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For me, lipsticks and glosses are what turns a good day into a great day. And if I need a pick me up? Lippies are my go-to fix. Not all formulas are created equal and nothing is worse that cracking open a new lippie in the car, only to discover the formula is blah, dry or weird (you know most drugstores have very generous return policies, right?). I've spent a lot of time researching this one, trust me. Here are my favorite drugstore lip finds.

COVERGIRL'S Ravishing Rose (410) is the modern version of the ultimate pink lipstick from the 80's. If you want a shiny, pinky-pink that manages not to be too goody-goody or something a la Molly Ringwald, this is it. And the shea butters make this formula perfect for dry lips. $6.99

COVERGIRL'S oh sugar is one of two lip formulas I'm obsessed with right now. Last week, it was Candy. This week's flavor is Punch. It's actually a bold color while being a balm. This isn't as red as you think, based on the online photos. It's more similar to the packaging, but not as vibrant. $8.99

Rimmel's Berry Rose is a lighter, more wearable version of those gorgeous high end grape colors you always consider, but walk away from. You only live once. I fully support you going grape, even if we call it Berry Rose. The Moisture Renew formula has been my hands down favorite drugstore formula since it's release last year (or was it 2014?). $6.99

NYX Mega Shine Lipgloss feels like a dreamy combo of lipstick and lip gloss, but done right. It's ultra creamy and super shiny. This formula looks couture, but feels like slippers.  I wouldn't have named this shade Beige L129 since it's so pink, but they didn't ask me. $4.99

Burt's Bees in Scarlet Soaked is a phenomenal red that delivers serious lip benefits in a great lipstick. I liked the more pale colors, but the more pigmented shades are where this formula really shines. $8.99

L'OREAL Infallible Pro Matte and Gloss are my other recent lip obsessions. The Pro Matte Formula (the beige-y nude) feels so good on the lips I don't mind that it takes a bit of time to dry down. Once it goes matte, it won't go back and while wear time won't survive eating and drinking oily foods, neither does anything else without making your lips look cracked and jacked. The Infallible 8 Hour Pro Gloss  (the almost clear lip swatch on the bottom) doesn't last for eight hours and it's really sticky. It's so sticky that it's almost not sticky, if that makes sense. The gloss actually lasts way longer than you think and the color Blush is exactly that. It adds a shine and a tiny flush to your lips. I actually own doubles of Blush because it's the perfect pale girl clear gloss but better shade. $9.99

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