Holy Grail Hair Care: Darshana Shampoo & Conditioner

I love my hair and I hate my hair. It's gone through its own change, along with my weight loss and job change. It's gotten thinner, dryer, more coarse and gotten to be annoying as all get out. I've tried almost everything and not much works as well as I hope. I want magazine-worthy hair that doesn't look fried and coarse. Too much to ask for? Nope!

I've had success with several shampoos and conditioners, like this one. And you'll never catch me giving away the purple Obliphica Seaberry Mask. Both of those are like liquid gold to my hair. But this new combo from Darshana is like, whoa.

I've been using Darshana's Hair Oil on and off for years. It's fantastic. You can check out my previous post here if you just want to try the oil on its own. When I heard they launched a shampoo and conditioner, I was literally jumping up and down to try it. Now that I've been using it for about two weeks, my hair is different--in the best way possible. My hair hasn't behaved this way since I had a keratin treatment.

Based on Indian Ayurvedic botanicals, this shampoo and conditioner don't include anything you're actively avoiding. Plus, it includes 18 amino acids that help improve the overall quality of the hair after one use (I thought that had to be marketing bullisht, but nope). My hair took three washes to see extraordinary benefits.
  • Improve moisture and shine
  • Repair, strengthen, protect with 18 amino acids
  • Color safe
  • Natural Indian Ayurvedic botanicals promote healthy hair
  • Honey, organic aloe, provitamin B5 for long lasting moisture
  • PH balanced to gently cleanse hair (4.8 – 5.8)   

My hair has never held on to moisture like this, which I think is partially why my hair is reacting so well to this duo. Before, my hair was a little straggly on the ends. Now it's like hair that belongs to someone else. If I never had to use another shampoo or conditioner for a year, I could be a happy, happy woman. I'm not saying that it will straighten your hair, but if you suffer from parched hair with texture issues, this might just rock your world, too.

Grab the shampoo and conditioner, for $24.00 each. 

UPDATE: Here is the ingredients on the back of the packaging.

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  1. Whoa! You can really see the difference! I think my hella damaged hair needs this in it's life! So by "none of the things you're actively avoiding" does that mean it's silicone and sulphate free? Please say yes!

    1. Yes, no silicones and sulfates and a few other things. It's awesome.

  2. Can you list the ingredients?

  3. Replies
    1. This suds up slightly. It doesn't have suds like a poo with sulphates, but it does have a LITTLE.


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