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Obsessed: Urban Decay Vice Ltd Palette

Purchased by me. Contains affiliate links. 

Everyone has been talking about this palette, and for good reason. It's gorgeous. Vice Ltd. has nudes and metallics and shimmers and smokey liners. I loved the Pantone+Universe Palette so much...but this is too pretty and too versatile to pass up.

UltaSelfridges still have them, so grab one right now. Then come back and start planning your looks! The shadows are so finely milled, so full of sparkle and sheen and glitter I want an entire snow day just to play with this palette.

Each color is better than the next. The shinier colors are like little reflectors for the eyes. The brights are amazing for use in the crease and the nudes are the exact colors missing from the Naked Palettes. It's the most perfect palette for shiny, electric looks. Ever. You have to pick this up.

These shadows are swatched over a plain primer. I love them all.

Blitz, Junkshow, Freakshow, HooDoo, Provocateur, Perversion, Floss,
Vaporize, Goddess, Crystal, Heat, Disco, Deeper, Backdoor, Nameless

Laced, Anonymous, Roadstripe, Last Sin, Chase

Grab this palette before it's gone. It's been tricky to find, but it's back in stock, so don't miss it!

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FOTD with Milani Fierce Foils Eyeshine

Sent for review. 

Milani recently released a collection of gorgeous, shimmering, sparkling otherworldly shadows, called Fierce Foils Eyeshines. Shiny, shimmery and beautiful; this texture can take your look to a whole new level.

For those that don't know, foiling your shadow means applying a shiny shadow with a slightly wet brush for an extreme, glistening look. Sometimes this is good for the shadows and sometimes it is not. It can also be messy and time-consuming. If you want the look without the mess, this collection from Milani is all you.

These shadows apply dry. You don't need to wet your brush. If you fell for Stila's jewel shadows a few years ago and were sad they didn't go permanent, then get ready to stock up. These shadows are gorgeous! The quad comes with it's own little brush. But it's not really a brush. It's more of a paddle.

I have been playing around with the Fierce Foils quad in Milan. This is the most neutral of the available quads and the easiest to pull off without trying too hard. The colors are nude with a touch of bronze and this quad works for everyone. I kind of feel like I should be hoarding these...

To apply these, be sure you start with a good eye primer. Fallout isn't a major problem with these, but it's better to be safe than sorry, right? I found they apply easiest with a patting motion from a flat brush or with your finger. This isn't a typical eyeshadow and you can't apply it exactly the same as you would any old powder.

I also added Milani's Fierce Foil Eyeliner in Brown Foil to complete the look. These liners have a really black base, which makes the foil shimmer really pop. Right now, there are only four: black, brown, purple and navy (I've already hit four stores looking for all of them!). This liner lasts and lasts and even does a nice job on the waterline, if you can handle applying a powder there.

I'm also wearing Milani's Tea Rose Powder Blush (which is almost too pretty to use) and Matte Passion Lipstick, which looks like it was stolen from the era of the pinup. It's gorgeous if you are bold enough to pull it off!

Definitely grab these and add a little shimmer to your lids. The lightest color in the quad is all you'll need for the corner of your eye. Ever.

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The Best Concealer for Men with Dark Circles

Contains affiliate links.

I'm a huge Stern Show fan and I'll happily list a million reasons why you should be too. One of those reasons is Sal Governale. If you don't know Sal, he's famous for writing horrible songs about his wife, being late to work on really important days and making great phony phone calls to pizzerias.

But Sal has been hiding something. His undereye circles.

Sal's dopp kit, courtesy of the Stern Show.

On Monday, it came to Howard's attention that Sal can't face the day without his special man kit.  In fact, he's so uncomfortable without his fully stocked bag that he needed to run home during Snowmageddon and grab his secret beauty stash, despite Howard reminding him that this could be a terrible idea. When he arrived at the studio on Tuesday, he offered to share the contents of his makeup bag, but only after he hid a few things. What product could Sal not get through one day without?

CoverFX Conceal FX Concealer. This creamy, natural-looking, hard-working concealer is exactly what Sal "The Snow Queen" Governale needs to cover this dark circles, which have plagued him since he was a teen. Even if Sal had known that the Sephora on 34th between 7th and Broadway would have gladly given him a sample at no charge, he was in fact justified in going home to grab his precious, so he could face the day without his circles.

Why? After a quick bit of sleuthing, I was able to confirm my fear. CoverFX no longer makes Conceal FX. CoverFX makes phenomenal products, especially for people who need a lot of coverage, but they no longer make this exact concealer.

Since I'm sure this news is sending Sal into a tailspin, I asked Baltimore-based About Faces Makeup Artist Owen O'Donnell where Sal should turn next.

