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Lush Hair Extensions UK Review + Giveaway!

Sent for review. Contest provided by Lush Hair Extensions.

When you look good, you feel good, right? At least on most days, having a good hair day can strongly influence how I start my day. Since great hair isn't always in the cards and top knots can lead to hair loss, what's a girl to do?

You gotta fake it 'til you make it! So that means one thing. Clip-in extensions, baby!

Who doesn't love the instant volume, length and glam that quick clips lend to your coiffure? I know I do. And what I really love are extensions that look real, that are made of human hair, that can take a curling iron without melting and that blend in easily with the rest of my own mane.

My favorite extensions right now hail from across the pond. Lush Hair Extensions UK sells beautiful extensions to everyone around the globe. Want Kim K waves? They've got that (and a tutorial on how to get the look at home!). Want ombre extensions to fill out your current look? They've got them too.

These are so comfortable to wear and blend so easily into your own hair, you'll be shocked you haven't tried extensions earlier. And no, these don't feel like the inexpensive extensions on a string. These are made from 100% Remy Human Hair. Each weft uses a silicone clip that won't snag or pull--plus they're very lightweight (the overall weight on normal extensions kills my scalp)!

And if you're an extension newbie, here's my favorite tip.

Section the hair below the tops of your ears. Pin the top section of hair up and out of the way. French or dutch (or cornrow, whatever) braid the hair in the bottom section and secure with an elastic. Pin that section of hair flat, against the scalp. Attach your widest weft just above the braid. Now your hair will blend in perfectly, without the too-short bottom peeking through!

Lush Hair Extensions UK ships worldwide, really quickly and for less than you'd expect to pay. My full set was only £36.99. It's an easy hack to a great hair day! And guess what little sisters?

I've got a set of Deluxe Clip-In Extensions (15") to give away! To enter, follow the rafflecopter directions below! Void where prohibited, Must be 18 to enter. Contest is open worldwide. No purchase necessary.

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Sleek Makeup Midnight Blues Quad + EOTD

I bought this. Sent for review.

Sleek Makeup is killing it. The colors, the wear, the's so good. And the liners and cream blushes are on my must-have list for fall.

I grabbed this quad to see if I could find a way to mimic the blues I'm seeing everywhere--without going nuts and dropping coin on something I'll only use sparingly.

The Midnight Blues Quad includes three shadows and one cream eyeliner.

Dream a Little Dream is a sparkly medium sea blue that goes on lighter than expected without a primer.

Deep Sky is exactly that. The color of the sky when it fades from sky blue to inky blue.

Smoke Lightening is a lighter silvery gray that isn't as dramatic as it looks in the pan.

High Octave is a denim blue cream liner. For this look, I used the pencil, Eau La La Liner in Moon Blue. It's similar in color, but the pencil wears almost perfectly on the inner rim. I'm getting about 8 hours of perfection on my inner rim. I haven't found anything that works better (I haven't tried the new UD, but Eau La La is lovely).

I'm going to be using this way more than I thought. My co-workers are used to me coming to work, wearing all kinds of makeup and hair and no one bats an eye. However, this look got the best response out of anything I've worn in the last six months. Seriously!

To get the look, I applied a base shadow all over in a shimmery nude. I applied a tiny bit of Smoke Lightening in the outer corner. Just a tiny bit.

Next, I added a little bit of Dream a Little in a light wash throughout the crease.

I popped the outer corner with a touch of Deep Sky.

I lined the top and inner rim using the Moon Blue pencil liner.

I finished with mascara on the top and bottom.

Grab the Midnight Blues Quad for $8.99 and the Eau La La liner for $7.49.

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The Secret to Smooth Skin This Winter

Sent for review. Contains affiliate links. 

I know it's a little early, but according to Ginger Zee, this winter is going to come on hard and fast. So buckle up, Buttercup.

This Duo Is The Best For Winter Skin.

