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Lipstick League: How Many Products Do Your Brows Need?

Question of the Week: On a typical day, how many products do you use on your brows?

I have sparse, very light brows and would love to be able to get microblading to fix my tails. Since that isn't in the cards for me at the moment, Fiona Stiles Brow Sculpting Wax ($13) has been my go-to for about three months. While Stiles only has one color, the harder the pressure when applied, the deeper the color appears. It doesn't move, come off with sweat and looks totally natural. It fills in gaps, keeps unruly hairs in control and stays put.  I haven't found a huge amount in that line that I really love, but the brow wax is worth every penny. (Plus, it will last you more than a year, easily.) How many brow products do you use?

I just posted about this the other day, but in case you missed it, you've got to check out this Chocolate Truffle Exfoliator from Jan Marini. It's almost too chocolate-y to use. Seriously, I'm not sure you can handle just how chocolatey delicious this smells. If you have a chocolate lover on your holiday list, grab these up before they are gone for the season.

Now on to the best of beauty news and reviews from the Lipstick League!

  Clumps of Mascara - Matching foundation is incredibly tricky for all makeup users but it’s even more difficult when many brands don't cater to dark skin. I’ve found 20 brands that actually give us darker girls REALLY good foundations.

  EauMG - This week I’m reviewing the new Penhaligon’s Portraits Collection, a collection with major "Downton Abbey" vibes. I started the week off with The Tragedy of Lord George, the patriarch of this dysfunctional, fictional family.

  Gouldylox - My hair is in the best shape it's been in for years, thanks to two products and a flat iron that uses steam. Want infinite good hair days, too? (You know you do!)

  My Beauty Bunny - These Chella brow and lash products are major game changers! From eyebrow pencils to highlighters to heated lash curlers, Chella has got you covered.

  Nouveau Cheap - Have you ever had something on your wish list for so long that you feel like it’s going to disappoint when you finally pull the trigger? Well I finally pulled the trigger on It’s Skin Cookie & Body Ice Cream from Sephora and you can click right here to see if it was worth the wait.

  Olive & Ivy - I have rounded up the BEST Sephora holiday beauty gift sets for 2016! These always sell out SO fast so if you see one you love, grab it quick!

  Phyrra - Channel your inner Evil Queen with my Ever After High Raven Queen Makeup Tutorial!

  Prime Beauty - found a matte liquid lipstick that is actually long lasting AND comfortable to wear! If you're a matte lipstick lover, be sure to read about Highlight Matte Liquid Lipsticks!

  we heart this - We swatched and created looks for the entire Urban Decay Vintage Capsule Lipstick Collection! Check them out here!

 Beautygeeks - has discovered that if you close your eyes when you’re misting your face with thermal water, your eyes are missing out.

  Beauty Junkies Unite - There are 5 new spa-quality facial masks at The Body Shop, and Amber has tried them all! See what she loves.

  Blushing Noir - If the packaging of the MAC Nutcracker Sweet Collection doesn’t get you the products will - Magic Dust Powders, Lipsticks, Palettes… just try to stay focused!

  (Wondering what the Lipstick League is? Find out here.)
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Can Chocolate Make Your Skin Glow?

I wish I had research that cited chocolate as a way to boost radiance, reduce fine lines and smooth skin. Since it often has the opposite effect on sensitive or blemish-prone skin, it's probably not the best use of your fancy chocolates. Save the gold-foil confectionery for your guests and go for this, instead.

Jan Marini's Holiday Exfoliator is here and it's CHOCOLATE TRUFFLE.

It's not a weak chocolate either. Do you remember the scene from the movie Chocolat, where she makes hot chocolate from melted chocolate and not a powder from a packet? The Marini Holiday Exfoliator in Chocolate Truffle smells like that liquid hot chocolate, minus the cayenne of course. Have you ever treated yourself to a really decadent chocolate bar (or just a nice bag of dark chocolate chips you would use to bake)? That smell that wafts over you when the wrapper is torn? It's like THAT. (My mouth has been watering the entire time I've been writing and smelling this; it's no joke for chocolate lovers.) This exfoliator is a serious chocolate experience. 

Like the annual holiday exfoliator from Jan Marini, this is a powerful scrub that removes dead skin. lessens fine lines with repeated use, smooths the skin and gets you glowing. It's made with cocoa powder, glycolic acid, proteolytic fruit enzymes and combined with a microscopic scrub to will leave you feeling smooth and sated. You're going to want to grab one for yourself and one for your friends. If you buy it as a gift and happen to smell it, you'll need to go gift shopping again, so save yourself a trip and grab two now. Unless you can't handle that much chocolate, that is.