"Nars Stick Concealer is sweat-proof, matte and blends seamlessly into skin with a wide variety of skintone-correct shades. The Honey, Vanilla, and Custard shades' pink-y peach tones pack an extra punch against under eye circles.

"Darphin's new Dark Circle Under Eye Illuminator de-puffs, massages fluid out from under the eyes and has a universal brightening undetectable tint that matches everyone. Men tend to do best with either a combo of oil-free BB cream and Powder Foundation, or either used individually.

"Smashbox's new Photo Filter Creamy Powder Foundation is also sweat-proof, with adjustable, easy-to-blend coverage that controls shine and will completely cover blemishes without turning white in photos or rubbing off. Dryer skin would like the oil-free BB cream with SPF 35. New Photofinish Primer Water is clear, sprays on to provide oil-free hydration before cosmetics, contains electrolytes  like Gatorade to energize your skin, then can be misted after to ensure all day wear and no smearing to give away what's covered up."

And guys, listen up. If you aren't confident without a bit of concealer, your fancy shampoo or a special lip balm, you aren't alone. In fact, one in ten British men wear makeup daily. A separate survey among 1,000 men in the US and UK revealed that 54% of men use a special face wash (Aveeno is a great choice, by the way!). 39% wear lip balm, 33% get waxed and 10% wear foundation or concealer daily. So don't be afraid to swagger into your neighborhood Sephora and ask for a little help.

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How To Look Amazing, Save Big and Win $50 from CVS/Pharmacy

Purchased by me. Sent for review. Contest by CVS.

Lately, I've been spending more time in my CVS/Pharmacy than Sephora. Crazy, right? Beauty tech and formulas are advancing at the speed of light and CVS is hand-picking the best of the best and offering them prices that won't make you cringe. There are so many items I've stopped buying at the mall. I've instead opted to use my ExtraBucks points to save big. Check out my favorites!

Vichy, Vichy, Vichy! This is my favorite skincare line at the moment. I'm seeing real results, really fast. My favorite is the Neovadiol Magistral Elixer and the LiftActiv 10 Serum. And the LiftActiv Retinol HA Eyes and ProEven Night Spot Corrector. I could go on and on. This line is amazing and I'm not sure why I don't hear more raves.

After one use, John Frieda's Sheer Blonde Highlight Activating Conditioner made my hair even shinier than I previously thought possible and made my highlights pop. I can't explain how, it doesn't deposit color or lighten your hair over time. But it works and it was way less than what I was using from Sephora.

Skin+Pharmacy is bringing really effective products to CVS at much lower than mall prices, including dupes of really expensive products you'd like to try, but can't afford. Forget dropping a hundy on those acid-rich face wipes that turn over new skin quickly. Their Anti-Aging Therapy Glycolic Peel Pads ($20!) work really hard to reduce fine lines and tired skin and their Acid Face Wash is as good as one that costs $100.

If you've loved the idea of Wen and haven't made the move to try it, CVS is offering a new line specifically designed for long hair. Grow Gorgeous is a lovely line that promises no harsh or yucky ingredients (it's SLS-free! huzzah!). I've been using the cleansing conditioner and need to get my hands on the Cleansing Conditioner for blondes. I've also been using the Hair Growth Formula for about a month and have seen small results. It takes a while for your growth cycle to kick into overdrive, so I'm excited for the results (and the packaging design is so cute, no one will ever know it came from the drugstore!).

Finally, you can take a lot of expensive supplements to beef up your hair, nails and skin. Instead of spending $50 a month on vitamins, grab the CVS/Pharmacy Biotin Soft Chews. They taste just fine, contain 10,000 mcg of biotin and work just as well as anything else I've tried. I swear by these!

Don't forget to save big with your ExtraCare Card. I swear one of these days, they are going to give me money back at the checkout. I saved over $15 with coupons on my last purchase! And remember, if you don't like what you buy, you can always return it. I'm not kidding. Use half and hate it? Get your money back! They even have an app that helps you manage your savings and prescriptions.

Get started with your very own $50 gift card to CVS/Pharmacy! Enter below and you could go on your own CVS adventure. $50 +ExtraCare rewards goes way farther than you think! US only. Must be 18. Void where prohibited.

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Lipstick League: What LE Item Do You Miss The Most?

Image from Please check out her blog!

Question of the Week: Name a beauty item that was discontinued that you wish would come back, even if it was only for a limited time. Ooh. This is a hard one. I don't fall for LE items often. The only one I've ever hunted down and bought extras of so I would feel safe is an Estee Lauder summer bronze-gelee-powder thing that I had sales associates hunting down on twitter for me. (I think I still have an untouched one. It's so pretty. Now where did I put it?)

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Guest Post of the Week, as chosen by Phyrra - My friend Eugenia is awesome and I love her blog and videos. I wanted to share her Top 10 Beauty Products of 2014 because I adore many of her choices!

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