Lessons I Learned From Mally Roncal (& Everything I Hauled!)

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I need more Mally in my life. She's like a breath of sunshine (if that's possible). 
I finally met Mally Roncal, one of my makeup heroes, creator of Mally Beauty, which is one of my favorite lines of all time. I tried to play it cool like a seasoned pro, but seriously. I'm such a fan girl, I don't think my act worked. I didn't ask her to mentor me, or otherwise embarrass myself. But I'm sure I came close.

Hanging out with Mally for the morning was so much more than makeup talk (although there were a LOT of makeup tips that are rocking my world this morning). Truly such a kind spirit, her tips and tricks go beyond makeup. If you haven't checked out her book you need to grab it, stat. It's a fun read all about her life, her choices and tips on how to beat a face like a pro.

So what lessons did I learn from Mally?

On Mascara: 

When applying mascara, volumize your lashes. Don't put the brush between the lashes and wiggle its way up. Instead of pulling the brush up, pull it toward the bridge of your nose. When the lashes settle into place, they will be standing up, be more noticeable and up your eyes' wow factor.

On Meeting New People:
Go out of your way to make eye contact and use someone's name. Everyone is important, no matter who they are. Treat everyone with respect.

On Contouring:

Settle down on the poo stripes, everyone. Blend, blend, blend and realize that less is always more.

On Lips:

Apply Mally's Lip Magnifier on the lips before applying your gloss. To make lips look really full, don't follow the contour of your cupid's bow. instead, apply the Lip Magnifier across the cupid's bow. This will make your lip look more full and help your gloss stay on longer.

On Being So Quick To Judge:

Never write off someone because you don't think they are capable, your equal or not worthy of your time. You never know what your interactions may mean to someone else. Take the time to be kind to every single person you meet.

On Shadow:

Always build your shadow thinking of the properties of darkness and light (darkness recedes and light brings forward). Layer your shadow colors with those properties in mind so you have a dynamic eye and not a flat contour.

On Foundation:
Match your foundation to your collarbone. You have to match from the tip of your hairline to the top of your chest. The collarbone is what you should be matching.

On People Who Don't Get You:
Forget the haters. Don't let them dull your shine.

While I already owned almost everything Mally Beauty makes, I did manage to walk away with quite a collection. Here is what I couldn't pass up:

Face Defender (with sponge):
This clear "powder" replaces your translucent powder. A little goes a long way, blurring imperfections and making your look bulletproof. It's what the cast of Orange Is The New Black wears in the show to look real and slightly flawless. It's my sixth. (And the sponge is amazing. You just tap it into the product and press it into your face.)

Evercolor Shadow Stick in Angel Shimmer:
While I have almost every color of this gorgeous stick of primer and shadow in one, I had to grab the color Angel Shimmer. It's the perfect shade for the corner of your eye or under your eyeliner.

Perfect Prep Under Eye Brightener:
According to Mally, this is like sunshine in a jar--and she's not playing around. This counteracts the bluish undertones around the eye and doesn't look or feel like makeup. Love!

Ultimate Performance Liquid Foundation (Light): 
I'm such a foundation cheater, I almost never wear the same thing twice in one week. But this is really light, offers lots of natural looking coverage and doesn't seem to budge. My bottle does feel weird like it's half empty, but I'm going to assume that is just how it's supposed to feel. I would have grabbed the Fair, but Mally matched me herself. And she was totally right.

Get The Last Lash Mascara:
This mascara features two sides. One defines top and bottom lashes and the other side is Mally's signature Volumizing Mascara. Just be sure to apply brushing lashes towards your nose for a noticeable pop of "wow".

Eye Gel With Applicator:
I'm always running around with frozen spoons and rollers to help sweep facial fluid back towards my ears (you know about the importance of lymphatic drainage, right?). This little tool and the gel that goes with it preps your eye area for the day--sweeping away puffy eyes and making you look wide awake and happy. And it feels great.

And I got the rest for coming to the event (and spending money!).

What Mally Beauty can you not live without? What haven't I tried that I need in my collection? Check out my bulletproof face! Love it!

For real. Grab that Face Defender. It's amazing. So amazing, it's knocking Obliphica off as the product of the week. Obliphica held that position for about one month!

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