Experience the Chocolate Truffle Holiday Exfoliator from Jan Marini for yourself at these salons or trust me and grab it online before it's 2017. // $88.00

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Which Cleansing Balm Is Best For You?

Think cleansing oils are too messy? Then cleansing balms are what you need! These balms/jelly/cleansers remove all traces of makeup in a flash, leave skin glowing and even work beautifully on oily skin! You know oil attracts oil, right? Using an oil cleanser is a sneaky way to battle oily skin.

Plus, you can leave some of them on as a treatment mask for an extra boost of hydration and glow. My go-to balms are below! Which is your favorite?

Pixi By Petra Nourishing Cleansing Balm removes makeup with shea butter, almond oil and vitamin E. This balm has a texture similar to tapioca upon first glance, but it quickly melts into the skin, breaking up makeup on contact, even the really tough stuff. $20.00

It Cosmetics Bye Bye Makeup 3-1 Makeup Melting Balm can double as a skincare treatment as well as removing makeup in a snap. This balm has more of a whipped texture that melts on contact. Makeup is gone in the blink of an eye; wipe it off and leave little behind. The Skin-Softening Serum Concentrate™ treats skin like a serum, leaving skin oh-so-soft. $38.00

Erborian Solid Cleansing Oil is super smooth, infused with seven Korean herbs (green tea, licorice, Japanese knotweed, skullcap, rosemary, chamomile, and centella Asiatica). Waterproof mascara is no match for this cleanser. Once you've washed it off, make sure to leave a tiny bit behind to do double duty as a skincare treatment! $39.00

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This Steam Iron Treats Hair While It Styles

I've been chasing all of my friends around with this Steam Iron like a crazy person, hell bent on giving out good hair for the last three weeks.  Not only does this Iron style the hair, it also treats the hair each time you use it. The cool thing is that your hair seems to get better with each use. Frizzy hair? I don't really have that any more. Dry hair? Nope. This is the third key to my hair renaissance! (Miss the other two? Check them out here and here.)

I first learned about the Steam Iron with Thermolon plates from Be Pro USA at CosmoProf earlier this year. My life as I know it has been different ever since. Steam Irons aren't really a new thing, but my hair has never reacted to a styling tool like this before. The difference is why I've been tackling any women that come to my house and "twisting" their arms into letting me treat their hair.

Meet Finn. She's one of my besties and was not expecting to be a hair model for two products. She has naturally wavy hair that is very processed. 

The result is always the same. Beautiful, hydrated, non-frizzy hair that goes on for days and days. Before I used this Steam Iron, my hair would frizz within hours of flat ironing or curling. Look at almost any photo of my blog from the last seven years and you'll see exactly what I'm talking about. The only time my hair has looked this good was immediately after a keratin treatment. And even then it looked dry.

No makeup, air dried hair. Then later, with makeup and treated and styled hair. My ends looks unrecognizable. 

I shudder to even say the word, but my hair is now frizz-proof and (gulp) moist. How is this even possible? What makes this Steam Iron so special that it's worth a car payment? (Yeah, it's a car payment, but I've got a code for 20% off below!)

This is another friend, who came over to hang out and left with treated and styled hair. She has naturally thick, healthy hair, with a little bit of coarse texture. This smoothed her hair and made it frizz resistant.
The Be.Professional Steam Iron is a beautiful iron built for use of ease and convenience. The biggest problem with other Steam Irons is that they deposit all of this gunk on the plates after a treatment. They are hard to clean and using them while dirty can wreak havoc on your hair. The Thermolon plates allow you to clean the plates with just one swipe of a cloth. It's like a new level of something akin to teflon (it's not teflon). Go ahead, have fun seeing if you can make anything stick to it. I accidentally melted a piece of plastic with it and it wiped off immediately.

This iron gets up to 450 degrees in less than 90 seconds, which is pretty fast. A push of the button determines which of the six heating presets you use. I personally like to use the 375 or 410 setting. You can also control the steam, opting for more or less steam depending on your needs. I like more steam than less. This iron is designed with the user in mind. The cord does not tangle easily and is heat resistant, so burning your cord isn't likely. You can't accidentally turn this off or change a setting while you are using it. It even has a little rubberized tip so you can hold the tip of the iron without burning your fingers. Think of this as a styling tool and a treatment tool. It's unlike anything else you already have and it's much more than just a flat iron.

I used to use tablespoons of hair oil to try to manage my frizz. This is hair on day three, with no additional styling products or touch ups since the initial styling 
And we aren't even talking about the best thing ever yet!

