Weight Loss Super Guide: Surviving Memorial Day Weekend

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Happy happy Memorial Day Weekend, little sisters! How was your week? I survived another week of maintenance--I'm halfway to being a Weight Watchers Lifetime member. Woo hoo! I also survived a wedding (with points left over!), even though they had the best dessert table ever.

The gorgeous bride and I.
I'm not going to lie. I'm a little nervous about this weekend, too. This weekend seems to kick off the season of eating that doesn't feel like it ends until January 2. So how do we get through it? Here's my plan. Will any of it work for you, too? Get ready, I'm all about the tough love! It's the only way I've managed to power through the tough times. Please have fun, but don't lose sight of your goals.

1. Leafy Greens For the Win: Add leafy greens to everything and you'll thank me later. 

2. Mix 'Yo Drinks: Mix anything alcoholic with some kind of tonic water or seltzer. Even better, skip the drinks entirely.

3. Eat Before You Graze: Fill up on healthy food that fits your plan before hitting the BBQ. You won't feel as compelled to munch if you aren't hungry.

4. Rock That Body: I'm going to be really proud of how I look in a bathing suit and I refuse to feel any kind of body shame whatsoever.

5. Tomorrow Is A New Day: Don't give up because you ate it all. Start again tomorrow and make healthier choices.

6. Remember Your Plan: Now go work it. You know what to do. You know what to do. :-)

7. Holiday Weekends Aren't That Special: Don't lie to yourself. You'll have another chance to eat pit beef over the summer. You won't remember even thinking about it in an hour or so. 

8. Have Fun!: There is so much more to summer livin' than food. Relish the moments, the laughter and the memories. Don't get stuck thinking food is the only reason for the season. Laugh, Love and Live!

9. Step By Step (ooh!): Each move you make puts you closer or farther away from your goal. The choice is yours. You are in control! (And I swear you'll get there sooner than you think!)

10. Wear Sunscreen: Those rays are no joke. Please wear a sunscreen so you don't DM me asking which laser you want to fix your sun damage.

How to lose weight over holiday weekends.

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Exotic Beauty: Adore Vitamin C Treatment Kit + Sitewide Discount Code!

Sponsored post. All thoughts are my own. 

UPDATED: You guys have showed so much interest in this brand, they just reached out and would like to extend a 50% off sitewide code for you to purchase anything (!!), including this Vitamin C Treatment kit. JUST USE CODE GOULDYLOX AT CHECKOUT to save 50% off, sitewide. This code is active as of today (5/25/2016). I would anticipate this code not working after 6/26/16, so don't wait too long!

Every now and then I get a chance to check out something genuinely exotic. I'm talking about really high end ingredients, the latest technologies and exquisite formulations. If you have to ask for the price, it's not for you - you know what I mean. While it doesn't happen to me that often, exotic beauty products are wonderfully luxe and so delightful to experience. Most recently, I got the chance to sample this train case filled with high end vitamin C and exclusive stem cell products that promises to lighten age spots and reduce wrinkling from Adore Cosmetics.

Using their stem cells and potent blends of vitamin C and E, the simply named Vitamin C Treatment Kit from Adore Cosmetics takes reducing photoaging to the next level. Adore has created three very specific vitamin C products to work in harmony together to reduce age spots in a dramatic way.

Adore Cosmetics

There are three steps to harnessing the lightening power of this kit. Step One is the Dark Spot Targeting Treatment, a vitamin C and lemon juice-based formula that tempers the acidity of the vitamin C with vitamin E and glycerin. This combination provides exfoliation that allows your younger, undamaged skin to show through.

Adore Cosmetics

Step Two is the Targeted Age Correcting Serum, which does not contain an acidic element. This serum focuses on a different kind of vitamin C, ascorbyl palmitate. Unlike other forms of vitamin C, ascorbyl palmitate can penetrate more deeply into the layers of the skin without losing potency.* This product then binds that ascorbyl palmitate with Nikol VC, another form of vitamin C that protects the skin from free radicals, a leading cause of skin wrinkling.

Adore Cosmetics

The third and final step is the Dark Spot Targeting Treatment Cream, which utilizes ascorbyl glucoside to help lighten dark spots, as well as triggering skin to boost collagen production. All three of these products also include Adore's exclusive plant stem cell extract, which help rejuvenate skin's texture and overall look.

It's worth noting that all of the products are packaged in opaque bottles or tubes with pump dispensers, so your vitamin C isn't diminished before it reaches your skin. It's imperative for the stability of the vitamin C that it be kept away from light and from the introduction of additional bacteria (from your fingers!). This packaging accomplishes that goal beautifully! Plus it's delivered in a beautiful train case, unlike any other skincare I've tried.

Oranges + Adore Cosmetics = $$

This system contains quite a bit of Vitamin C. It's the exclusive layering effect of the different forms of vitamin C that affects how your skin looks and feels. If you have sensitive skin, you may need to test this gently and slowly to avoid irritating your skin. I didn't have any redness or discomfort while using this line, but if you are sensitive, go slowly! This could be intense for someone with sensitive skin.

