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Dry Skin That's Sensitive, Too? Try This...

Whenever the weather changes, my dry skin goes bananas. My skin becomes itchy, tight and prone to redness and I don't even have sensitive skin. QLABO created a product line for those of us with sensitive skin who suffer from dry skin, too. With two hero products that penetrate skin differently, if you feel trapped by the ingredient list on most products, this may be your get out of jail free card.

Eauphoria Complete Moisture Treatment ($28.00) blends rosewater and hyaluronic acid to create a moisture that binds to the skin to help boost hydration. This looks like a clear gel that is not greasy or sticky in any way. It feels just slightly thicker than water and does not make skin feel slick, making Eauphoria ideal for those suffering from acne and dry skin. 

Collagenerous Advanced Youth Regenerator ($50.00) promises to give the skin a youthful glow, while supporting a supple texture in as little as 15 days. If your skin is prone to redness and irritation, this will calm your skin. This creamy formula sinks into the skin after a few seconds, leaving the skin soft and dewy. It instantly looks refreshed and fine lines are softened. I've been using this for several weeks and my skin is taut and smooth, with a nice glow.

I tried this for about six weeks and my skin looked lovely throughout. My skin never felt itchy and looked radiant. I like the feeling of hydration on the surface of this skin and the Eauphoria left my skin normal and balanced. If you have oily skin that is also magically dry, this is exactly what you want. I personally need additional hydration on the surface of the skin, but for those who don't require mega heaps of moisture, have sensitive skin or skin that is prone to redness, QLABO is a really nice option that works very quickly.

Both products are formulated without parabens, allergens, fragrances or colorants. QLABO is not tested on animals and you can try both of these for $62.00 with free international shipping. Plus, signing up for their newsletter will save you another 15%.

Have you tried this? What is working for your skin right now? Tell us in the comments!

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BAREPRO Performance Wear Powder Foundation by bareMinerals

bareMinerals loves to reinvent their foundations and they show no signs of stopping! Their latest innovation combines "glam coverage", vitamins and skin-loving nutrients with a matte finish in a pressed compact that applies in seconds. bareMinerals BAREPRO Performance Wear Powder Foundation is here! Let's check it out!

But will it look chalky? Do you have to buff until your arms get tired? Will it settle in fine lines? Will it make you look older? Does it cover? Is it buildable? Will it transfer? Should you even wear a powder foundation if you are over 25? I was wondering the same questions this weekend, too.

I grabbed the signature brush and some Dawn 02, one of 30 shades across five skin tones, and decided to find out. According to the press, it contains 90% vitamins and minerals, which makes sense coming from a mineral makeup company, right? It feels smooth, but barely there. This isn't one of those powders that feels finely milled on your fingers. You almost can't feel anything.

The BAREPRO brush, the first bareMinerals retractable foundation brush, has a core that grabs the right amount of product while the outside bristles help blend the coverage across the skin. I'm not convinced you need this brush to apply the product, but the sharply angled edge definitely helps place the foundation perfectly around your nose and eyes.

I wanted to see how buildable the coverage was, so I documented how buildable the coverage actually can be. I ended up with five layers of foundation on my skin and while it gives full glam coverage, it doesn't look heavy or chalky at all. For a powder foundation, I think I'm in love.

I'm getting 12 hours or more of wear time, with no fading, creasing or settling. This will transfer a tiny bit to your cell phone screen, but honestly, what doesn't? Even though I literally caked this on for my final look, applying five layers of foundation, it doesn't look or feel cakey. Personally, piling on this much makeup isn't for me, but the look is amazing. I'm wearing the Gen Nude Matte Liquid Lipstick in Swag in the last pic. It's my go-to shade for everything.

I'm not a powder foundation woman at this time in my life, but the ease and wear of this foundation is making me change my tune. I smiled as big as I could in the above photo to show you how it handles wrinkles. This powder moves with the skin, it doesn't settle. Try it for yourself anywhere bareMinerals is sold for $30.00. The brush is also sold for $30.00, although you don't HAVE to have it the way you did with the bareSkin foundation.

With thirty shades to choose from, one fits each of us. If you want a break from the heavy feeling of liquid foundations, this is a refreshing change!

 >> Try it for $30.00 today!<<

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Lipstick League: It's Too Early To Talk Christmas, but...

Question of the Week: Which holiday makeup collections are you the most excited about (so far)? Why?