The treatment that is steamed into the hair is everything. The steam that this iron provides isn't from water (in fact, you can't put water in this iron). It's a special blend, containing Argan Oil, hydrolyzed wheat protein, and panthenol. When you use the iron, you are also sealing a treatment into your hair. This means very, very shiny hair--like a mirror shiny. Hair is hydrated and frizz-resistant. Frizzy ends look healthier than you can imagine and your hair is left very soft and touchable. Even crazier, once I've steam ironed my hair, I don't need to touch it up until after I wash it, which averages about three or four days. Even cooler, coming soon are additional treatments you can use with the steam iron. LOVE. LOVE. LOVE.

This steam iron falls into the "life-changing" category, according to me. My hair continues to get better and better with each treatment. Sure, it's $325.00 and kinda is the cost of a car payment. But having hair like this is worth every single cent. I can save you $65.00 with code GOULDYLOXFRIEND.  Plus the packaging is gorgeous. This is what you want for the holidays. (Just grab it before the code stops working.)

Tried this? Let me know what you think!

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Lipstick League: Go-To Highlighters

Question of the Week: What's your current go-to highlighter? If you don't have one, tell us about the last highlighter you purchased.

I haven't even written about this yet, but I'm sure I'll start raving next week. I just got my hands on this dual blush/radiance/highlighter combo from Pixi by Petra and it gives such a beautiful, natural glow - especially when paired with this foundation, which I can't stop telling everyone about. But the highlighter! It gives such a natural, pretty radiance that doesn't look fake. It just looks like you are bright and beautiful and happy. (And it's great on days when you have to fake feeling that way, too.)

  Blushing Noir - Your perfect cat eye is simply two products away AND you can get it at the drugstore!

  Clumps of Mascara - I mean, my goodness! How many charcoal masks does anyone need? Personally I could hoard a few dozen, but this one? This one will always be a staple.

  EauMG - Sometimes I want to smell like a Mediterranean shoreline or strawberry jam but there are a lot of days where I feel like smelling like PERFUME. On these days, I’m thankful for fragrances like this one by French brand, Chabaud.

  Gouldylox - I've tested a lot of mascaras this year! Wondering which ones earned a permanent spot on my vanity? Check out my list of the best no-flaking, long wearing, lash-sculpting mascaras!

  My Beauty Bunny - I’m so excited for the Do Good. Be Green conference being hosted by Love Goodly on November 5th. Enter my giveaway to win a ticket and come see me!

  My Newest Addiction - Laura shares her new favorite fall fragrance, Ralph Lauren Tender Romance!

  Nouveau Cheap - I didn’t use up any makeup in September, but I kicked butt on haircare and skincare (and by “kicked butt” I mean I actually finished some stuff). Check out my September Empties here.

  Olive & Ivy - Should the Tarte Kiss & Blush Cream Cheek & Lip Palette be on YOUR beauty shopping list? Come find out!

  Phyrra - Do you want beautiful eyeshadow? You need to see the Aromaleigh Insectarium Collection! It has bright duochromes, neutral duochromes, and essential mattes, perfect for work or a night out.

  Prime Beauty - is loving the rich jewel tones of Mirabella's Masquerade Collection.

  we heart this - Stef gave Madison Reed Color Reviving Gloss a spin and TOTALLY gave her hair a fall makeover. Check out the before and after pics!

  Beautygeeks - talks to one woman about her thinning hair and Rogaine for Women experience.

  Beauty Junkies Unite - See why Amber thinks the new Urban Decay NAKED Ultimate Basics palette is the ultimate shadow palette to pair with your existing eyeshadow collection!

  (Wondering what the Lipstick League is? Find out here.)

  Blushing Noir is Currently Craving: Huda Beauty Liquid Matte Lipsticks! I’ve heard amazing things and basically want them all!
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Halloween Candy Is Scarier Than Clowns

We are officially in the food season, healthy lifestylers. It starts with the Halloween candy, then it turns to tryptophan-tastic mountains of food we are thankful for, followed by the pinnacle of cookie season. If you thought it was just the end of the year, you've either never struggled with your weight or you've never thought about it seriously before.

So let's tackle these weight loss plan detractors as they come, shall we? Halloween candy is up first and it's certainly devilish. Each mini-fun size candy is 2-3 weight watchers points per piece. How many pieces do you munch on the week before you give it away to adorable Harley Quinns and Minecraft Steve's? I double dog dare you to keep all of the wrappers for the candy you eat for the rest of the month. I dare you.

