COVERGIRL TruMagic Skin Perfecting Balm

Bought with gift card provided by CVS. Contains affiliate link.

About two years ago, I was obsessed with the silicone face perfectors. They were all over high-end shelves and the options from Mally Beauty and Dior were my favorites. I used them daily until I ran out, and then didn't repurchase (after a few times). While I adore how it looks on the skin, it was basically a chunk of silicone and $40 just seemed too much.

Flash forward to a reader makeover I was doing this weekend (I can't wait for you to see the before and after!) and a new(ish) product from COVERGIRL. TruMagic Skin Perfecting Balm is essentially the same as the Mally and Dior version, but it's less than $12.  I put it to the test on my friend Mary and the results were stunning. Her face was flawless, smooth and looked airbrushed, in photos and in person.

Mary is wearing the TruMagic Skin Perfecting Balm in Clear. Her skin is immediately smoothed and flawless. This photo is not retouched, blurred or altered in any way. 
Run out and grab this before COVERGIRL thinks no one is in love with it. It's even available in a bronze and a shimmer, which I might have to go back for. Apply it with a flat topped brush, very lightly, in a stippling motion and rejoice in the knowledge that real-life photoshop is now available for all of us. And use your CVS Beauty Club savings card. I got a $4 coupon back when I purchased this and a concealer!

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  1. I was thinking of trying this. I had it in my hand the other day while standing in Walgreens but I am always nervous to try new things. After reading this post I just might get it.

    Stay Kinky, Stay Curly, Stay You.

  2. Photoshop in a jar, hahaha! It's a great idea, Molly looks fabulous.


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