How To Shop The Natasha Denona Launch Today on Beautylish

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While there is never a shortage of new collections, there is a shortage of new collections to get excited about. Makeup Artist Natasha Denona launches her long-awaited signature collection today at 12EST on Beautylish. The collection itself boasts more than 25 product categories, with a wide color range across most products. It's presumed that the collection will move quickly and since there are so many products, I've broken down what you need to get each look.

Natasha's signature look is all about a fresh, glowing face. Skin is creamier than you thought possible, without feeling slick. Skip to the part where you buy Natasha's entire Glowing System, including 5 products and a special gift, and shop here. You'll get a primer, foundation, face glow cream, body glow cream, all over face and body shimmer and a special gift. If you want the signature look, this is the fastest way to get it. The Glowing System begins for around $225.00.

Want to grab the look for less? Go with dreamy nude shadows, creamy skin, a gently sculpted cheek and a full, polished pout. Consider it your crash course in getting the Natasha Denona glow. Total for the full face is $150.00.

Looking to up your glow to the max? These are the non-negotiable glow-getters. Get all four products for the face and body for $177.00.

While these have been on sale for a bit, let's just skip to the part we have been universally drooling over. The shadow palettes look extraordinary, as they should for the price. The shadows are a variety of finishes and textures, all of which are deeply pigmented (honestly, these palettes are gorgeous AND crazy expensive. Shop responsibly, my little sisters. I think that is more for me, than you, FYI.).

If the 28-shade palettes are too rich for your blood, check out the smaller versions with one, five or ten shadows. There are a total of thirteen five-shadow palettes, one ten-shadow palette (currently sold out) and sixty-six mono shades in duo-chrome, matte, metallic and sparkling.

What are you most excited about? I'm grabbing a primer and foundation. And maybe a shadow or two. Since the collection has been partially on sale previously, I'm counting on a few sold out items to curb my enthusiasm... :-)

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