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Full disclosure: this week's Makeup Wars is going to kill my wallet. Today, we all dish about our favorite new brand. I'm honestly not sure what the requirements are for a brand to be considered new; if that's new-to-me, only a year old or something completely different. Either way, if you've been itching for a reason to update your makeup but wanted to be the first on your block with the
newness, this is the day.

My favorite new brand is a total no-brainer. There isn't a single other brand that even pops into my mind, it's that obvious.

Bravon Beauty is my favorite new brand, despite it being a little over a year old. Launching in 2015, it quickly became the favorite of Fox News' Megyn Kelly and Kimberly Guilfoyle. While I probably shouldn't say that Fox isn't my network of choice, I can't deny that Megyn Kelly has the best looking complexion on television. Chasing down her the foundation from that first debate is how I discovered Bravon's Luminous Skin Perfecting Foundation.

Bravon hasn't only been in the beauty world for the last year--far from it! He has been perfecting his artistry for more than two decades while working for Sephora, Bare Escentuals and QVC Global as well as countless photographers, art directors and stylists. He began as a model in Japan at 18 (he's actually Hawaiian) and quickly found his home in the fashion and beauty world. His makeup and mojo is all advanced by this belief:

Makeup makes the everyday colorful—but it’s you that makes it beautiful. Don’t just apply it, activate it. Don’t just wear it, live it.

Not sure which color is for you? Bravon Beauty has sampling kits that help you decide!
Bravon Beauty is all about looking amazing, every day. I don't mean only on date night. This is every day makeup that performs so well, you can't help but feel pretty. I've covered most of his products: from the perfect brushes to the pigmented lips and everything in between. My favorite product has to be the Luminous Skin Perfecting Foundation

It's the only foundation I've been wearing for the last month and a half. You only need the smallest amount to get the most natural looking coverage. If you need to build it up in some places (I do this on my jawline to cover redness) it still looks completely flawless. I get about 10 hours of wear out of the foundation and more when it's topped with the Eraser Tinted Diffusion Powder. The two together are magic!

Wearing Naturally Pretty by Bravon Beauty

Bravon's Luminous Skin Perfecting Foundation is available in 16 shades, from Alabaster to Chesnut. While I haven't tried it, little birdies have been telling me that for fair- to medium-skinned women, alabaster makes a for a gorgeous, natural highlight that never looks fake. Plus it's great to blend into your regular foundation during the cooler months. It's normally sold out, so if creatively using a foundation is your thing and the Alabaster is in stock, grab it!

Each foundation retails for $29.00. If you are looking for a way to give your skin a flawless finish without a lot of product, you've got to try this! It's my favorite! And grab some of his bright or nude lippies. OMGLOVE.

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  1. What lovely coverage! I haven't heard of this line before, but I'm going to pick up samples.

  2. It has a lovely finish. How do you think it would work on oily skin?

    1. Nothing in this would be a problem for oily skin. I have dry skin and I handle setting up my skin with skincare, not my foundation. If you prep your skin, it should be gorgeous!

  3. After reading your review, I ordered various sample from Bravon. First, I live in Texas & received the shipment today. Second, I was blown away when I opened the box. If these products work half as good as their sample presentation, I will be happy, happy, happy. Fabulous sample box with a couple of "extras" thrown in. I can't wait to try Bravon! p.s. I have a picture of the samples but not sure how to send it.

  4. You can email me if you like! gouldylox99 @

    Bravon (the man) is amazingly kind, generous and I'm so proud of him. He honestly just wants to make women like us love how we feel when we look in the mirror. His products are all outstanding and I'm so excited you get to try them! xo

  5. Though I'm not much for Fox News, I do think Megyn Kelly is beautiful and her skin always looks amazing. I'll have to check this brand out!

  6. Ladies, I am a dedicated Bravon wearer and fanatic! You will LOVE everything...the care he puts into all of his products makes me feel so special and the coverage and lasting power is unmatched! Try will love it too!


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