I was able to test this extraordinarily luxe collection for the last two months. The first thing I noticed was how wonderful the product felt on my skin. Instantly soothing, this also blurs fine lines and wrinkles upon application. My skin felt incredibly hydrated and smooth with no irritation. My makeup even applied more smoothly and didn't fade as quickly as it did on days where I just wear an oil and sunscreen. After using the Vitamin C Treatment Kit for several weeks, my dark spots, specifically around my cheek bones are lightened. My smile lines seemed to have plumped slightly and my mole (near my eye) is virtually undetectable.

It's not everyday I get to experience something like Adore Cosmetics. My skin looks wonderful and the product feels fantastic. Now if I could only afford it on a blogger's salary. The price point is higher than I have considered spending for any beauty product and I'm not pretending it isn't. But if you are living the dream and have stacks to burn, this is your next purchase. Be sure to check out Adore Cosmetics for exclusive savings! (I'm talking big savings!) 

UPDATED 5/25: You guys have showed so much interest in this brand, they just reached out and would like to extend a 50% off sitewide code for you to purchase anything (!!), including this Vitamin C Treatment kit. JUST USE CODE GOULDYLOX AT CHECKOUT to save 50% off, sitewide. This code is active as of today (5/25/2016). I would anticipate this code not working after 6/26/16, so don't wait too long!

Adore Cosmetics

Visit Adore Cosmetics for more information on their exclusive line and information on how you can turn back the clock.

*According to Adore Cosmetics literature.

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Must-Have Memorial Day Beauty For A Perfect Summer

Purchased by me. Sent for review. Contains affiliate links.

It's almost the official kickoff of summer! Lucky for us, it's not too late to prep for the holiday weekend (and the rest of the summer). Once you've gotten your basics in place, you'll be ready to make the most of the days of summer and just chill.

Lancome's Belle De Teint gives an instant, natural glow on naked and perfected skin. You can apply this as a highlighter or bronzer before hitting the beach to add a little glow without looking too made up. Add it on top of your foundation for a really natural radiant look. This bi-phase liquid glow is vacation in a bottle. $38.00 (Nordstrom is price-matching this at $30.40.)

Slough off that dry winter skin and show off that gorgeous skin! Don't miss this amazing limited edition summer exfoliator in Mango Twist by Jan Marini. Even if you can't go on a sensual, beachy vacay, this will temporarily transport you there.  Plus, your skin will look like it's been pampered by the most exclusive resort spa. This exfoliator is not too rough and not too gentle. This is everything. $88.00

Got a few dimples on your thighs? Phytomer has you covered with their breakthrough Body Blur, an Ultra-Smoothing Contouring Lotion. Body Blur acts like a primer for your body, instantly visually reducing the appearance of cellulite, while actively changing how cellulite appears through the skin. Skin is thickened over time, excess fluid is drained and dimpling is reduced by 10%. While this isn't going to give you lipo-like results, it will instantly improve the orange peel texture of your thighs and rear. $118.00

Make sure your lashes are lush when sunning by the pool this summer. No waterproof mascara delivers longer, sexier lashes than Too Faced's Better Than Sex Waterproof Mascara. Get ready to release your inner mermaid; splash and play to your heart's content without worrying about smudges or smears. $23.00

You'll need a really good sunscreen and it doesn't get better than La Roche-Posay's Anthelios line. While I love their basics, if oily skin and breakouts are your issue you've got to pick up their Clear Skin Dry Sunscreen. While it does provide a 60 SPF, it has no oil to cause annoying blemishes. Plus, this can actually absorb 250 times its weight in sweat and oil, which means you don't have to worry about blotting or breakouts. Plus, if you use your CVS ExtraCare Beauty Club card, you could earn money back and get amazing coupons. $20.00

What are your plans for this weekend? I'm stay-cationing and having crabs (steamed crabs are a Baltimore tradition!). What beauty product can't you live without in the summer? Tell us!

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Makeup Wars: All-Time Favorite Hair Products

Purchased by me. Sent for review. Contains affiliate links.

The best hair treatments for dry hair.

It's finally a Makeup Wars all about hair! My blonde lob has certainly been through the wringer over the last year and I've been testing, trashing and embracing buckets of products. I love products that help dry hair find its luster, bounce and life. Here are my go-to, never-fail, swear-by products (you should have seen my original list!).

