Stock Up: It's Your Customer Favorites TSV Today!

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It Cosmetics knows what the people want: lovely lashes, skin that is beyond beautiful, a naturally perfect lip tint and the brush that makes it feel like your makeup application is heavenly. Obviously, that's why they've selected these four powerhouse products to be included in their Customer Favorites TSV today on QVC!

Not only did they pick four customer favorites, they've spiced them up to be truly special. Today only, grab the supercharged top four customer favorite It Cosmetics products in one TSV (Today's Special Value) for a special price on QVC!

Here's what you'll get:

NEW! A new Je Ne Sais Quoi Hydrating Color Awakening Lip Treatment. This lip butter gives lips a long lasting pink flush and quenches dry, summer lips.

NEW! It's Supersize time! Get the CC+ Illumination Color Correcting Illuminating Full Coverage Cream, SPF 50. This is the really big size that will last you through Thanksgiving. This is the CC Cream that everyone raves about.

NEW! A Heavenly Skin CC+ Skin-Perfecting Brush that kisses the contours of your face with the softest touch. It Cosmetics brushes are always to die for, and this hand-cut, ultra-soft brush is no different.

A Tightline 3-In-1 Black Primer - Eyeliner - Mascara. This mascara is fantastic for separating and stretching lashes prior to your regular mascara application (or wear solo for skinny lashes!). It makes the bottom lashes look like you've stepped off the pages of a magazine. I can't make the tightline look happen, but that could be my kludgy fingers. Either way, if you want long, wispy lashes, this delivers.

It's only available today, and while they don't tell me the price in advance, I'm going to guess it's under $50.00. It's worth it for the foundation alone. Grab it before your color is gone!

They are so little!

Are these your favorites from It? Superhero Mascara? Hello Light Creme Illuminizer?  Bye Bye Under Eye? What should have made the list? Looking to try IT without the price tag? You know they have minis now, right?

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Weight Loss Tip # 12: Look Within To Lose

Not a doctor. Consult one before starting any weight loss plan. 

Losing weight is a boring, painful and thrilling journey. Maybe it's easy for you. If that is the case, then I'm happy you don't share in this struggle. For so many of us, it can be socially limiting, confusing, hurtful and gleeful; often all at the same time. Sometimes friends mean well, but just say the darndest things, which instantly whip up the feels, spinning us around like a top, leaving us a tangled, dizzy mess. I didn't even realize how much people's everyday comments on my body bothered me--FOR YEARS. Talk about being out of touch with yourself. 

The phrase that currently feels like a punch in the gut?

"You look amazing! How much more weight are you going to lose? You don't want to be too skinny! You're almost as skinny as me!"

And yes, I  consciously understand that people are often unintentionally trying to sabotage you to keep you at "their level" of weight or whatever the level may be. Still, nothing twists my emotions tied to food more than that particular ideology.

My mind races; I don't feel too skinny. Am I too skinny? Am I fat, though? Am I good enough? Before I know it, up seems down and my mind races to how good some Moosetracks would taste right then. I know ice cream won't actually help, but it's calling my name. How did ice cream even get involved in this? Why does my own subconscious try to sabotage me? Why are these thoughts taking over my mind?

We aren't always in control of our subconscious. 

Think of it more like a free flowing river that ebbs and flows in ways we don't always understand. Riding the waves of the subconscious with no guidance is a tricky way to live. One way to navigate those complex waters of emotion comes from looking inward.

Meditation can help untangle those complex feelings and show you an easier way to deal with the whole, delicious enchilada called life. It's free and requires no prep or physical items, although you can take classes to learn ancient techniques like TM. You don't need anything but a quiet space, a few moments and an open mind. You don't even have to sit with your legs crossed or fingers pinched!

After a little bit of practice, you'll likely find that meditation untangles your complex feelings, showing you what your path looks like in a slightly straighter line. Centering yourself around that peaceful clarity is one of the best tools to help you stay on your plan. It's like recharging your batteries. Solid decisions are easier to make, and the weight of all of those subconscious emotions are lifted, allowing you the precious ability to avoid getting stuck in the same traps, again.

I know that when I meditate everything is easier, because my emotions aren't so tangled! This week, I'm challenging you. Are you up for it?

Meditate at least three times in the next week. Can you do it? Yes you can! Even if it's just for five minutes, sit in a quiet space and try to sit peacefully, without thinking. It's not as hard as you think, I swear. Pick a word and slowly repeat it to yourself. The word peace often works nicely for me. Let your mind float where it goes. Watch whatever thoughts bubble up and let them slip away as you just go back to repeating your word. See where the inner journey takes you and ride the wave. Once you start to untangle those feelings, don't be surprised if that stubborn weight starts to float away, too.

Already practicing? What is your favorite way to meditate? Do people make odd comments about your weight loss that make you crazy? Vent here! I hope you have a great week, little sisters! Always remember that you got this! You can do it!

Did you miss any of my weight loss tips? Need a refresher? Click Weight Loss at the top of the page and see what you've missed. Or just subscribe and join the Gouldylox family!

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Nudestix Gel Color Lip + Cheek Balm Win My Heart

Sent for review. Contains affiliate links. 

I hate lip gels in general. Even when from lines I adore, most of them fall totally flat. When Taylor Frankel, half of the sister team who created NudeStix, promised me that these were different, I had hope, but I didn't have much faith.

