Weight Loss Tip #10: Losing Weight Doesn't Fix Your Problems

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Happy Friday Little Sisters! How was your week? I discovered a two point cupcake, found out that Gardein lies about nutrition info* and lost another pound, almost screwing up week 3 of my Weight Watchers maintenance. I LOVE seeing all of your meal ideas #GouldyloxEats, so please keep sharing them! I was actually about to dive into another 2 point cupcake and someone posted a salad. It totally helped keep me in check, so thank you! I hope you are getting some meal ideas (and inspiration), too!

How was this week for you? Did you start looking for a way to incorporate fun fitness into your day? For those who emailed or commented and said I was crazy for "jumping", here's proof--I can't make this stuff up. Tell us about your week in the comments - don't be shy!

Losing weight won't fix your problems.
What's sabotaging you from getting fit is probably showing up in other places, too. All of the prep in the world won't save you. You have to do the hard work.

This week's tip is definitely not about eating 8 almonds slowly or drinking more water. We've talked about the importance of picking a plan and taking each step towards your goal, mindfully. We've discussed tips for getting through the desire to eat all of the peanut butter and how to find a form of movement that is fun and that will actually help improve your fitness. We are on our way to being healthier! We got this!!

However, I was reminded that being skinny doesn't fix your problems. It's so easy to get in your own way when trying to lose weight. The same problems that sabotage you in that arena can creep into other places too, usually when you least expect it. I can't tell you how many times I've gone to a networking event and wanted to claw my way out of my own skin to escape how uncomfortable I felt. I know I'm introverted around people I don't know, but the feeling of wanting to be anywhere else but around groups of strangers was something I thought would go away when I was more physically comfortable in my body. I thought I was so uneasy around groups of people because I was embarrassed to be fat.

Turns out, being fat wasn't my problem. Dressed to the nines after a big meeting, I stepped into the bar to mingle with potential new business partners and suddenly felt that huge pang of dread. I started planning ways to ghost, immediately. I looked for friendly faces, of which there were several. However, in my mind, they all seemed like they obviously wanted to talk to someone other than me. While I doubt that was true, that same feeling of panic that used to hit me at client events or even at parties was back with a vengeance. That need to escape my own skin...fear of being an imposter, not being good enough or whatever, hadn't left with the 98 pounds.

I thought it would go away when I lost weight. I really did.

It didn't.

Which honestly feels like a slap in the face, although I know it shouldn't. It's so easy to put all of your emotional eggs in one basket--if I could only do this, I would be a rock star. Or if I only had that, I would never feel that way again. That isn't how it works, as I was reminded again this week. Losing weight changes you in so many ways, but it won't fix most of your actual problems.

For me, it's amplifying those underlying issues, making those mental roadblocks so much more obvious. And so much worse. So how can we cope?

Pay attention to what your mind and body are telling you. Be your own Veronica Mars and get to to the bottom of why you are overeating. Or why you feel so uncomfortable in group situations. Or around whatever is giving you the shpilkes (that's a scientific Yiddish word for general icky feelings that make you feel unsettled). And above all else, don't lose sight of your weight loss plan and how to work it. When things get tough, go back to the basics and work your plan. For you, maybe it's not feeling confident or like you fit in. Maybe it's something else entirely. Whatever it is, losing weight isn't going to fix what's holding you back. That takes a different kind of work.

None of this is easy stuff. Losing weight on its own is hard. Keeping the weight off is really hard. Getting over whatever causes you to overeat or feel out of place is KEY. If you can summit those mountains, you can do anything. Knowing what landmines exist helps you to get past them, right?

When those situations come up, where you feel like you can't win, dissect the issue. Look for the common denominators that keep popping up. That is what you need to work on to be truly successful. I don't know why this has to be so hard but if it was easy, we would all be perfect already, right?

Work your plan. Move around. Be honest with yourself. You got this! Now go have a great weekend!

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*Ugh. Those delicious Gardein chinese food soy things have incomplete nutritional info on the back of the package. Those nuggets have very few points, this is true. The sauce that is included however, is not part of the nutritional information. You have to get out reading glasses and look for the tiny print and what you find, you won't like. Just sauce lightly and it's fine. But guzzling that sauce with the nuggets is going to be a problem.

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