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New Mantra For Success: But What If It Wasn't?

It's so easy to fall prey to making decisions that set you back instead of propelling you forward. Obviously, you can't be perfect. Striving for perfection is the fastest way to make yourself sick on this roller coaster we call life. But it's true. Each decision we make, each step we take, changes our abilities for a positive outcome.

If you're at all like me, you'll make missteps when you aren't paying attention. Maybe it's late at night and the Mouth Monster hits. Maybe you're travelling and the breakfast being served includes those gloriously sweet, glossy breakfast pastries you haven't had since visiting a resort in Mexico. Or maybe you're about to have your third glass of wine, despite knowing about the effects on your meal plan and your mindset during the morning that follows. It's so easy to say, "why not?" or "yes, please!" to the wrong decision because making the right decision seems annoying.

But what if it wasn't?

What if taking the time to pump the brakes and consider your alternatives gave you a moment of clarity and allowed you to think with your full brain and not just with that part that is begging to be sated by something decadent?

I've been watching a lot of TV since I lost my job last fall. One of my favorites is the hilariously funny and canceled-way-too-soon "The Grinder". Rob Lowe plays an actor on a long running legal drama who is replaced by a younger actor. Believing he is a lawyer in real life after so many years "in the courtroom" (and detective and probably a doctor at some point), he joins his family's law practice. While he can't actually practice law, as he's not an actual lawyer, he is excellent at creating unusual plot twists in mundane cases at the family practice. It's called "Grinding" and it almost always starts with him looking over his shoulder at the defendant and saying, "But what if it wasn't?" This ultimately always leads to an insane plot twist that changes everything.

Wanting to purposefully change my own path, I decided to start creating my own plot twists. Why not? Where might I end up? Here's what happened the other night, after a really long day, which also happened to be my first day working for a new boss in 19 years.

It's late, I'm exhausted and in a comfy hotel bed with crisp, white linens (plus a terrifying pillow). The hotel has a large box of Oreos on top of my dresser, on a cute little tray. Oreos are a serious weakness of mine and breaking the seal is a horrible idea for me. I know this. But they are calling me and I really want to eat them.

Mindfully, I step forward, pick up the box and examine the serving size. Eight. That's sixteen total cookies and 37 Weight Watchers points. As I consider how many points I get for walking 13,000 steps for two days in a row, I start to flick the corner on the top of the box, mindlessly. Then a little voice creeps into my mind and says, "but what if you didn't?"

My mind begins to Grind. If I DO eat these delicious chocolate and creamy treats, I'll savor all sixteen in ten minutes. And those ten minutes will be grand. However, I'll feel sick and the glee it brings will be fleeting. I'll probably be sluggish tomorrow, when I need to bring my A game. My tomorrow is better if I don't. I won't be mentally beating myself up for ignoring my weight loss plan, I won't be sluggish and I'll be proud that I walked away instead of giving in to the Mouth Monster.


Channeling my inner Grinder brought me one step closer instead of one step further away. I passed up the cookies staring me down from the dresser. I was wide awake and excited for the next day and I didn't screw up my meal plan. I felt so full of win, my inner voice named itself DJ Khaled. Grinding is definitely a power tool in the arsenal of defeating the Mouth Monster, don't just dismiss it! Plus the self-awareness that you are Grinding will make you smile if you've watched the show.

Try it with any decision and check the outcomes of your sliding doors before you make your final selection. Pick the door that leads to happiness and healthiness and you'll be closer to your goal before you know it.

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Fox's show, The Grinder, is in no way affiliated with Gouldylox.com, other than its squishy place in my heart. 

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Scalp Exfoliators : Should You Bother?

Washing our hair is getting more and more complicated every day. First it was ditching ingredients we've used forever and adjusting to a new way of washing without the suds. Then it was co-washing, where you only use a conditioner-like product to clean your hair. My favorite is reverse washing, where you condition first and wash second, for extra volume (which totally works--just don't try it with dry or damaged hair!). Then came the pre-wash conditioners. Now we have scalp exfoliators. Do you even need one?


One step many people miss when washing their own hair is really getting down to the scalp and scrubbing at the roots with your fingertips. It's important to sweep away oil and dirt so the scalp and the hair follicles can function properly. A scalp that is coated with sebum and product, creates hair that looks greasy and lacks movement and volume. If your hair doesn't swing from the roots when you shake your head, you may need to rethink how you care for your scalp.

