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Lipstick League: What Is Your Favorite LE Products NOW?

Question of the Week: What are your current favorite limited edition products?

Isn't everything LE these days? Really though, doesn't everything seem like it's LE until it goes crazy, like that Becca Jaclyn Hill collab? Right now, I'm obsessed with everything Bite Beauty puts out, I'm loving every single Max Factor product (I'm seeing them at Walgreens!) I try, the Modern Renaissance Anastasia palette is one of my favorite palettes of all time (hello, blue eyes!!). What about you? What is your current LE love? Tell me, I need a good reason to break a no-buy streak of 8 days.... In the meantime, check out these beauty finds from my ladies in the League.

  Olive & Ivy - The Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche Lipsticks are to. die. for. They have a creamy, hydrating and good-for-you lipstick formula that will keep you going back (to Sephora, haha) for more!

  Phyrra - No more trying to find the perfect brow pencil for me! I share my Microblading Eyebrows video. You need to see the before and after!

  Prime Beauty - found a real beauty bargain for only $10! It's the Makeup Revolution Golden Sugar 2 Rose Gold Blush Palette and it’s a highlighter, blush and bronzer palette all-in-one!

  we heart this - is pretty hooked on the co-founder of Urban Decay, Wende's Top 10 Vice Lipstick shades. We heart her top picks!

  Beautygeeks - eyed the NARS Audacious Fall 2016 collection with anticipation: the lipstick shades are swoonworthy, but is the deepest hue of the new Brow Defining Cream a cool enough dark brown?

Beauty Junkies Unite - You don't have to kiss the carefree, sunny days of summer goodbye if you scoop up these products that remind Amber of summer year-round!

  Blushing Noir - Six gorgeous pink lipsticks are available now from L’Oreal and if you’re someone who has trouble wearing a strong matte lip these make that transition a whole lot easier!

  Clumps of Mascara - Oh Milani, you really know how to make a lipgloss lover happy. These Matte Metallic Lip Cremes are faaaabulous.

  EauMG - Here’s my comprehensive guide to fig perfumes!

  Gouldylox - Ready for September? Check out the stencils (!!), mascara and oil that will make mornings so much easier.

  My Beauty Bunny - I'm often asked about my cruelty-free foundations faves. To help you find the perfect match, I've made a list of my ride or die, holy grail formulas: All Time Best Cruelty-Free Foundations.

  My Newest Addiction - It is a busy world we live in so Laura shared 5 quick and easy ways to relax. Of course one of them involves skincare masks!

  Nouveau Cheap - It’s official: the Fall 2016 Ulta 21 Days of Beauty event begins on September 4th. Would you like to see the full calendar of one-day-only Beauty Steals? Of course you would!

  (Wondering what the Lipstick League is? Find out here.)

  Olive & Ivy is Currently Craving: The Tarteist Metallic Shadows! I can't even pick a single shade because WOW, these are stunning. http://www.sephora.com/tarteist-metallic-shadow-P410549?
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True Story: The Incident At The Mandalay

When I was first born, my Father smiled down and kissed my Mom on her glistening forehead. Together, they ohh'd and aww'd over their new little girl.  Then my dad looked into my Mom's eyes and smile and whispered, "She's perfect. Except for the monkey feet."

Me and my monkey feet.

Yes, that happened. I know this because the story was often repeated to me in a sweet way meant to make a young child giggle. And life involving my feet has never gotten any better. Or worse, really, so at least there is that. Or I should say there was that. Because my size 10 feet hadn't managed to embarrass me, break an ankle or even trip me until recently when I took a jaunt to Vegas. But before we get into The Incident At The Mandalay, let's back up about four and a half weeks, when a Facebook share got under my skin.

I'm posing for some makeup shot but really, I'm just thinking about my feet.
See, I was going to be working with a few brands at CosmoProf, none of which I had met in person. I wanted to make a good impression, obviously. One day, of of these brands posted something on Facebook about hating feet with dry skin, from their personal account. In the back of my mind, something clicked and said, "don't risk the monkey feet. You'll be in sandals, so do that Tony Moly Changing U Magic Foot Peeling Shoes."

And so I did the Changing U Magic Foot Peeling Shoes. Now if you don't already know, Tony Moly Changing U Magic Foot Peeling Shoes is like a Baby Foot, but less expensive. If you don't know what a Baby Foot is, you are missing out and may have cranksy feet. Baby Feet are little booties that cause your foot skin to peel off like a sunburn, but without injury. After a week or two, all of the skin peels off of your feet and they are revealed to be glorious. The hope is that it peels off like a magical bootie, in one satisfying "peel", but I bet that almost never happens. No matter how the peeling goes down, you are supposed to be left with beautified footskin.

