Nikkie Tutorials-Inspired Makeover By My Almost 9 Year Old Niece

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My little niece gave me a makeover inspired by her favorite vlogger.
I gotta work on my silly photo face game...

Chelsea didn't want you to think she was only 8. My niece spent part of the weekend with Loxy and I. You remember her--same niece who recently gave me her best makeup tips. And of course within moments of arriving, she made a beeline for my makeup nook.

After making it very plain that "I needed to have a massive makeover for my everyday look" I was forced to just sit in a chair with no mirror access and answer questions like, "do you have a fill-in liner for your liquid?", or "do you have that NARS concealer that is an amazing highlighter?" My favorite was when I was asked to consult with her on transitional crease colors and how we were NOT under any circumstances Photoshopping anything, "because it makes it hard for girls." I love this kid.

My niece told me I needed a massive makeover.

This look took about two hours to create and does not include hair or wardrobe (she specifically requested that be included at this point). I'm fully made up from the neck up so that "there is no unsightly line of too light to too dark" and I gotta say, her blending skills are pretty good.

That eyeliner is on point!

After we took the shots of the makeup, we took a few together and then edited our selects. We sized them and created an Instagram post and everything (OMG the squealing that goes along with likes!). This kid was serious! I think somebody has a future as a makeup artist.
 Super glam makeover by an 8 year old!

Somehow I doubt this is the last makeover you'll be seeing from Chelsea. I'll let you know when she starts her own Instagram. :-)

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  1. Erm, 8 going on about 30, eh?
    She has some serious mad skills! (or skillz, if you will...)
    Fabulous cat eye- it looks great on you!

  2. oh wow! how is she so much better at makeup than me :') hahah! She's got a future for sure!

  3. Killing it! My name twin definitely has a future in makeup!

  4. 'we were NOT under any circumstances Photoshopping anything, "because it makes it hard for girls."'

    Omg, that is SO precious! Tell her lots of love & keep it up from anonymous makeup lovers :)


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