According to Bethany Maglicane, owner of the Baltimore-based salon, Laboratorie, "Exfoliators may be helpful to someone with an oily scalp, or someone who uses a lot of product. Agitation is the key to successfully exfoliating and cleansing the scalp. If you decide to use an exfoliator, just be careful you don't over exfoliate the scalp with products and dry out your hair in the process."

When scrubbing with your fingers doesn't give you the results you are looking for or if your hair just feels weighted down, then it's time to try a scalp exfoliator. Madame CJ Walker Beauty Culture's Dream Come True Wonderful Scalp Exfoliator will change how your hair moves after two or three uses. I use it as a pre-shampoo treatment to avoid standing in the shower and wasting more water than is needed.

Begin by misting the roots of your hair with water, all over your head with a spray bottle.

Apply Wonderful Scalp Exfoliator at the roots, directly on the scalp, making sure to really work it into the scalp.

Next, to make the most of the treatment, I add an oil to my hair from the mid-shaft down as an extra conditioning treatment. Right now, I'm using this Olive Oil based hemp extract from CW Hemp.

It's time to relax! I cover my hair in a soft hair wrap for about twelve minutes and catch up on Instagram.

Shampoo and condition as normal, making sure to really scrub the scalp with your fingertips to remove all of the exfoliator. It took two uses for me to really see a change in my hair. You can't deny how much more movement my hair has after the treatment!

Try Madame CJ Walker Beauty Culture's Dream Come True Wonderful Scalp Exfoliator for $32.00 and let me know how it worked for you if you try it! (You know you want hair that swings again!)

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Lipstick League: What Alternative Beauty Products Do You Use?

No, the Correxiko bag doesn't come with kitten teeth imprints. That cat loves to grab bags like this and run with them. (Especially bags with cheese!)

Question of the Week: What alternative products do you use in your skincare regime? Think supplements, things found in the garden or the fridge.... Here are my two current favorite products that sometimes surprise people who visit Gouldylox HQ.

I've just started using Correxiko Skinny Matcha for a bit of energy in the morning. One of my bestie's loves it as an alternative to coffee. It' rich in antioxidants (it's got more than spinach and blueberries combined!). You can use Correxiko to cook with too, but I usually add it to a glass of tea (cold), which is not how most people use matcha. How anyone drinks coffee or hot tea at this time of year baffles me.

I've been taking a cannabinoid-rich oil for about a year to help with headaches, stiff joints and general wellness. You can use it topically as well - it sinks into skin really quickly, which is amazing when you really need some extra moisture (under your eyes, especially!). Hemp oil contains omega 3 and 6 that are fantastic for balancing out your skin, too. CW Hemp makes a high quality hemp oil you can trust.  Oh yeah - It's legal in all 50 states and ships to many countries outside of the US. It doesn't contain enough thc to feel the euphoric feelings and will never screw up a drug test.

This is the blank look I get everytime I talk to him about stealing bags and trying to hide them. I know he understands and is just trying to play me. 

EauMG - I can’t explain why but this cheap, celebrity perfume ALWAYS gets me compliments. Since I like this perfume too, this makes me really happy.

  Gouldylox - Have you seen the new It Cosmetics Superhero palette? It launches in August and you're probably going to need it.

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  Nouveau Cheap - is Max Factor coming back to US drugstores? Yes! Kind of.

  Olive & Ivy - I can’t get enough of the Tarte Lippie Lingerie Matte Lip Tints! They are gorgeous and so comfortable for everyday wear. Best of all, there’s a nude for everyone in this line!

  Phyrra - You know I’m passionate about cruelty free beauty. But did you know I care about animal friendly handbags? I share my favorite animal friendly eco friendly vegan handbags!

  we heart this - Have you seen the new Kleenex Exfoliating Pads? You're going to wonder how you ever traveled without them?

  Beautygeeks - is all over these summer scents for living your fantasy life – and the Summer Pasta recipe slays, too.

  Blushing Noir - When you have no time to fuss with coordinating your makeup products buy a multi-tasker like the new PIXI Beauty 2-in-1 MultiBalms… or enter to WIN ALL FIVE.

