Simple Sculpting Without Contouring or Strobing

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See what I did there? That's for the few people who really get me. 

It's no secret I'm over the heavily sculpted look. If that's your thing, then by all means, chisel those cheeks. I'm just not into it right now. Sure, I want sculpted cheeks for days, but I want them to look natural. My go-to for a really natural look? Intense Matte Cheek and Eye Pencils, new from Nudestix.

 Each one is creamy, soft, blendable and non-drying. Made with shea butter, Vitamin E and peptides these pigmented pencils have big color payoff, while still being oh-so-blendable (plus, each comes in a cute metal tin with a sharpener!).

While there are eight available, five nudes and three reds,  I've been trying Belle and Raven.  Raven is gorgeous, but I'm fully in love with Belle. It's the perfect nude for my lips and cheeks.

To get a sculpted look without the contour and highlight, try this:

  • Make whatever weird face it takes to make your cheekbones pop (for me, sadly, it's a starfish face). 
  • Using the pencil, trace a light light just on the ridge where your natural cheek indentations begin to curve. If you placed a spoon on your cheekbone, you would want to draw the line just slightly above the curve of the spoon. 
  • Follow your natural contour up towards the ear. 
  • Add a few lines to the apple and blend!

PRO TIP: Use the blur pencil to prep your lips, stop feathering and extend wear. On your cheeks, use it to sheer out the color at the top of your cheekbone, if needed.

Buy it and try a no-contour cheek sculpt with Nudestix if you're ready to leave the herd.

Nudestix Intense Matte Cheek and Lip Pencils retail for $24 from Beautylish.

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