So one week goes by and my feet don't look any different. That's ok, because the packet said it could take 14 days, I think. I am honestly fuzzy on that, but I think I'm right. So I wait.

Then week two breezes by. Nothing. I'm honestly expecting foot snow any day now. If feet peel anything like faces, once there is a crack in the skin, the whole thing starts to fall apart. Any moment, the skin should come wafting off of my feet with each step. Which doesn't sound as appealing as I thought it would when you say it out loud.

Then on week three, a few flakes fell off of my feet and I was honestly underwhelmed. I gave up. I use my Amope' and call it a day. Before I left for Vegas, I got a pedicure and convinced myself that my toes are in no way meme-worthy.

Hanging with Love for Lacquer and Polarbelle at CosmoProf, without any knowledge of what was coming.
I make it to Vegas, where it's hot. And it doesn't matter that it's a dry heat. Sticking your head into an oven sucks any way you try to spin it, so stop telling me about dry heat, thanks. I meet up with my colleagues and they are all wonderful. I'm fairly certain that no one notices I even have feet.

The next day, it's my job to run around the hotel convention center and have meetings with a variety of different people about a variety of possibilities. I was told there would be a lot of walking and carrying heavy things, so I tried to be smart about it. Stay hydrated. Stay oriented, so you don't get lost--again. Don't forget to eat. Make it to day three and you can wear sneakers. No one cares about your shoes on the last day.

The stylists at the North American Hairstyling Awards were definitely not thinking about my feet.
I sail through day one and its 13k steps with no issues. I'm feeling like Rocky at the top of the museum steps. I even do Pilates that night back in my hotel room.

My feet, before the betrayal.
I hit the floor on day two, ready to rock. I'm wearing comfy, open sandals and I've got my game face on. After what must have been my eleventh or twelfth meeting of the morning, one of the booths at the convention caught my attention, because a nice looking gentleman was waving hello. I stepped over to chat, for once, not nervous of introducing myself to a stranger.

"I had noticed you walking by before", said the gentleman manning the booth. "I'm glad you stopped by. I work with a company called FootyFootFoot* and we think you have a problem. Do you have a moment to step over here and talk? I'm not a doctor, but I think I can help you."

"Um, sure. I'm think I'm all good, but I would love to talk to you about the NozzleFoxer**" "Yes, and we can do that," he interrupted, "But I think you need to look at your feet."

I looked down. Holy shit. My feet must have finally cracked from that fracking Tony Moly Change A Foot thing from more than a month ago. Like, they cracked. My footskin was literally unfurling in the breeze where it was not held captive by the straps of my sandals. It was blowing all over the floor at FootyFootFoot, in front of everyone.

Instantly ashamed, I muttered,  "I did this Korean foot thing where it peels off your skin, but I didn't think it worked. This should have happened two weeks ago." "No, that isn't from a peel. I can promise you that you've got a very strong fungal problem. If you can come back at the end of the day, I'll give you one of my samples. It will clear it right up, but you should see a doctor very soon. That is very bad." He handed me a napkin, for what reason, I wasn't sure. Yea, I was upset and mortified. But I wasn't about to cry. Sheesh. He looked at me and paused.

"Um, For your feet. There is a lot, um, on the floor."


After cleaning up my remains, I practically jogged to the bathroom to get a better look at what had happened. After securing one of the larger bathrooms (sorry!), I began to take a closer look. Yup, my footskin was now pulling away from my feet in thin, uneven ribbons. This would be a dream for those people who love to pick at sunburns. But seriously? I'm at a professional conference and my feet are unfurling their excess and leaving momentos everywhere.  I remember an esthetician who once told me to avoid lotions after a peel, because they will tack the loose skin to the face, long after it should be gone. Luckily, I had just gotten a lotion sample from an organic brand, and I slathered my feet, hoping to weigh down the fly-aways. I walked back on to the showroom floor, ever hopeful my feet would hold it together until the end of the day.

The showroom floor was packed with people I hope weren't staring at my foot ribbons,.

Luckily for me, the lotion worked until about six o'clock that night, when I made it back to the hotel room to change for dinner. I scrubbed my feet, re-lotioned and went to dinner, without any additional issues to report. After dinner, I spent the better part of three hours peeling my feet, which is what every girl dreams of when visiting Vegas for the first time.