  (Wondering what the Lipstick League is? Find out here.)

  EauMG is Currently Craving: MILK Holographic Stick. This HUGE moisturizing shimmer stick is perfect for those of us that want to look like a really cute alien or miss being a 90’s club kid.
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Save $15 NOW on the Amopé ® Pedi Perfect™ Electronic Foot and Nail File

Are you happy with how your feet look in sandals? I was really happy after that first-of-the-summer pedicure. And then a little time lapsed and I'm all like "whoa".

I'm not as happy as I thought.

I'm also on a budget, which means bi-weekly pedis are out of the question. I can't just walk around with my tootsies betraying my style, so instead, I sauntered into my neighborhood Walgreens, plunked down $21.99 for the must-have pedicure tool of the season (with an awesome coupon for $15.00 OFF!) and got a little something to make my at-home pedicures more of a home run instead of a strike out.

The key to a perfect at-home pedicure? Obviously, you'll need a great polish, some non-acetone remover, a few orange sticks and an Amopé ® Pedi Perfect™ Electronic Foot and Nail File. I know, it sounds sexy, right? Trust me. The Amopé is fabulous for removing callouses and dry skin, leaving you with soft, happy feet in as little as a few minutes! The best part? It takes no muscle and you'll barely interrupt the latest episode of RHONY. This battery powered file is incredibly easy to use isn't uncomfortable whatsoever. It makes reaching all of those spots that need a little extra love very easy. Plus, you can purchase replacement heads in different strengths, based on your skin's needs. Here's how I put my best foot forward at home.

Start by removing all of the old polish and filing your nails in a slightly squared off shape.

Add a little moisturizer to your cuticles, avoiding the heels and the bottom of your feet.

Next, place a towel under your feet and glide the Amopé over your heels, the balls of your feet and anywhere else that needs a little love. Don't use this on wet or moisturized skin and certainly don't use it around water. You can spend as much or as little time as you need - there are no annoying timers that shut off before you are finished. Everything about this is easy!

Add your favorite moisturizer to your feet, taking special care to really massage the inner soles (or get your partner to do this for you!).

Using your orange stick, gently push back the cuticles on each toe and wipe away any moisturizer with a bit of remover on a cotton square.

Polish your toes as you normally would.

Your feet will look like you spent major cash at the salon, but we know you're smarter than that.

Head to Walgreen's to pick up the Amopé and use this coupon to save $15.00! Get #SoftFeetAllSummer! I love mine so much, I got my husband his own!

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This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Amopé™. The opinions and text are all mine.

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It Cosmetics Superhero Eye Transforming Anti-Aging Super Palette

Are you ready for a #RealSuperhero? Check out this early peek at the new Superhero Palette from It Cosmetics, which hits shelves in August 2016. Each one of the new shades are infused with hydrolyzed collagen, silk, peptides, antioxidants and a new type of pigment, called Superhero Pigment Power Technology.

Superhero features three new Foundation Shadows, meant to be color correcting, nude base shades that prep your lids. They make a beautiful highlight shade, too!

The Foundation Shadows are Confidence, Pow and Magical.

There are six new fully pigmented shadows, broken into two groups:

Superhero Nudes: This includes Limitless, Powerful and Aura.

Superhero Neutrals: This includes Unstoppable, Superstar and Fearless

To finish your look, the Superhero Palette includes three Superhero Liners: Bold, Daring and Superhero. These can be used wet or dry to create a variety of looks.

These shadows very much remind me of the shadows in the Naturally Pretty Essentials Matte Luxe Transforming Eye Shadow Palette. They are the opposite of patchy, are pigmented without being dry and add a twinkle to your eye without being glittery. Plus, these shades actually make your lids look smoother and a little more youthful. I don't get it either, but it's true!

The Superhero Eye Transforming Anti-Aging Super Palette will launch in August 2016 at Ulta.com and ItCosmetics.com for $42.00. What do you think? Picking up or passing? I'll share some looks with the palette in a few days! In the meantime, look for #RealSuperhero for inspo!

