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Make Up For Ever Mat Velvet+ Matifying Foundation

Purchased by me. Contains affiliate links.

Make Up For Ever nails foundations, don't they? My friend Melody at can't stop raving about their new HD formula on Facebook. But since my Sephora didn't have the new formula yet, I opted to try the Mat Velvet + Matifying. I am not your typical candidate for this foundation, so let's get that out of the way, right now. I have very dry skin. This foundation is meant for people with oilier skin.

Doesn't matter. This foundation is gorgeous.

Mat Velvet gives oily skin a full coverage, natural look. Or apply less and see more skin--it's up to you. This foundation gives the skin a totally natural look, with no gleam or radiance, just beautiful skin that lasts and lasts. Even my blush lasted the entire day with this foundation, which is saying the impossible.

I honestly had no idea that this foundation was meant for people with oily skin. I didn't know that until I did a little research. I tried it in the store, loved it and bought it. It doesn't make my skin dry. In fact, I've actually noticed my skin has been a tiny bit more oily that usual. So maybe this foundation is actually good at balancing the skin? Is that possible?

I'm digging the long wear time, the flawless coverage and the velvety matte finish. The key word here is velvety. It's not a dry matte. It's truly more like a velvet. Lush, pretty, supple perfection, but still natural. Yup. That describes it.

Grab it wherever Make Up For Ever is sold for $38.

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Double Ego Eyeliners from Pur Minerals

Sent for review. I bought this. Contains affiliate links.

Love thrifty luxury but hate oxymorons? Look no further than the new(ish) Double Ego Eye Liners. One side is a gorgeous liquid liner with the finest tip and the other side is a smudgeable, long wearing pencil liner in a matching shade.

Double Ego liners are perfect for creating an excellent cat eye. Just draw where you want the cat eye flip with a pencil (and erase it if you make a mistake). Then follow up with the liquid side for a line that is on point.

You can also easily line your upper lid with the liquid and lightly line the lower lashes with the pencil, making your eyes seriously stand out. And the colors are amazing. There's no need to choose between the other expensive liners that offer only liquid or a long-wearing pencil. You'll have the best of both worlds for less than what you would pay for just one regular pencil. Mix and match however you like!

Double Ego Liners are available in eight gorgeous shades:

Bali (Emerald Green)
Queensland (Teal)
Bora Bora (Royal Blue)
Rio De Janeiro (Deep Plum)
Milan (Inky Black)
Tasmania (Chocolate Brown)
Madagascar (Black Gold)
Swiss Alps (Dark Pewter)

Swiss Alps is the perfect combo of a pewter that isn't silver or gray, but a bit like a bettina'd silver, with the slightest touch of purple. It's beautiful and perfect for lighter eyes and natural looks.

Grab the Double Ego that suits your personality for $21, anywhere Pur Minerals is sold.

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Lipstick League: Get The Best Brows Now

contains affiliate links. 

Question of the Week: When it comes to brows, do you tend to gravitate toward pencils, gels, or powders? I know a lot of people like to use a pencil to outline and then fill in with a gel or pomade. And others like the light touch of a powder. But I'm totally sold on a pomade with the tiniest fibers that is also a gel stain. It actually helps give your brow a sculpted look, without going full Instagram. And the brush is key.

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Mally Beauty Evercolor Poreless Face Defender Changes How Others See Your Skin

I bought this. Contains affiliate links.

I've been talking about these kinds of products for years. After Mally's Evercolor Poreless Face Defender launched, other companies from Dior to CoverGirl copied it and fell a little short. Evercolor Poreless Face Defender changes the way other people see your skin. It's that easy.

Essentially, it's a clear "powder" that is pressed on with a hand-cut Japanese sponge, applied after you've finished your makeup. It gives the skin a slightly mattified look while blurring imperfections. It is also key to setting your makeup, creating a bulletproof finish that lasts the entire day.

You can apply it over makeup, on your neck and decollete or just on bare skin for a polished, yet makeup-less look.

The left side is wearing Face Defender and the right side isn't.

Face Defender is, once again, changing how I wear my makeup (and how I look all day). In the photo above, I've applied it to half of my face. It's a delicate and obvious difference. I love it. LOVE. IT.

Grab it wherever Mally Beauty is sold for $40 (If it's sold out at Ulta, grab it from the Q).

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LORAC Pro Contour Palette

I purchased this. Contains affiliate links.

I'm sick of contouring and strobing. I'm sick of seeing people snapping selfies, showing off their crazy chiseled cheeks and noses. I'm sick of seeing Instagram faces with so much makeup that I can't tell where they start and their makeup ends. Don't get me wrong. It takes chops to beat a face like that and I'm not really good at it (if it's your look, by all means, live it and love it!).

But for me, I like to see a little skin. I don't want to look like I'm wearing a mask. And I don't want to scare anyone if they see me without makeup, wondering what happened to my face. Know what I mean?

All that said, contouring is hard for us pale girls. One palette that is giving me great results, with easy to wear shades and blendable powders is the LORAC Pro Contour Palette. You'll get a great brush with this palette as well, which makes the art of contouring your cheeks easy-peasy.

The key to pulling off a contoured face with grace is layering small amounts of pigment on the right places. If you aren't sure where you should contour, Sephora has an amazing app that tells you exactly where to place the contour and highlight. Once you know where to place it, start by adding the contour and blend, blend, blend. Then add a touch of the light shade that works for your skin tone, but avoid the shimmering powder. After you've blended that shade so it's not that noticeable, add a touch of the shimmering powder down your nose, to the tops of your cheeks and a touch in the middle of your forehead.
Before makeup, before contour.

After makeup and contour.
I follow up with a bit of blush and a tiny bit of a golden sheen highlight. Since I'm only using the tiniest amount of each, my own skin shows through and the highlight and contour looks really natural.

Out of all of the contour palettes, this one seems to be the best value, with the best color selection for pale skin tones.

Grab it from Ulta for $45.

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