Needless to say, it wasn't as satisfying as I had hoped.

I don't think the sisters behind Manic Panic were worried about my feet. But you never know. They definitely look concerned about something. 

The moral of the story? Don't cheap out and buy Tony Moly Changing You Magic Foot Peeling Shoes. Or maybe just don't peel your feet during warm months because you never know when they'll crack. Or maybe you just stick with a foot file or something like the Solemate.

Either way, you never want your footskin unfurling inappropriately when you least expect it.

* real name changed
** not name of anyone intentionally

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Trending Now: Chokers

This season, chokers have managed to make a comeback as the must have accessory. That doesn't mean it's all plastic circles and velvet bands. I've handpicked my favorites from the web and most of them won't break the bank.  Even if your neck isn't model-perfect, one of these is the perfect complement for fall weather and the great pumpkin-ing of everything, which has started already. Bring it on, Fall 2016! Click through below to see the ones that made my cut.

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September 2016 Must-Have Beauty Products

I was up and down the aisles quite bit last week, hunting for the new products you can't be without after Labor Day. The best part? None of these will break the bank!

Are you Insta-makeup challenged? While the heavy look isn't for me, the on-point eyeliner never hurts. If you can't freehand a perfect cat eye (or can't see perfectly without your glasses) try one of these Eye Candy Stencils that gives you a perfectly shaped liner in seconds. Beware, it's sticky, so remove a little of the tack with our fingers before applying it to your eyes. This is great to get that on-trend multi-colored liner look, but you'll have to cut that crease on your own. Check out my first attempt on InstagramBeth Bender Beauty Eye Candy Gentle Adhesive Eyeliner Stencils, $9.99

Add moisture to your body and hair in the shower with ogx's take on a hot oil treatment from head to toe. Keep this in the shower and you'll always be silky smooth. Just be careful on that tub surface. OGX Hydrate + Repair Argan Oil of Morocco Miracle In Shower Oil, $8.99

Switch up your blush with this newly reformulated silky smooth duo from Salma Hayek's Nuance Beauty line. The Illuminating Blush and Bronzer Duo is the perfect flush for transitioning from summer to fall. The colors are illuminating, yet muted, making them rise from average to must-have status. Plus this shade is truly universal. Salma Hayek Illuminating Blush and Bronzer Duo in Coral Glow, $12.99

The intense purples of the summer made picking the perfect berry seem harder than it has to be. trèStiQue doubles down on the best berry for fall with their Matte Color and Shiny Balm Lip Crayon in Belize Bordeaux. One side gives up a delicious light purple that doesn't go too blue while the Shiny Balm side gives you a sheer pop of color you can't mess up. trèStiQue Matte Color and Shiny Balm Lip Crayon in Belize Bordeaux, $28.00

Max Factor is back and I haven't stopped searching stores for product since the news broke. My favorite so far? Hands down, it's the MasterpieceMax High Volume + Definition Mascara. The wand is slightly tilted, the bristles are tight and the wand is compact, which guarantees each little lash gets equal love. This is fantastic for short lashes, too. This mascara is not thick or meant to look spider-y or large. If you like feminine, long, defined lashes that can't be construed as clumpy, this is for you. If you can find it, grab one for now and one for later. Max Factor MasterpieceMax Mascara, $9.99

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Lipstick League: Ride-Or-Die Eyeliners

Question of the Week: What is your ride-or-die eyeliner (the one that is 100% dependable and never lets you down)?

My ride or die liquid liner is hands down Front of the Line PRO Liquid Eyeliner by LORAC. It's my go-to black and brown liquid eyeliner and has been for the last several years. The pen "tip makes it really easy to apply a beautiful line each time. Plus, the don't dry out. If I'm using a gel liner and a brush? L'OREAL is the best. What about you? What is your favorite?

  Nouveau Cheap - Do you ever want to spend less than ten bucks at Ulta but still come home with something worthwhile that you’ll actually use? If so, then you should give my under $10 favorites from Ulta a look!

  Olive & Ivy - It’s official... Good Luck Trolls could be the cutest MAC collection ever!

  Phyrra - Lost on where to start with red lipstick? Check out the Best Red Lipsticks for Fair Skin!

  Prime Beauty - has discovered the BEST instant tanner ever! Vita Liberata pHenomenal 2-3 week Tan Mousse is so easy to apply and so natural looking, it's amazing. Cindy loves it so much she is giving one away for you to try for yourself!

  we heart this - Sick of superheroes? We feel you, but not so fast. Have you seen the IT Cosmetics Superhero eye shadow palette?