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Makeup Wars: Favorite Waterproof Makeup + Removers

This week's Makeup Wars is all about waterproof makeup and the removers that take it all away. I haven't always tested these by swimming, although once I tested a bunch of Tarte makeup by going down a hill in a water-filled hamster ball. In order for this makeup to pass my test, it has to survive in crazy heat and humidity, through sweat and through a rainstorm where I'm not trying to seek cover (which happens more than you might think).

Make Up For Ever is the Queen of waterproof makeup. You can't go wrong with anything, although I find the WP mascara to be a little clumpy. The liners, cream shadows and lipsticks are all amazing.

When you have really sparse natural brows, the last thing you want is for your brows to slide off. Avoid it risk; just use Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade. $18.00

Too Faced Better Than Sex Waterproof Mascara is my hands down favorite waterproof mascara. It looks as good as the original and it doesn't come off until you compel it with something oily.

While many lipsticks are waterproof by the sheer nature of basic ingredients, NudeStix Lip and Cheek Balm will stick with you through the most tremendous downpours. $24.00

This isn't exactly waterproof, but the new Vita Liberata Phenomenal 2-3 Week Tan Mousse is insane. You'll actually stay bronze for more than a week and maybe up to three! This goes on quickly, looks beautifully realistic with absolutely zero smell. This has been reformulated to make it more moisturizing. Plus it dries instantly. This is a must have for everyone! $54.00

Removing waterproof makeup isn't always that much fun. I love nothing more than It Cosmetics Bye Bye Makeup 3-1 Makeup Remover and Cleansing Balm. It removes everything and leaves your skin super soft. (Try it as a mask to really refresh tired skin, too!) $38.00

On the go, my favorite is Nip+Fab Kale Fix Makeup Removing Pads. They are gentle and non-oily, but remove almost any makeup you throw at it. (With the exception of Too Faced Waterproof. You really need something oil based. The It Cosmetics is perfect for BTS WP.) $12.99

Want more ideas? Click on the tiles below for more waterproof favorites!

An InLinkz Link-up

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Lipstick League : What Do You Want Right Now?

Question of the Week: Name the last free beauty sample you received that ultimately led to the purchase of a full-size product. This is a tough one for me! Unless it's a color cosmetic, I have a hard time purchasing actual products, like skin care, from tiny samples. Foundation samples almost ALWAYS get me, though. What about you? Forget samples, I want THIS from Charlotte Tilbury right now. 

  Clumps of Mascara - Who knew it could be possible to be THIS obsessed with lipsticks? I still can’t get over how awesome these Urban Decay Vice lippies are.

  EauMG - tries a refreshing perfume that is inspired by summer thunderstorms in the Florida Everglades.

  Gouldylox - I've discovered the most amazing skincare line out of Spain and 100% of the proceeds further their research of rare and ultra-rare childhood diseases. (And the skincare is out of this world AND inexpensive. You've got to see my before and after!)

  My Beauty Bunny - It's the ultimate showdown featuring Anastasia Beverly Hills, the queen of all things eyebrows: Battle of the ABH Brows: Brow Wiz vs. Brow Definer!

  Nouveau Cheap - the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale can be totally overwhelming (in a good way!) but if you need a comprehensive guide to shopping the beauty deals, including how to get exactly what you want AND score some freebies along the way, just click right here!

  Olive & Ivy - I’ve got swatches of the beautiful NEW Urban Decay Moondust Eyeshadow Palette, and it’s one you definitely don’t want to miss!

  Phyrra - Do you have dry skin? I have the PERFECT foundation for you! Check out my Illuminare Moisturizing Foundation wear test and review.

  Prime Beauty - says "life is like a crazy bunch of coconuts so why incorporate them into your beauty routine?" She does just that with Skinny and Co. Coconut Oil Scrub and Body Butter! we 

heart this - We've got swatches of the brand new Charlotte Tilbury Hot Lips Collection. As expected, they're FIRE!

  Beautygeeks - Our ManiGeek got into the OPI Washington DC collection; her thorough review includes dupes, natch.

  Beauty Junkies Unite - See the CC cream that totally makes your skin look like it's glowing from the inside out!

  Blushing Noir - The Fall 2016 Collection from NARS Cosmetics is POWERFALL in every single way.

  (Wondering what the Lipstick League is? Find out here.)

  Clumps of Mascara is Currently Craving: More storage solutions! Less is more for me and I’m refining my beauty storage. I am soooo in love with these affordable cosmetic organizers.

