Should You Reverse Wash Your Hair?

There is a lot of talk about "reverse washing" your hair lately. I'm not talking about Pre-Cleansing, which is a whole other megillah. Reverse washing is essentially conditioning your hair first and then shampooing. Some people are singing its praises from the rooftops and some of us are just scratching our heads.

Before I give you my ten cents, let's discuss the basics of cleansing your hair. Shampoos and conditioners work in tandem to wash and treat the hair. Shampoos contain a detergent that removes excess oil and styling products from the hair, often stripping some of the oils the hair and scalp need to thrive (that stripping effect is why many avoid shampoos with sulfates). Conditioners add back some of the hydration the shampoo removed. Hair is left soft and healthy looking. But what happens if you reverse that process?

You'll probably get more volume.

Sometimes, hair can become weighed down by conditioners, oils, or products, which  can leave hair flat. If you reverse the process, you'll leave behind fewer traces of the conditioner, which will weigh the hair down less and possibly give your hair more bounce.

But do you need a "System" to do this? 

Nope. You certainly do not. If you look into the ingredients in one of the "Reverse Washing Systems", you'll see the ingredients are essentially exactly the same as many of their other basic products.  If you have oily or flat hair, try it. You may like the results. If your hair is oily, be sure to avoid putting the conditioner on your scalp, only applying conditioner from the mids to the ends. After a few washes, you may find your hair is becoming dryer than usual. If that happens you may want to add a deep conditioner to your shower once a week.

You have to figure out what works for you and your hair. If you have flat, thin or oily hair, reverse washing may be great for you. If you have dry hair, don't even try it.

Either way, you don't need any fancy "Reverse Washing System". Just reach for the conditioner first and the shampoo second. 

Don't fall for trends that try to take your money. I know you're too smart for that, little sisters.

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