The Glambition Collection From Ittse and Love for Lacquer

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I love this collection and not just because Jess Scull, the brilliance behind Love for Lacquer, has been a friend for almost as long as I've been blogging. While Jess brings the truth in polish reviews, her desire to "see a highlight from outer space" is to be respected. The brand new #Girlboss collection, Glambition from Ittse is gorgeous (and you might actually be able to see your highlight from space if you try really, really hard). Don't believe me? Check out the #jessxittse on Instagram!

Jess's palette consists of four colors, a blush, 2 highlighters and 1 all over glow:

(Left to right, top to bottom: Hustle & Glow, Goal Digger, #GIRLBOSS, Run the World)

* Hustle & Glow is a golden champagne glow (that is gorgeous on your eyes, too!)
* Goal Digger is a coppery pink that would look great on darker skin tones or on the eyes.
* #GIRLBOSS is a universal satin peach that just looks perfect on everyone
* Run The World is a very light champagne. It's not as cool as a platinum, but you won't miss the difference. This also works nicely as an all over face brightener, just go lightly.

I prefer to apply these shades with a fan brush, because they are so pigmented. Ittse shades can also be a little on the powdery side, so go easy on the brush. You only need to pick up a tiny bit of powder to make your skin glow.

Grab this collection and get your glow on for summer. If you pick this up before June 15, 2017, use
code LFL20 & save you 20%!

Now I need to find a perfect bronzer for the season. What is your fave right now? I'm eyeing one from Stila...

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  1. I like Buxom Maldives for a bronzer, but I think it might be too dark for you. You should check out the new Becca ones tho. Something for everyone.

  2. I'm in love with the blush. It's perfect for me year round!


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