Beauty Hacks From My Eight Year Old Niece

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Last weekend, I got to spend a few precious hours with my niece Chelsea. As soon as we got together, she wanted to show me her "beauty hacks". Once I got over the shock of my eight-year-old teaching me about YouTube gurus and the "beauty hacks no one is talking about", I got out my phone and started taking notes. Here are some of her favorite tips.

1. Use white eyeshadow to lighten up any lipstick. Think a lipstick is too dark? Using your finger, apply the white shadow over your lipstick that you don't like. Then "smush your lips together and keep adding white shadow until it's lighter and you like it. If it gets too dry, add chapstick with your small brush. Also, if you want to shade your lips, use your small brush and foundation. Add stripes of of foundation to your lips. This makes them look bigger without trying really hard. ", beauty hacks from 8 year old

2. Create a neutral eye look with your foundation. Using your small brush, apply a thin line of foundation along your upper lash line, applying it between the lash line and the middle of the lid. Wing it out, if you want to go for more drama, but only use your foundation. Blend the edges with your small brush after wiping it off the extra foundation. It's "like a really natural look, but still fancy, you know?", beauty hacks from 8 year old

3. Use lip gloss to create the perfect blush.  Take your favorite lip gloss (Chelsea likes this bright pink gloss) and dot it along your cheek bone. Using your small brush, blend it out. Next, take the same blush and apply it along the bottom of your cheek. Add a few dots to the middle and blend it in with your fingers or your small brush. The goal is to cover your entire cheek area with a soft flush. "It looks very natural and healthy, like you did sports or ice skating.", beauty hacks from 8 year old

4. Bend your mascara wand to make application easier*.  Remove the wand from the tube and using your fingers, rub off any excess mascara. Then wash your hands. Then run the brush under the water to make it go on more smoothly. Then wash your hands. Now, bend the brush slightly below the applicator, so it sits at a right angle. Mascara application is easy on the top and the bottom lashes! And you don't have to worry about the wands being so long and hard to use., beauty hacks from 8 year old

5. Always apply foundation to the sides of your nose (using your small brush) and directly under your lash line. "This makes the lower lashes like, stand out and your nose will look good, too."

I love that kid.

*nope. Don't do this. You'll eventually break your wand, transfer all kinds of germs to your eyes and maybe go blind. It's not worth the risk. And wash your hands. And never share mascara with anyone.

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