Three Must-Have Hair Pins For Summer Styles

You aren't still wearing your ponytailer around your wrist, are you? Convenient, yes. And while what worked for you in middle school does have a proven track record, it might be time to step it up. No matter what kind of hair you have now, I've got way to toss your hair into an updo in an instant. And with summer right around the corner, you'll need to feel the breeze on your neck before you know it. Check out these three special pins that can easily create updos in the bat of a lash.

Pintwists are the new kids on the block. These high carbon steel hair pins are basically unbreakable bobby pins on steroids. Available in two sizes, these will hold a whole lot of hair with just one pin. Apply the pin with the open end facing down and your hair won't move until you give it permission. They aren't the cheapest option, but if you can avoid losing them, you'll have them for a really, really long time. // Pintwist,, $14.95

Magic Grip Hair Pins are available at Sally's Beauty and work really well on hair that is normal. Hair that is too thin or too thick should skip these. But if you have regular hair, two of these pins will create the easiest french twist in three seconds. Simply gather hair in a low pony, twist the hair and place it against your head. Smooth it over and place the pins vertically. // Magic Grip Hair Pins by Good Days, $3.99

My curly haired friends have nothing buy love for Spin Pins. These pins are durable and seem to hold on to textured or curly hair without fail. My straight, thick? Not so much. If you've got wavy or curly hair, these are incredibly comfortable, easy to use and hold on tight. // Spin Pin, $7.00

We can still compromise if you really love elastics. If you have to use a 'tailer, at least make it a pretty one. I picked this up at a trade show from Pink Pewter. I got so many compliments, I was feeling pretty good about myself, which was great. But it broke after two uses and since I paid so much for it, I feel like a chump. If you can't turn down a 'tailer with bling, make sure it's rugged.  // Pink Pewter, $15.00

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  1. re spin pins: They're great for LONG hair too. I have butt length hair and often do not have the energy for the 50 bobby pins I'd need for even a basic updo. The spin pins let me do it in SECONDS with only 3 - 9 pins. (Sometimes I use a lot of the half sized for smaller portions of hair)


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