  Beautygeeks - is obsessed with all these waterproof coloured liners for all-day wear (and for sneezy, allergy-eyes), as well as a waterproof eye makeup remover that doesn’t upset her sensitive skin.

  Beauty Junkies Unite - It only took one night for Amber to get hooked on this: LANEIGE Lip Sleeping Mask. Trust me, you don't want to miss it.

  Blushing Noir - The MAC It’s a Strike Collection wasn’t a perfect score, but luckily it was a product that was easily fixed… call it a spare ;)

  Clumps of Mascara - won’t tell you how long she goes between washing her brushes but when she does wash them…Sigma Brush Cleaning Glove is pretty epic!

  Gouldylox - FINALLY! An amazing concealer made with a more mature woman in mind. If you want full coverage, no creasing and extra plumping and moisture, this is it!

  My Beauty Bunny - Ready to see an amazing, colorful, shimmering eye shadow palette? Of course you are. Check out our Kat Von D Serpentina Palette Review and Tutorial!

  My Newest Addiction - If you get confused with your skincare routine then you need to check out the 7 Important Skincare Steps that Laura shared this week!

  (Wondering what the Lipstick League is? Find out here.)

  Nouveau Cheap is Currently Craving: popular K-beauty brand It’s Skin Cookie & Body Ice Cream. It’s a body cream that looks and smells like cookies & cream ice cream, and the “soft cookie chip pieces” melt into the skin during application. Oh and the packaging looks like a pint of ice cream. #NEED (and it's $10!)

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Weight Loss Tip #15: Be Your Own Beacon

I wish losing weight were simple (calories in, calories out, right?). I wish it didn't cloud my brain with all kinds of thoughts about what I'm doing wrong or what happens if I "screw up". In the past, botching my points for the day may have signaled the end of that diet. But since I'm not on a diet (see Tip #3), I'm trying not to allow myself to think that way.

But really. How many times have you thought to yourself, "Zoiks! Two pieces of birthday cake must mean I'm not going to succeed at all, since I just failed avoiding such a basic food trap." It's easier to quit than it is to dust yourself off and keep going.

Here's the real scoop, little sisters. If losing weight in America were easy, we'd all be skinny. Instead, we are mainly fat. And honesty, a lot of it isn't our faults. OF COURSE we are responsible for the food that we buy and put in our mouths, but what if our options aren't great?

To lose weight in today's world, you almost have to become your own beacon of positive food modeling, not afraid to stand up for your own needs. You have to stop the burger ads where the young women made sexy by eating food they would never touch, from getting into your mind and tingling your taste buds. You have to ignore that the "healthy menu options" still have over 800 calories per serving, and create a better option for yourself. You have to forget that people will badger you into "just one bite", forcing you to stand up before you may be ready. You have to be able to afford fresh produce and if you're lucky, organic, non-GMO foods. And then you have to deal with the food that everyone else around you wants to eat, all of which leads you further away from your goal.

So don't be afraid to be that one person who silently (or loudly) stands up for their own food integrity. Don't give up because there is an obstacle in the way. Figure out the way around it. I find that it's often easier to figure out how to avoid the traps by thinking backwards. What do I mean?

1. See yourself as healthy and fit, in clothes you love and comfortable in your skin. Pretend you're watching the ending scene of a movie about how awesome you've become.

2. Now ask yourself, "What did it take for me to get there?"

3. Try to think in reverse, as if you can watch it backwards. Maybe you see that you held fast to your food goals on vacation. Maybe you see that you had two pieces of birthday cake and while it wasn't your best bet, you still succeeded. It's not about how many times you fall down, it's about how you get back up!

4. Now that you've "seen" what the outcome will be, stick to the steps that get you there! You know what the outcome is--you, full of amazing strength, happiness and much healthier than before.

They say hindsight is always 20/20. Try creating your own movie in your head and skip straight to the end. Watch it backwards, avoid the traps and beat the odds. You can do this. I know you can!

Missed any of my other tips? Try this. Or just subscribe and I'll let you know when I've posted next.

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Essie Gel Couture Polish Might Just Work Better ...

Essie Gel Couture Polish might just work better than any other at-home gel manicure polish I've tried, with or without a lamp.

