Alima Pure Mineral Makeup: Limited Fairy Tale Edition

Alima Pure is celebrating the holidays by showing everyone how to bring out their inner princess. They've launched two beautiful, easy to re-create fairy tale looks; Once Upon A Time and Happily Ever After.

Once Upon A Time:

  • Fairy Godmother is a medium purple with a generous serving of silver sparkle.
  • Glass Slipper is a soft, silvery yellow.
  • Spun Gold is a deeper golden shade (that may or may not match the princess’ golden locks).
  • Enchanted Forest is a soft taupe sprinkled with gold and silver shimmer.
and Happily Ever After

  • Poison Apple is a rosy blush with a peachy shimmer. I am fairly certain this is my new go to blush.
  • Magic Wand is a magical, do-anything nude shimmer with multi-toned sparkle that can be worn on the eyes, cheeks or décolleté.

  • The End is the final touch, an almost-black eyeliner, sparked with diamond-like silver shimmer.
Together, they make one amazing look or separately, they create looks to help all of your wildest dreams come true. Or at least give you the confidence to go for them.

Here are the the colors themselves:

(Poison Apple Blush)

(Enchanted Forest, Spun Gold, Glass Slipper)

(Magic Wand, The End, Fairy Godmother)

Here is the look I wore today:

I did a version of The Magic Ball Look from their blog.

I used Poison Apple as the blush and Magic Wand as a highlighter. I am digging this pinky-peach cheek color.

The End makes my eyes POP!

Each set is $25 and $2 from each sale will go to the Global Fund for Women. Alima Pure mineral makeup is made from all natural ingredients; with no additives or fillers. Alima Pure is free of potential irritants like bismuth oxychloride, talc, dyes, fragrances, parabens, phthalates and preservatives.

I am loving how simple these looks are, and especially how easy it is to make everyone look worthy of the princess treatment.

These were sent for review. Alima Pure does not test on animals. Help a blogger out and stumble this, will ya?

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  1. Ooeehh I like it a lot!!! the colors are just beautiful.

  2. Hiya!!! Thank you! I really like them. I hadn't used this brand before and the colors last and last. What are you loving on your side of the world right now?

  3. tbh... minerals collection ( rouge, eyeshadows and powder foundations ) from our tiny tiny shop-in-shop Sephoras and I discovered some nice MAC shadows. But I`m keeping up with your blog to learn more about Stila, Tarte and other new brands to make a whislist for either Allcosmetic wholesale or any nice online selling point which ships to my home :) I must admit this total collection looks amazing!


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