 I don't know why you would get excited about Christmas before Halloween.  It's honestly too early to think about this stuff. I'm sure Too Faced will have cute houses, I'm sure Smashbox will have a mega palette and I'm sure BareMinerals will have small, inexpensive sets. If you want to change someone's beauty-life, you'll want to start saving now and give them a steam iron for their hair that transforms your strands by infusing them with a treatment. I've been using it on anyone who stops by Gouldylox HQ and they are all amazed. (I said you have to save up for it. But here's a code for 20% off at checkout - GOUDYLOXFRIEND.) You think that Dyson dryer is what they want. Maybe, but this steam iron from BePro is what they NEED.

  we heart this - Stef shares her before and after pics from her CoolSculpting sessions (a procedure which literally freezes fat away.) You'll be amazed at the results!

  Beauty Junkies Unite - Amber is crazy about these 7 new affordable SEPHORA Favorites sets that are limited edition, and contain the hottest trending products in beauty today!

  Blushing Noir - No matter how you like to style your hair the quicker the better! Use these top tools from InfinitiPRO by Conair to make life a lot easier!

  Clumps of Mascara - When Zoya says one coat cream, they MEAN it. Between that and their metallic holographics, I just can’t get enough of this Urban Grunge collection.

  Gouldylox - Revamp your makeup with these beauty steals for around $10. I've got the most beautiful nude lipcolor, too!

  My Beauty Bunny - Trouble putting on false lashes? Roxette has a quick and easy tutorial featuring the new Urban Decay UrbanLash falsies!

  Nouveau Cheap - If you haven’t seen the new Wet n Wild Holiday 2016 Limited Edition Sequins & Stardust Collection yet, then what are you waiting for? Click right here and check it out (it’s gorgeous)!

  Olive & Ivy - If you have dry skin like I do, check out my night-time skincare routine! These products have been working wonders for me.

  Phyrra - Heard of Gallany? I've got a great Easy Daytime Makeup Tutorial to share with this new brand!

  Prime Beauty - missed her flight to the Rio Olympics (yeah, riiight) but she's bringing a bit of Brazil home with her in the form of Sol de Janerio Brazilian 4 Play Moisturizing Shower Cream-Gel!

(Wondering what the Lipstick League is? Find out here.)

  we heart this is Currently Craving: a foot mask! I've used masks on my hands, face and hair...my feet are feeling a little left out. Sephora has a lavender scented one for just 5 bucks that WILL be mine.
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Trend Alert: New Neutrals at Sally Beauty

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Sally Beauty. All opinions are 100% mine.
I'm bored with the basic nakeds, aren't you? How about some New Neutrals? Instead of navy, think slate. Instead of an ash brown, think cocoa. Instead of khaki, go olive. It's time to twist those naked summer colors into something a little darker, a little deeper, a little more sultry.

To try the trend, I hit up my neighborhood Sally Beauty, just in time for their Fall Color Sale Under $10. Any time I can try a new trend and save, I'm a happy woman. Palladio is one of those brands that beauty aficionados rave about non-stop, but that I had somehow never tried. So I grabbed a palette and lippie to be the foundation of my new neutrals makeover. The Silk Eyeshadow Palette in Rendez-Vous is buttery soft and so gorgeous. The shimmers don't fall out and stay where you put them. The yellow highlighter in this palette gives your lid a beautiful glow and the crease color is a phenomenal neutral. Check out my look!

I love the Pop Shine Lip Balm in Get Real. It's a natural nude with the slightest twist of grey, which is infinitely more complementary to your skin tone than you think possible. Plus, it's NOT MATTE! (Am I the only one sick of mattes?)

Long-wearing and hydrating, this creamy formula gives great color for hours. It's a beautiful nude that is just slightly left of center.

This dazzling Real Colors Stay Glowing Long-Wear Highlighter turns up the wattage, so make sure to use a fan brush or very light touch. It's buildable, so you can always layer to boost your glow.
 I contoured slightly and just added a touch of this highlighter to the tops of my cheekbones, behind the apple of my cheeks. The look is subtle, not shiny.

Pro Tip: If you are wearing a powder foundation, sweep this over cheekbones and the middle of your forehead before applying your powder base. Apply your powder foundation as normal, making sure to blend gently. Get that glow!

