Retinol for the Rest of Us: Superstar by Pestle & Mortar

One of my favorite trips of all time was in 2014 when Loxy and I got to head to Ireland. You've just never seen green like it grows in Ireland.

This is one view of the town of Cashel, where I wrecked the car. The roads are so small!

Nice people, lots of fuzzy sheep and really tiny roads (if binge-watching Master of None was on your weekend menu, then you've seen the wedding episode and know exactly what I'm talking about). Despite my fears of driving stick shift on the other side of the road, I'd jump at the chance to go back to Ireland. Which might just be why this skincare line from Ireland piqued my interest!

Pestle & Mortar, was created as a way to improve the look of the skin of the models who appeared in the photography of Padraic Deasy. Tired of dry and patchy looking skin on shoots, Sonia Deasy, Padraic's wife, worked with her sister, a biochemist, to create a formula that would repair the skin while renewing its appearance. One of their creations is Superstar, which uses a non-traditional form of retinol that delivers the results of a retinol, but without the redness or irritation often associated with retinols.

Superstar is also cruelty-free, fragrance-free and suitable for all skin types. I've been applying one pump at night, after cleansing for a few weeks. I'm definitely starting to see a difference in how smooth my skin is. Plus, the ultra-pure, cold-pressed grape seed oil leaves skin feeling soft and smooth. The downside to retinol esters (or Hydroxypinacolone Retinoate, the fancy name for the type of retinol in Superstar) is that they can lose efficacy if exposed to sun or air. Superstar Retinol Night Oil uses an airless pump and black packaging to protect every last drop of the oil until you use it.

At $109.00, Pestle & Mortar's Superstar Retinol Night Oil it's definitely a bit of a luxe jump. But if you want a skin-soothing retinol that won't irritate the skin, it's worth every penny. Sign up for their emails and save, plus get free shipping on anything over $40.00. 

Have you tried this? Tell me all about your experience in the comments below!

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  1. This product sounds great but I can't get over all that green though! WOW.

  2. Intrigued by this Superstar formula and its story. I've had such success with glycolic acid, though, that retinoic acid and retinol are still on my list-of-things-to-do. I know how each works and how they're different, but I haven't got around to switching up my routine just yet.

    Re: Ireland, I want to go to there.

    1. You need to go. It's so beautiful there. You're in Canada, so you already get this. But it was so nice. The people were nice. The news was not as insane, or pitched as scary, and everything was so green. I would love to live there if I could.


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