That's a strong statement to make and I think I can back it up. I've tried almost every at-home gel system and they don't seem to work well with my dry, somewhat weak, ridged nails. I'm sure I could be doing something incorrectly with the other gel polishes. Maybe I'm getting too close to the edge, so it lifts. Maybe I'm not curing it long enough with the right lamp. Maybe there are oils on my nail beds, despite using alcohol wipes prior to application. Maybe when I have it done in salons (and have to go back repeatedly because the polish keeps lifting) there is something wrong with the technician who performs the service.

Or maybe I'm just weird.

That is the key factor here. I think something in my body chemistry repels manicures cured with light, with the exception of the Knock Out Nails, one of the best nail products I've ever used. But that is a different approach to maintaining your nails entirely. So let's blame my body chemistry for the oddities that happen to me when I use at-home gel polishes or go to the salon.

If traditional gel polishes don't quite work for you, try the Essie Gel Couture Polish. You don't need a special base coat or light; just the colored polish and the top coat will do. I find that applying several light, thin coats works best. I'm getting more than a week's wear out of the polish, with almost no chipping. Considering I'm typing and working with my hands all day, every day, a week's worth of wear is impressive for me. Plus, it's super easy to remove.

If you struggle with gel manis in general, this might be perfect for you, too.

Try it yourself anywhere Essie is sold for $11.50 each or in bundles of 2 for $18.50.

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Osmosis Age Defying Treatment Concealer

Starting to show fine lines around the eyes? I am and I'm not too happy about it. They bother me so much, I checked in with an aesthetics doc to see if there was anything I could do. Without botox or filler that may give me a puffy or a more-wrinkled-when-moving look, her answer was a simple "nope". So I started looking for something that would help plump fine lines for hours to add to my skincare routine.

Apparently Osmosis Skincare and I are on the same page, as they just released their new dual-ended concealer, the Age Defying Treatment Concealer. One end is a beautifully blendable, full coverage concealer. The other end is a treatment stick; a blend of Argan, Apricot, Shea and Coconut oil, plus Vitamin E.

You apply the treatment stick before the concealer, obviously. The stick helps form a moisture barrier, so makeup seems to float above the surface instead of getting tucked into fine lines. You only need the smallest amount of foundation to cover your under eye area. I need about two dots for each eye. One in the corner, by my nose and one under my iris. I blend with a damped sponge for the most flawless effect.

Lashes are from the Valley of the Doll Collection from Red Cherry Lashes.

The concealer is only currently available in four shades, Silk, Fair, Light and Medium. I'm wearing the Light, none of which are suited for deeper skin tones. This gives the skin a perfected look that lasts for at least 6 hours or more without needing a touch up. It's definitely been added to my daily routine.

Buy the Osmosis Age Defying Treatment Concealer for $38.00 at Dermstore.

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Lipstick League: Do you use cotton pads?

Question of the Week: Do you use cotton pads at any point in your skincare routine? If yes, do you have a favorite brand or type?  Rarely. If I ever touch one, it's to use as a makeup remover for something especially difficult, like to remove waterproof mascara. Right now, I prefer the Nip + Fab Soften Kale Fix Make-Up Removing pads. They aren't that expensive and they work really fast when I need to take off my mascara at 3am.

  My Newest Addiction - Laura is a stickler for a solid skincare routine. This week she shared her daily skincare routine with Cetaphil and she has a fun giveaway in it for you!

  Nouveau Cheap - Have you explored the Amazon Handmade department yet? Think Etsy, but on Amazon. Here’s my review of a makeup brush roll that was handmade by an Amazon Artisan (and it’s under $20)!

  Olive & Ivy - This local gem of a green beauty heaven is a MUST visit if you’re ever in Vancouver. And even if you’re not, they have an online store too! Obsessed.

  Phyrra - Looking for the perfect pale foundation? I've found it with the new Kat Von D Lock-It 41 Foundation! I give it an extensive wear test, plus share the best tools for perfect application.

  Prime Beauty - is thrilled with the POPSUGAR Must Have Box for July! It's full of summer fun and fabulousness!

  we heart this - we've got the lowdown on the classic Clinique 3-step skincare system and a giveaway for anyone with dry skin (worth $77!)

  Beautygeeks - is flirting hard with a New-and-Sexy, but has no intention of giving up her current love. Solution? A lash-fluttering three-way, of course.

  Beauty Junkies Unite - If you like pretty blushes paired with gorgeous highlighters -- you're in luck! Check out the BECCA x Jaclyn Hill Champagne Splits Shimmering Skin Perfector Mineral Blush Duos. They're epic!

  Blushing Noir - Live Long and Prosper! Take a look at some swatches of the upcoming MAC Star Trek Collection & see what’s on my wishlist!