 I don't even have to say anything else. This is more of a mic drop situation. It's just that good and the combo together exceeds anything I can say about it. It exfoliates without dangerous microbeads. so don't worry about killing the fishies. It smooths and hydrates instantly. Here's what I'm talking about...

The Righteous Butter contains S&G's signature Pink fragrance, which is made up of fresh bergamot, mandarin, rose, jasmine, peach, strawberry, and soft musk & amber base notes. Pretty, right? And the Moisture Trap Matrix ensures that your skin stays soft and silky for hours and hours. No itchy skin here!

Flake Away will remove the dead skin and make your skin glow. No microbeads, just good old sugar and peach seed powder. You'll wonder why you haven't been using this forever and you'll be hard pressed to change your mind. I've been using both for several months and I'm in love. IN. LOVE.

These are $15 each and are the softest, sweetest way to sexy skin.

Just try it already. Trust me.

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Makeup Wars: Five Products That Changed My Day

Purchased by me. Sent for review. Contains affiliate links. 

Sometimes products surprise me. Here are five that changed my day for the better (and one that didn't, because I can't be all sugar and sweetness all of the time).
Right to left: Crimson and Pink Peony

Sleek Makeup Creme Blushes are the most pigmented, long wearing cream blushes I've found recently. I would pay 3X what those little pans of gold cost to get the long-wearing, ethereal colors. They look really bright, but sheer out nicely, blend like a dream and wear all day long. At $8.99 each, they will change your cheeks for the better.

Baublerella recently reached out with a magical, portable jewelry polisher called a Bling Brush and said it would make my real and faux baubles shine like a diamond (even if they aren't.) The fine Baublerella people weren't kidding. This is a great way to polish up before heading out. And because it's super portable, you never have to suffer from sparkle envy again.

This Stila Putty is the most amazing thing, especially for under eye issues. Ah-mazing!

Recently, everyone was discussing this putty that allegedly wasn't a powder or a a gelee and was claiming it made their face instantly flawless. Ever the lemming that I am, I ran to Ulta to pick up the Stila Perfectly Poreless Putty. Much to my shock, it didn't work for me as well on my entire face as a foundation. However. It does work miracles under the eyes or anywhere you want to avoid creasing. It's like baking, without the aging aspect. 

Another one that blew me away was the Bumble and Bumble Don't Blow It (H)air Dry cream that claims to help your hair magically air dry. It's not going to tame your crazy tresses into commercial worthy hair, but it will allow your hair to dry, making the most of your natural texture while taming frizz. My results were stellar and I'm still using it. 

I ended up taking a saw to this container to get every last drop out. I'm not kidding. 
Dr. Brandt's Needles No More actually works. It's not going to permanently release fine lines, but it will help you fake it. And over time, if you stop crinkling and creasing, those lines will start to fade. 
I stopped using it for a few weeks and when the lines came back, I realized my mistake. Oops.  

You know what disappoints me, no matter who releases it? Those Lip Oil Tints. You know the ones. YSL, Sephora and Estee Lauder all make them. Meh. It's a lip gloss that is a little oily, leaves a weird tint and doesn't come in colors that are anything other than ordinary. I was so ready to fall in love and they made me sad instead.

Want more treasures or misses? Click the tiles below!  Here's a hint. We're all going to have to buy this if you don't already have it. 

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Lipstick League: What Is Your Favorite Product This Fall?

Question of the Week: What has been your favorite product (or collection) launched this fall and why? If you don't have these two products, you need to get on it. For reals. My two favorite launches so far this fall have been Too Faced's new Born This Way Foundation. (This has been my product of the week for a month!) It gives the most beautiful finish and my be one of my favorite foundations of all time. OF. ALL. TIME. That said, I'm also addicted to the Stila Pore Perfecting Putty. It's amazing for under the eyes. Ah-mazing.

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Find Kelly on Google+. Official disclosure/disclaimer statement can be found here. Copyright 2009-2015, Gouldylox. All Rights Reserved.

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