Here's my issue with the Gel Lip trend. The lipsticks never have much color saturation, unless it's a punchy color to start with. And they make my lips feel like I'm wandering the Sahara (or Palm Springs this week, I guess). Even if they don't start out dry, all gel lippies dry me out with a quickness. Then they fade and then it looks like I ate a sloppy sno-cone and am trying to be cute. Why would anyone want that?

Curate a summer lip wardrobe with these three shades

I've had about two weeks to play with the new Gel Color Lip + Cheek Balm and guess what? They actually look like the lip swatches promised, including the texture of the product itself, which is key. I really dislike it when a gel lip is applied and looks more like a dry tint. NudeStix Gel Color Lip is creamier on the lips than I had expected, too. The lighter colors are still pigmented perfectly, with a blend of slightly sheer and juicy color. The brighter shades? They don't look like you lost a fight with an Otter Pop. It's the perfect combination of a gel formula in a lip balm.

While I tried Haven, Rebel and Pulse, the Gel Color Lip + Cheek Balm stix are available in a total of eight shades that range from nude to grape.

Haven is a natural, delicate nude.

Haven is a natural nude shade that is more neutral than pink or peach.

Haven is a delicate, natural nude lipstick.

I'm also wearing the NudeStix Blonde Eyebrow Stylus and Gel as well as the highlight and Sculpting Pencil in Light/Medium 2. Rebel is on my cheeks!

Rebel is a super girly pink that practically sings the Psychedelic Furs.

Rebel is a girly sheer pink that still manages to make your teeth look slightly whiter and your whole face a little brighter. 

Rebel, Rebel, you stole my heart....

Gouldylox is wearing Rebel

Rebel is a perfect name for this delicate pink, assuming it's opposite day. Names aside, this is becoming my signature pink. It goes with everything, everywhere.  I've popped a bit of Haven on my cheeks for a touch of dewy highlight. It's understated, but fresh.

Pulse is a sexy nude plum.

Pulse is a deeper, nude plum. It's got the gloss and a touch of blue that make it more than a standard plum. Pulse makes blue eyes practically leap off of your face!

Pulse is one of those shades that just wakes up my face.  I've paired it with the Pulse on the cheeks and love how fresh it looks, despite being monotone.

 Each NudeStix comes with it's own little black tin with a sharpener. It's a great place to keep your makeup while on the go and it makes an excellent stash box for smaller items you always lose to the bottom of your purse.

I can not love these more. Grab them now for $24.00 each.

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Summer Skin Saviors

sent for review. contains affiliate links. purchased by me.

Be it bug bites, sunburn, scrapes or just dry and angry skin, don't navigate summer skin without these skin saviors. Each one uniquely targets a summer skin woe and helps get you on your way to healthier, happier skin in the blink of a firefly.

Cacay Oil is known for having more vitamin E and linoleic acid than argan oil, as well as more retinol than rosehip oil. It's like the superhero of face oils. Oils of Heaven has formulated a beautiful dry oil that absorbs quickly and works beautifully under makeup. If you need more hydration from your face oil, step up to Cacay Oil!

£39.00. Right now, you can get free international shipping + a free rose hip oil with your purchase of Cacay Oil.

Skin+Pharmacy is constantly upping the bar when it comes to affordable skincare. The latest launch, Advanced Skin Therapy Healing Gel with Magnetized Water is a silky, light, clear gel that hydrates irritated skin without any discomfort. Keep this on hand for any scrapes or itchy skin. Make sure to scan your ExtraCare Card to get extra discounts and save big this summer. Don't forget to sign up for the BeautyClub to supersize your savings at CVS/Pharmacy!


Stay ahead of summer sun damage with a really good SPF every day! For the days you slip, you can do a little bit of damage control with this Photo-C Bright Radiance Mask from Vie. This will lighten sun spots, just be sure to wait until after the sunburn passes.

$90.50 (20% off right now with site coupon.)

Summer heat makes skin flush more than usual. For some, it's beyond uncomfortable. If you need help managing redness from roseaca or just flushing, Rosealieve Redness Reducing Complex by Jan Marini will dramatically change how your skin reacts thanks to a proprietary blend that includes azealic acid. You've got to see the before and afters!


Sometimes, you've just got to be able to go where the day takes you. For the times you don't make it home, Suisai Beauty Clear Powder come tiny little pods that can go anywhere. Each one contains the exact amount of skin cleanser you'll need to remove anything while getting you to bed fresh faced and pretty.


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Lipstick League: What Trend Should Come Back?

Question of the Week: Name a beauty fad or trend that you want to see come BACK into fashion.
This is such a tricky question...we've seen the return of almost everything at once with the super heavy makeup trend, courtesy of Instagram. I would love to see more "done" hair come back into style. I don't mean roller sets, but just structured style. There is something to be said for a classic  updo. We haven't had a real hair trend that didn't focus on being loose or bed-head-like since the 80's. The bun, the lobs, ombre - that's all based on looking like you just happened to look like that when you woke up. What trend would you like to see come back?

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  (Wondering what the Lipstick League is? Find out here.)

  we heart this is Currently Craving: Fresh Cocoa Body Exfoliant; every since I first smelled it I can't get it out of my mind! Hot chocolate meets sugar meets cocoa butter...mmmm.
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