FingerPaints Stop! Impasto! is the perfect fall neutral. Not as dark as a traditional slate, but a little more intense than a taupe. Plus, it's got the smallest amount of shimmer-love. This polish is my everything right now.

Try the trend for yourself at Sally Beauty or sallybeauty.com and grab any of the products shown for around $10.00 (or less!) each. The Fall Color Sale will only last for so long, so don't miss out! Use your Sally Beauty card to save even more! Check them out on the Sally Beauty Instagram account  for more colorful inspiration.

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Sally Beauty. All opinions are 100% mine.
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It Cosmetics Launches New Products For Sephora On September 25th!

I've been a fan of It Cosmetics since the first time I tried a signature brush. Once the CC Cream was released, I fell in love. And on September 25th, they enter the next phase as they join the Sephora family (It's already online @Sephora.com!).

For fangirls like us, this means new products are on the way. I've gotten a little sneak peek at a few of what you'll find on shelves and I'm over the moon excited!

While I'm sure there will be eyeshadows and mascaras and more, the big news is the Color Infused Skincare. It Cosmetics never stops innovating--and that has never been more true than the Bye Bye Exclusives launching next week at Sephora.

Available in four shades is the insanely beautiful Bye Bye Under Eye Illumination Concealer. It's waterproof, crease-proof, full coverage and contains anti-aging peptides, vitamins, hyaluronic acid, hydrolyzed collagen and antioxidants. This covers dark circles and significantly brightens the under eye area. I'm usually a Light, but in this concealer, I prefer the Medium. The light shade adds almost too much brightness to my under eye area! $24.00

Bye Bye Makeup 3-in-1 Melting Cleansing Balm is my go-to makeup remover. This hydrating balm removes every kind of waterproof makeup you can think of, plus you can use it as a mask to soften dry skin, temporarily reduce fine lines and to soothe tired skin. $38.00

Je Ne Sais Quoi Hydrating Color Awakening Lip Treatment transforms lips with essential butters and oils, hyaluronic spheres to plump the lips and antioxidants to help keep the lips looking younger and pillowy-soft. $24.00

Bye Bye Under Eye Cream helps to reduce fine lines, puffiness and dark circles with a blend of anti-aging copper, blue algae, caffeine, vitamin C, collagen, cucumber extract and peptides. I've been using this for a few days and while I can't talk results just yet, I love how cool this feels when you apply it--it's so soothing, especially after a long day. $48.00

If you have pores you wish were smaller, you must try the Bye Bye Pores Primer. The neutralizing yellow tint of the primer helps balance skin tone, especially if you have redness concerns! This oil free creamy primer is filled with special clays, charcoal, papaya extracts and It's special blend of skincare to make this one of the hardest working primers I've tried. Oh yeah, bonus! Your pores will look smaller and your skin tone and texture is redefined and refined in one easy step! $38.00

What skincare line would be complete without an anti-aging Serum? Bye Bye Lines Serum promises results in 10 days, which seems crazy, I know. This contains It's signature collagen, hyaluronic acid, peptides and more vitamins than you can imagine in this concoction, in addition to CoQ10, caviar extract, sea water, argan oil and babassu oil to improve your moisture barrier, reduce fine lines and boost radiance, all while leaving skin beyond supple. $58.00

My new favorite product, the one I can't stop telling everyone about, is the Anti-Aging Armour. This light fluid contains an SPF of 50, along with It's signature skincare peptides and acids. Plus, it contains universal color correcting pigments that leave the skin looking radiant and fresh. I haven't worn foundation in a week since I've gotten my hands on this. Grab this as soon as you see it on shelves! $38.00

Lastly and potentially the coolest innovation is a skincare-infused makeup brush! The CC+ Skin-Perfecting Brush is infused with collagen, silk, peptides, niacin and antioxidants. The bristles feel similar to other densely packed It face brushes and don't feel too differently. I don't know that you need skincare in a brush, but what if you did? I'll update this as time goes on and let you know what I've noticed! $48.00

What are you most excited to see from It? What is your favorite product? I'm in love with the Anti-Aging Armour (and the Superhero palette)!

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The Most Perfect Blow Out Creme For Dry Hair...

I am in the middle of a hair renaissance right now.