If you are at all like me, it's a terrifying idea. Maybe candy isn't your thing--if that is the case, consider yourself lucky. For me, it's like a sweet song that calls my name, tempting me to eat just one peanut butter cup. My mouth waters at the thought. So aside from skipping the holiday entirely, how else can you avoid a scary scale experience?

Try these tips to avoid terrifying yourself on the scale on November 1.

1. Buy your candy at the last minute. Get it the morning of the 31st and you might even save a few bucks.

2. Buy candy you hate. If you don't like it, you won't eat it. The trick is buying candy packs that don't include a few treats you're sweet on.

3. If you must keep it in the house prior to the holiday, lock it up. Keep it in the trunk of your car, your shed, in the basement or in the back of the freezer. Out of sight means out of mind.

4. If you are following a plan, make room for a few pieces of candy to be savored. Work it into your life in a way that works for you.

5. Promise to only eat the candy while sitting with NO SCREENS. The thought of being without any screens (even your phone) is probably a little scary, but you'll focus on what you are doing, instead of mindlessly chomping candy after candy.

6. Once your kids have gathered their candy for the evening, figure out how much they are allowed to munch that night and hide the rest. It's important to teach healthy eating habits to your kids and Halloween is a great time to teach them moderation. Maybe they can pick a few pieces each night after finishing their chores. It's up to you...just remember that these are the teachable moments that will shape how your kids deal with food.

7. Don't take it to work. Everyone is in the same boat. If you don't want it, toss it. No one else needs the temptation either.

How will you handle Halloween? I'm not buying any candy until the last minute and I promise that it won't be peanut butter.

Need more inspiration? Check out my weight loss tips and tricks. If you haven't already, please subscribe!

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The Anti-Aging Armour You Need To Glow

Finally, an SPF that enhances the look of skin while protecting it from UVA and UVB damage and boosting the skin's hydration significantly. It Cosmetics Anti-Aging Armour provides an SPF of 50 in a beautiful, formula that works for all skin types. Plus, it contains pigments that claim blend away uneven skin tones, on all skin colors. Not sure? Check out my before and after!

I've been wearing this as a foundation by itself on days I just have to run to the store and it holds up! But it really shines as a base for your foundation. Skin is even and hydrated before you even begin applying your makeup! I'm skipping primers when using this, even though a primer will even out skin texture and tone. Add a primer and a foundation on top of this SPF and you've got perfected skin like you never though possible. I can't love this enough. I'm an NC20 in MAC and this works perfectly for my skin tone.

Grab it from Sephora for $38.00. My only complaint? I wish the bottle was much bigger for the price. If you aren't sure, grab a sample from Sephora on your next trip. I love this. If you've tried it, tell me what you think!

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Favorite Mascaras of 2016

I've tested loads of mascaras this year and only a few have earned their permanent spot on my vanity. Did your favorite make my list? Find out!

It Cosmetics, Superhero Elastic Stretch Volumizing Mascara, $24.00, gives you thick, long lashes that are so inky and long, you'll forget you aren't wearing false lashes. This mascara is the queen of the thick lash...just make sure you comb out the lashes and give it a few moments to dry in between applications. Read the post or buy it now.

Perricone No Mascara Mascara, $30.00, helped my lashes grow. This mascara has been around for a few years but that doesn't matter, it still earns a spot on my vanity. This gives the look of slightly thicker natural lashes while actually helping to grow stronger, thicker, longer lashes. There is very little clumping or flaking and it helps hold a curl forever. It's one of the few mascaras that help make really short lashes look reasonable (if you have lashes as short as mine are naturally, you'll know exactly what I mean). Read the post or buy it now..

Bravon Beauty Double Wingspan Waterproof Mascara gives long, thick lashes without clumpy or making lashes look spidery. Keratin helps to fortify lashes, while keeping them supple, The waterproof formula is amazing because it feels like the regular Bravon formula, but is actually waterproof.  Buy it for $18.00.

The return of Max Factor this year made me so incredibly happy and the Masterpiece  Max Mascara is worthy of the name. This mascara helps build, define and lengthen lashes without any clumping, ever. Lashes are not spidery or clumpy; just long, lean and beautiful. Read my original post or buy it for $9.99.

Pixi By Petra is wowing me non-stop with their mascaras. The Black Lash Primer is a must have, as is the Lengthy Fiber Mascara ($16.00). There is no other mascara out there that adds length like this. The Lower Lash Mascara ($11.00) is a no-brainer, too. Read the original review or buy it now.

Did your favorite mascara make the list? What should have been included? Tell us in the comments!

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