Best hair products for blonde or dry hair

Roux Rejuvenating Porosity Control Corrector and Conditioner: I start cleansing my hair by using this first. Not because I'm reverse washing for volume, but because it balances the pH level my hair, especially after highlights. This makes the biggest difference in the health of my hair, if I skip this a few times (accidentally!) I can always tell. I also swear by their Treatment and Shine keratin spray. $10.99/$8.99

R&Co Park Ave Blow Out: This gives me the best at-home blow outs, making my frizzy, crinkly strands as smooth as silk. $28.00

LOREAL Mythic Oil: This oil soothes my strands when they refuse to look like hair, favoring cotton candy instead. I go through it like water, but it's fantastic. $33.50

Arrojo Healing Oil Restorative Spray: This is a spray oil that adds shine, controls frizz, protects the hair from UV rays; all without sulfates, parabens or silicones. It's amazing. $25.00

DermOrganic Leave-In Spray Shine Therapy: This is phenomenal immediately following a blowout. The shine you'll get is insane. $20.00

Oribe Apr├ęs Beach Wave and Shine Spray: This gives the look of salty hair, without the damage. Why would you purposely use salts to dry your hair out? I love the look too, but yikes. Don't do that to your hair, especially if you color, perm or have damaged hair. $39.00

Obliphica Seaberry Hair Mask: I can't find a better treatment for thirsty hair. I wish I could, because this isn't cheap. But I can't. And now it appears to have been discontinued. I'm tempted to take out a second mortgage and stock up. $31.00

Clairol Shimmer Lights: Nothing makes icy highlights pop like this classic, blue conditioner. $10.00

Olaplex #3: This is a no-brainer. Don't let your stylist color or perm your hair without Olaplex and be sure to pick up a little bit of Olaplex #3 on your way out. Use this as a leave in conditioner to see your hair go from beat up to beautiful. You should buy it from your stylist and not on amazon*, where it may not be the actual product. $25.00

The Right Comb: I comb my hair a lot, especially when I'm air drying. Carefully combing wet hair with a fine toothed comb really helps the cuticle to lay flat while drying, which means less frizz. It's so simple, but it really works. Just never pull tangles or knots with a comb. You'll destroy your hair. Use a Wet Brush or the greatest comb ever invented for real detangling. My favorite detangler is also sold as a pet grooming product! For humans, it retails for closer to $20.00. For pets, it's less than half the price at $4.85.

Want more must-have hair? Click on the tiles below to see what the rest of the Makeup Wars team can't live without!

An InLinkz Link-up

*While I'm including some Amazon links for those who don't live near a stylist that carries the product, please support your stylists/brands and purchase directly from them, wherever possible. Buying beauty products on Amazon always carries the risk that products are diverted not always formulated as intentioned by the brand. 

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Lipstick League: Fingers or Brushes?

Question of the Week: Do you use color correcting complexion products (like powders, primers or concealers)? If so, which ones do you use? The only one I use, if you want to call if a color corrector, is this. And I'm on my third pot.

  Olive & Ivy - Marc Jacobs Beauty is totally underrated. I have yet to find a product from them that I don’t LOVE! Here’s some of my fave releases from Marc Jacobs this season.

  Phyrra - Want a truly peachy eyeshadow palette that's not Limited Edition or filled with boring browns? Check out my DIY Makeup Geek Peach Palette and fall in love with these fun shades! (GX: genius!)

  Prime Beauty - has a great giveaway to perk up your makeup bag. She is giving away a $50 Sephora gift card as well as a prize package for the new movie Love and Friendship. Go enter now!

  we heart this - Do you like the ease of applying shadow with your fingers? Then the L'Oreal Colour Riche Mono eye shadows are for you! And even if you prefer a brush, the gel texture shouldn't be missed.  (GX: Your fingers?)

  Beautygeeks - regrets not trying this drugstore mascara sooner; she’s missed out on months and months of happy backseat action.

  Beauty Junkies Unite - Dilara is loving this cold cream cleansing bar -- that's right! A cold cream cleansing bar that's super gentle.

  Blushing Noir - Think you have a favorite highlighter? Check out the limited edition Pat McGrath Skinfetish 003 Pigments and get ready to have your mind blown. (Gx: I'm dying to try this out.)

  Clumps of Mascara - Seriously Sephora? A Minnie Mouse collection? Is this real life? It is!

  EauMG - Hey lovers of all things green beauty, I’ve reviewed an all-natural perfume oil from LURK that has left me smelling like sunshine and fields of wildflowers!

Gouldylox - Before and after photos are still one of my favorite things! You've got to see this before and after using MaskCara's new IIID Foundation!

  My Beauty Bunny - Eyebrow obsessed or indifferent. You've got to check out Chella for Brow and Lash Products That Will Change Your Life!

  My Newest Addiction - Laura has been trying the new Pur Cosmetics Fully Charged Magnetic Mascara and shares her thoughts!

  Nouveau Cheap - looking for a fabulous new hand cream that’s loaded with skin-loving ingredients, smells like heaven, and costs less than $6? Here you go.

  (Wondering what the Lipstick League is? Find out here.)

  Olive & Ivy is Currently Craving: Kevyn Aucoin Sculpting Powder. After seeing it used and recommended time and time again for a super natural looking contour by some of my favorite fellow fair-skinned YouTubers and beauty bloggers, I think it’s time I finally bite the bullet!

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