The Most Perfect Blow Out Creme For Dry Hair...

I am in the middle of a hair renaissance right now.

My hair has not been this good since I was a child. Not only is the thickness of my hair finally coming back (it fell out from job stress), but it's growing back in thicker than ever. The combination of a few products is making it frizz-proof, even in swampy Baltimore weather (the air is often like hot soup here). And my style stays in place for days. I hesitate to talk to much about it, as if somehow it will POOF! and disappear. Like if I mention it three times I'll have to go back to having coarse, rude, always frizzy, cotton candy-like hair.

I have to believe my hair rebirth is due to a new shampoo and conditioner, a steam iron that seals a treatment into the hair (save 20% with GouldyloxFriend at checkout) and this Silkening Blow Out Creme from Madam CJ Walker Beauty Culture. The three together have united and clearly sold something of mine to the devil, because I've never seen my hair look and behave like this.

The Smoothing Brassica Seed & Shea Oils Silkening Blow Out Creme primes and protects hair from styling damage, while smoothing hair with shea butter and Brassica oil. Brassica is a genus of plants, but in this recipe, it's specifically from grapeseed oil. The more you know, right? It also contains coconut oil, bamboo, comfrey and sage extract. It's hydrating to say the least.

I apply about two nickels worth of product to wet hair, midshaft to the ends, before blow drying. I've been taking a cue from my stylist and really massaging the product into the hair. Sounds strange, perhaps, but it helps make sure the product is evenly distributed and potentially helps flatten the "scales" of the cuticle. I blow dry and voila! My hair is smooth, ultra-shiny, and bouncy. Plus, the style stays for days. I don't need any extra oils on my hair during those days, which seems insane.

Truth: Here is how my hair looked upon waking up on day five after a blow out with this creme. It's the only styling product I used in my hair all week.

I know this product is one of three that is responsible for my hair's amazing transformation. If you have dry hair, coarse hair or hair that likes to frizz, you've got to try this Priming and Protecting potion from Madam CJ Walker. Available at Sephora // $26.00

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  1. Do you have a favorite brush for blow drying? Thanks, love your site

    1. Thank you! I really love this Professional Wet Brush -

      I thought I would hate it, but it gives me really easy control over smoothing my hair. It grips the hair better than other large round brushes. (not affiliate link, btw)


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