Weight Loss Confessions: Facing The Mouth Monster

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Happy Friday! How was your week? This week flew by me in a flash, I'm not even sure what I did -  it's all been a blur. Did you try a new recipe? Step outside of your comfort zone? Not eat all of the peanut butter? I did discover that Aldi brand Nutella is delicious (the regular is too sweet for me and honestly, I don't like hazelnut or chocolate as a general rule. I know. I'll take your white chocolate and you can have my milk chocolate. I'm weird. No surprises there.).

So it's time for a confession. I'm white-knuckling my way through these first few weeks of not trying to lose weight. While I've lost a significant amount of weight previously, I've never kept it off for more than a year or two. I've sold my fat clothes. I'm changing my mindset. I'm committed to being healthier.

But I'm scared. 

So I've enlisted the help of a few pros to keep me honest and true. The first pro is Carissa Cartalemi, a holistic wellness practitioner and therapist from Whole Story Wellness. I'm hoping she will be able to help me find my way towards laying down permanent roots in the healthy lifestyle I've adopted. I really want to feel like I'm walking on solid ground; not ground that is ready to crumble with every step I take.

Full disclosure: in the past, I've found all of this wellness stuff to be a little hippy-dippy.

But after spending some time with Carissa, I realize that she may hold the keys to help me enrich my life in ways I didn't realize were lacking. I'll have more to share as I continue down this path, but right now, I'm just trying to white knuckle my way through the Mouth Monster stage, where I seem to be stuck (I'm also trying to remember to use my tongue scraper and find mustard greens at my local grocery store...I've found "artisan greens", do they count?).

I have to imagine I'm not the only one suffering from attacks of the Mouth Monster. You know that feeling, where you aren't hungry, but your mouth is telling you to eat more? It's almost mindless eating that you know you shouldn't be doing, but you aren't fully in control? Maybe you've had one cookie and were happy with that one cookie. But then your mouth starts signaling your brain that you want another? And another? You know you shouldn't, but you feel compelled to keep eating? That mindless eating for no reason is the fault of the Mouth Monster.

For me, he comes out after hours and tries to sabotage all of my good work during the day. He got me for 11 points worth of mini-marshmallows earlier in the week, which is a shame. I asked Carissa how to beat the Mouth Monster and, like defeating a White Walker, she pointed out that it may take a little trial and error before I discover whatever my version of Dragonglass might be. This week, my strategy for beating the Mouth Monster is to try to eat evenly throughout the day. I was eating at least half of my daily intake at dinner and beyond, which may be responsible for what keeps waking him up (I assume my Mouth Monster is a he. No woman would be this cruel.). Do you have any tricks of your own to share for slaying this monster? If you do, share them, please!

My white knuckling doesn't stop with just food. While I've been doing Pilates almost every day, I'm doing it from memory of when I legit studied Pilates for about a year with the most amazing instructor. I definitely need reminders on using the correct form and getting the most out of my time on the mat, so I've enlisted help from down under with Pilates coach, Lisa Pentony. Working out at home with a pro is the best of both worlds. She has a library of workouts to choose from and while I hope I can eventually live through some of the advanced classes, the beginner ones are still kicking my butt. Check her out if you need a little motivation!

Am I alone with the Mouth Monster? How do you deal with him? Maybe he's friendly and I'm just not giving him what he needs? Or maybe he needs a righteous slaying. I'm all ears, so start sharing your thoughts! How is your plan going? I really want to know!

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  1. I'm on maintenance too and I still struggle with the mouth monster from time to time. Great name, by the way! It's very fitting! I try to keep a good balance but when those binges strike, I just feel so guilty. I know, as i'm putting the food, into my mouth that i'm not really hungry, that I just want to eat it but I can't stop myself. I don't have any sage advice on how to defeat him, I just do my best to stay out of the kitchen and if worse comes to worse, i'll go brush my teeth (since I won't eat after I do that). If you come across some good ideas, please share. We are all in the same boat here :)

    1. Eating pickles helps me. So do these nifty little candies called Meal Enders. I'm only on my third day of using them, but they are helpful in powering through a tricky spot.

  2. I enjoy all of your weight loss posts! you are such an inspiration - losing is not easy but keeping it off and staying with healthy habits can be much harder. Thank you so much for sharing your journey! LynninRI

    1. THANK YOU!!! It's really hard, but if we are in it together, we'll get farther!

  3. Something I have done after dinner when I am watching TV and the kitchen (and the food) is right in front of me: I go upstairs to my bedroom. Even though the food is a short distance away, it's enough of a barrier that I forget about it.


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