  EauMG - You can spend a lot to smell like fresh, bitter neroli but you don’t have to! Here’s a budget-friendly perfume that I keep reaching for on these hot, humid days.

  Gouldylox - No matter what you did to your skin over the summer, I've found five products to help you undo all of the damage.

  My Beauty Bunny - I firmly believe that beauty (and happy, healthy skin and hair) starts on the inside. If you do too, you'll want to check out our CORREXIKO Skin Supplement Review and Giveaway!

  (Wondering what the Lipstick League is? Find out here.)

  My Newest Addiction is Currently Craving: Laura gets lusty over Chanel and the Candeur Et Experience quad is no exception.
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Weight Loss Tip #14 : Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

I get so much inspiration from the emails you send me each week--detailing how you kicked the Mouth Monster's butt, how you struggle at 3:00pm and how wonderfully you are succeeding. It's so motivational!

This week, I wanted to share a conversation that turned into a post from a reader (who is also my cousin), Robin. Robin and I have both struggled with our weight and she's been inspirational to me because she is seriously so good at losing it. And she gave me her amazing plus size clothing, which was honestly the most stylish of my entire wardrobe. Hopefully we are both reaching goal and won't be yo-yoing again. She's doing Weight Watchers as well and has lost around 88 pounds over the last year! Her struggle? Figuring out how to be comfortable at a time when nothing feels comfortable.

When are you most likely to fail? If you are anything like Robin and I, the possibility of making bad decisions seems to pop up at the most inconvenient times. Coincidence? I think not. Here's more from Robin directly.

The other day, my weight-watching colleague said to me, "I'm so angry at myself. Last night I had a donut at 10:30! It wasn't even all that good." I've been there, too--feeling bored, tired, anxious, etc. And what do we do? Reach for something to eat. The urge can be so instinctive, you may not even realize what's happening, but pretty soon you're in front of the cabinet, looking for the snacks you seem to always turn to.

To be successful at weight loss, you have to be comfortable with being uncomfortable. This may sound like an oxymoron, but it's worth pondering--what role does food play in our lives, beyond appetite? Do you get up and walk over to the kitchen at work when you want to avoid doing a particular task, or break up a particularly monotonous day? Does something feel "off" when you watch tv in the evening without a bowl of popcorn or pretzels? 

These are examples of the little bits of discomfort we feel every day, when we aren't experiencing any strong emotion or life change, but when food just sort of sounds like a good idea. To go without the bag of Sunchips, or handful of pretzels, or midday Starbucks run, can take time to adjust to. You have to be comfortable with being uncomfortable. You're re-learning how to sit with yourself, to deal with whatever it is right in front of you that food typically would distract you from. Ask yourself--am I reaching for this food because I'm genuinely hungry? Or am I bored, tired, or trying to distract myself from something else? Sitting with your own thoughts, and really figuring out what's going on, can be uncomfortable. But over time, you'll get used to it and a new, confident feeling will replace the out-of-sorts feeling that comes with starting a weight loss plan.

So what can you do, besides give into the uncomfortable feelings and munch your way to bliss?

Drink Something! Try water, tea, coffee, or seltzer. Try to avoid sugary drinks! Sometimes at work, I just want to get up out of my seat for a change of pace. Walking over to the water cooler, filling up my Bubba and a few moments of chit chat with a colleague can scratch the itch that food typically would provide. Nine times out of ten, you're just thirsty anyway.

Challenge yourself to move! We all may hate exercise, but a quick walk around the block/building can provide a change of pace and a quick break from a monotonous day. Use your wearable tech or an app on your phone to count your steps. Even better, challenge your work bestie to try to out-step you. You'll be marching in place for bragging rights before you know it!

Acknowledge that this isn't fun. I get it. Going without the things you typically enjoy, changing habits, and having to sit with yourself and your emotions aren't fun or easy. There's a reason we eat (and overeat), and that's because it feels good. We don't do anything in life unless there is a payoff, plain and simple. Remind yourself that this is hard now, but you'll be so proud when you step on the scale the next week and see positive progress! Eventually, you'll gain happiness from opting out of the cheese and crackers at a networking event. Or maybe you'll be proud when you get up from the couch and realize you don't have to brush pretzel crumbs off your shirt. Take your victories where you can!

It's going to take a while for the love of instant gratification to be replaced by the joy of a long-term victory. Working on being comfortable with being uncomfortable is all part of the process. You got this!

Missed any of my other tips? Try this. Or just subscribe and I'll let you know when I've posted next.

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