My hair has not been this good since I was a child. Not only is the thickness of my hair finally coming back (it fell out from job stress), but it's growing back in thicker than ever. The combination of a few products is making it frizz-proof, even in swampy Baltimore weather (the air is often like hot soup here). And my style stays in place for days. I hesitate to talk to much about it, as if somehow it will POOF! and disappear. Like if I mention it three times I'll have to go back to having coarse, rude, always frizzy, cotton candy-like hair.

I have to believe my hair rebirth is due to a new shampoo and conditioner, a steam iron that seals a treatment into the hair (save 20% with GouldyloxFriend at checkout) and this Silkening Blow Out Creme from Madam CJ Walker Beauty Culture. The three together have united and clearly sold something of mine to the devil, because I've never seen my hair look and behave like this.

The Smoothing Brassica Seed & Shea Oils Silkening Blow Out Creme primes and protects hair from styling damage, while smoothing hair with shea butter and Brassica oil. Brassica is a genus of plants, but in this recipe, it's specifically from broccoli. The more you know, right? It also contains coconut oil, bamboo, comfrey and sage extract. It's hydrating to say the least.

I apply about two nickels worth of product to wet hair, midshaft to the ends, before blow drying. I've been taking a cue from my stylist and really massaging the product into the hair. Sounds strange, perhaps, but it helps make sure the product is evenly distributed and potentially helps flatten the "scales" of the cuticle. I blow dry and voila! My hair is smooth, ultra-shiny, and bouncy. Plus, the style stays for days. I don't need any extra oils on my hair during those days, which seems insane.

Truth: Here is how my hair looked upon waking up on day five after a blow out with this creme. It's the only styling product I used in my hair all week.

I know this product is one of three that is responsible for my hair's amazing transformation. If you have dry hair, coarse hair or hair that likes to frizz, you've got to try this Priming and Protecting potion from Madam CJ Walker. Available at Sephora // $26.00

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Lipstick League: Do You Match Body Wash and Lotion Scents?

Question of the Week: Do you think it’s important that body wash and body lotion scents complement each other? Or match?

This is one thing I honestly don't care about. How's that for an honest answer? I'm simple. I love my super hydrating Dove body wash and wear a different perfume based on how I'm feeling that day. I haven't been a Bath and Body Works kind of gal since I lived in a tiny apartment by myself when I worked in a record store. Do you care about this? What is your favorite way to mix and match body lotions and scents?

  Prime Beauty - is loving the new DermOrganic Color Care line for her "faux" blonde locks! The gift with purchase from ULTA Beauty didn't hurt either!

  we heart this - we discovered a drugstore product that slays dry skin, SLAYS IT! And we want to give you $100 in products from the line. Enter the giveaway here.  (This stuff actually got rid of my KP!)

  Beautygeeks - has discovered she’s been using bobby pins all wrong – and you probably have been, too. (Yep, you have.)

  Beauty Junkies Unite - I had a pretty amazing laser peel done a few months ago, it's a new laser technology called HALO -- and I'm dishing on my entire experience and results!

  Blushing Noir - A full & honest review of the Too Faced The Power of Makeup Palette by NIKKIETUTORIALS. That’s all you can ask for, right? (Am I the only one who thinks NIKKIETUTORIALS makeup is too over the top? I'm just so tired of seeing drag makeup on really young, pretty women. To each their own, obviously. But when that makeup is wrong in daylight? Ouch.)

  Clumps of Mascara - Makeup is one thing. But when it comes to skincare and especially BABY skincare, mama doesn’t mess around. I’m SO surprised at how well enjoyed this.

  EauMG - I love this perfume because it reminds me of a dessert that I’ve never had but really hope is a real thing - rose cotton candy!

  Gouldylox - I'm putting away everything else and making life more simple with these four products. Too good to be true? It's not if we are talking lashes!

  My Beauty Bunny - Jen bares all (okay her face anyway) to show you the REAL before and after results from her Clear + Brilliant laser treatment at CRMC Los Angeles. ( I got one of these treatments a few years ago and loved the results!)

  Nouveau Cheap - Revlon has some new products (and new shades of existing products) that are setting off my inner “gotta have it” alarm. Check out the new Kiss Balms and more here.

  Olive & Ivy - Have you tried any of Kat Von D’s new complexion products? Check out this review before you do!

  Phyrra - Looking for a single palette that has the best of Fall colors? The Honest Beauty Falling For You Palette has every shade you'll need to create beautiful, complete looks!

  (Wondering what the Lipstick League is? Find out here.)
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