Lipstick League: How Do You #TreatYoSelf?

Question of the Week: When you're in a #treatyoself mood, what's your go-to type of beauty product? A new lipstick, perfume, nail polish or…? While it depends on what kind of hair day I'm having, I usually opt for a new lipstick or lip gloss. Those are such mood boosters for me! I love to scour the shelves for new hair products and a really bad (or good) day might mean a new shadow palette. How do you #TreatYoSelf?

Gouldylox - With so many treatments claiming to repair broken bonds in your hair, do any of them really work outside of the salon? I recently tried one that worked...until I brushed my hair the next morning.  Was it worth it?

My Beauty Bunny - Does Lush have a 12 step program?? Can't stop won't stop buying all the Lush, like their new Plum Rain Shower Gel!

Nouveau Cheap - I absolutely adore Pacifica, but did their new alcohol-free Perfumed Hair & Body Mists live up to my hopes and dreams? Here’s my verdict.

Phyrra - I share the Best Youtuber Camera Equipment! See what to use to make great videos & take awesome photos!

Prime Beauty - Help Mom keeps the frizzies away with the Pursonic Heated Hair Brush Straightener and win one for yourself too!

we heart this - Summer's coming! Prep for it with a lime-inspired Nail Art DIY.

Beautygeeks - is dreaming of Pierre Hermé macarons and the Essie Summer 2017 nail colour collection is to blame.

Blushing Noir - Getting that perfect wing on hooded eyes is hard. I almost gave up...until I learned this trick. Now my wing is so sharp it might cut you ;)

fanserviced-b - Korean beauty super shop Memebox is no more; I have suggestions on how to get your kbeauty fix now (and at lower prices).

(Wondering what the Lipstick League is? Find out here.)

Gouldylox is Currently Craving: I'm kind of drooling over the the shades BK, Suckerpunch and Influence in the new UD Jean-Michel Basquiat palette. Have you seen it?
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