back to makeovers and pigments tomorrow. But please never forget that you are gorgeous as you are. Don't get too caught up in being magazine worthy. None of that is real. You are enough, as you are.

Compliment strangers. Be a good person. Be nice to innocent children, animals and to those to frail to care for themselves. Be the change you want to see. You are already beautiful. Don't forget it.

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