Makeup Wars: Keune Satin Oil Care Line

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It's a bonus Makeup Wars this week! And for a good reason--Keune, a brand found at high end salons, reached out to the Makeup Wars Warriors. They suggested that they had products that worked for all of us, no matter what kind of hair we had. That's a challenge we couldn't resist!

Keune is one of those brands that those who really know hair, know all about. I first heard of them when I got my first set of permanent hair extensions at Fashion Week a million years ago. I was blown away by them them. I still love Keune now. No matter what kind of hair you have, they have a line made exactly for you.

I've used many of their products in the past. The Keune Design Brilliant Gloss Spray is amazing at adding extreme shine. So Pure is a lovely line that doesn't have sulfates and a lot of other junk. In fact, it's all plant-based materials and essential oils.

The line that has captured my attention right now is the Satin Oil Care Line. It hydrates each strand with a blend of Yangu, Mono├», Sweet Almond and Maracuja Oil. This line is like a tall drink of hydration for hair parched from summer sun or the abuse we dole out daily. This blend is unlike anything else I've tried!

While the shampoo (which does contain minimal sulfates) and conditioner help heal the hair instantly, you won't want to miss out on the final step--the Keune Satin Oil Treatment. It's a blend of the same oils mentioned above, with a little extra papaya seed oil, which makes even the most dry hair more manageable. All without weighing the hair down! Plus, it smells like the best part of a know. When they are almost asleep and smell like baby powder, but very faintly and it makes you smile? It smells a little like that. LOVE.

I used the oil for Coarse hair, but there is also an oil for Fine to Normal hair!

Is this line right for you? I have loads of thick and coarse hair that is really sensitized. If your hair is like mine, damaged by over processing, heat tools or generally dry, this line may be for you. If your hair doesn't match up with mine, check out the Makeup Wars tiles below and find the blogger with hair similar to yours and see which line is for you!

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