Kelly Gould, Digital Media Influencer, Gouldylox Reviews

I will admit, I am a bit obsessed with everything hair and makeup. (Plus dogs, cats, TV, movies, and Bloom County.) There is a difference between a good lipstick and one that will change your life, right? Think of me as the beauty-obsessed sister you wish you had!

Gouldylox Reviews was named one of the Top 50 Best Beauty Blogs by IFabbo and Top Fifty Beauty Blogs by The Performance Leader and Konector. Gouldylox has also been listed as one of the Top 10 Best Baltimore Blogs by the Baltimore Mobbies. I'm also a member of the influential group Makeup Wars, Beauty Blogger Top Ten and the Lipstick League; as well as a handpicked Stylehunter for People StyleWatch.

Gouldylox Reviews has become a go to source for local and national online and print publications about blogging, beauty and current trends. Got an amazing beauty product?  I would love to learn more about it, so please email me at gouldylox99@gmail.com. My media kit is available upon request.

I am a also founder of the non-profit, Karma Dogs, and spend all of my spare time using therapy dogs to help kids.  I'm the author of the dog safety coloring book, "Dirk's Guide to Dog Safety", which has been used nationally to help teach children how to be safe around dogs.

You can find Kelly on  Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest or Facebook.

Kelly Gould is also a broadcast/content creator with more than 20 years of experience. Please check out my work if you are interested in taking your production to the next level, or just need a little help making your spots come to life. 

While I love to blather about all things makeup, please remember I am writing about my experience with a product and yours may be different. If you're curious, I am super pale, have dry skin and wimpy lashes. If you are naturally gorgeous, have super long lashes and sport a deep tan, our opinions may differ.

Please note, I'm the sole editor of Gouldylox Reviews and if contacted by anyone else, they aren't with Gouldylox!

Gouldylox does review products and services related to all things beauty. Gouldylox does offer sponsored posts and ad sales. Please email me for more information and my media kit. 


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