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I'm Still Struggling With The Late Night Munchies

Hey now, little sisters! How have your last two weeks been? I've heard from a few of you that you've lost serious weight--I'm so proud of you !! Sorry I didn't check in with you last Friday - honestly, the news (and the reaction on Facebook) made me too sad to write about weight stuff. My heart is still broken. I'm sad and I'm mad, but I'm back! (Note: This was written before the attack in France on Thursday. )

This week I wanted to talk about struggling with the late night munchies, again. We've talked about the Mouth Monster before, but he's been really tricky for me over the last week or so. Since all of the positive self talk and "picking the path that leads to your goals talk" can only get you so far on those nights when the Mouth Monster is growling (instead of your actual stomach), here are some tips I'm turning to to take my mind off of things.

1. Exercise instead. I know. It's obnoxious to even suggest, but it's helping me. I love the library of pilates workouts at Pilates By Lisa. I can't tell you how many times I've turned to a short workout while I watch TV to take my mind off of peanut butter. (Yeah, I watch tv and do pilates. It takes a lot to make me stop thinking about peanut butter!)

2. Meal Enders. You've probably seen their ads on Facebook and wondered if they worked. Guess what? They DO!!! (And they are great if you acquire the munchies the old fashioned way, too!) Each Meal Enders lozenge is covered in a sweet candy coating that is delicious. As you savour the "candy", it switches from sweet to a flavor that actually makes your taste buds tingle. You literally forget that you wanted to eat something else, because you aren't actually hungry. It's like a time-out pill for the Mouth Monster. They are available in several flavors - Cinnamon is my favorite!

3. Dive into some blueberries. I've been talking to my nutritional therapist a LOT about my evening eating and she's suggested that when I can't resist the need to feed the monster that I reach for blueberries, a perfect source of antioxidants. They aren't as high in sugar as other fruits, making them a better choice. It's better to walk away, but blueberries are delicious!

4. Get a nutritional therapist. I've mentioned that I'm seeing one before, but our sessions are so helpful I can't stress how awesome the concept of a nutritional therapist actually is. We talk about everything; from why I'm having a weird day to how eating certain foods will set me up for more success late at night to almost tearing up when I realize what the root of my food problem may be related to... You may not have complicated food issues and if you don't, consider yourself incredibly lucky. For those of us that struggle, getting a health counselor you love is awesome. The woman who I am currently seeing does do Skype sessions if you want to check it out and aren't local. Plus she brings me presents each time!

Got any other good ideas to try, other than not keeping whatever food triggers your late night eating in the house? Share with me, please!

Missed any of my other tips? Try this. Or just subscribe and I'll let you know when I've posted next. I'll try to return to some old fashioned motivation next week. In the mean time, have a great week - you've got this! 

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This Concealer Makes Magic With Your Skin.

Too Faced Naturally Radiant Concealer

Last month, Too Faced launched ten new concealers that complement their incredibly popular foundation, Born This Way (yes, it's amazing. Read all about it here.). I'm not surprised that the concealers are elegant and deliver sheer perfection, but I'm a little surprised at how well they blend with the skin if you want to skip foundation entirely. 

It's great for contouring, because of how it melds with the skin!

I've been skipping foundation and just using bit of concealer! Normally, my concealer requires a little bit of finessing with the help of foundation. Not this one...it's different. It melds with the skin and feathers away, so there are no lines of demarcation whatsoever. Grab a slightly darker shade and go for a naked contour. It's a beautiful twist on the heavy-handed Instagram look.

The very fair is VERY fair!

Available in ten colors ranging from very fair to deep, one is sure to make magic with your skin. Each shade is infused with coconut water, hyaluronic acid and alpine rose. The result is creamy coverage that looks perfected and sheer, no matter what you are covering.


Swatches of the Too Faced NR Concealer

When I go solo with the concealer, it's wearing all day, even if I don't set it with powder. This is also barely creasing on me at all. Normally, I have five or six little creases directly under my eyes, when concealer always causes problems. With this Born This Way Concealer, only one line, under one eye creases, if at all (not that I've studied my face or anything).

Pick up your shade for $28.00 anywhere Too Faced is sold! Sephora / Too Faced / Ulta

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