Two Beauty Bloggers Enter a Mall...and Find the New "Red" for Redheads

Anne Houseman of Beauty Xpose and I went shopping two weekends ago. Our mission? To to find Anne a new foundation, find me a longer fall coat and check out some lip color for fall. We successfully completed our mission and found a few great things along the way.

Anne covered her search for foundation here. Check it out to see what worked for her. For me? I settled on two winter foundations. Bobbi Brown Luminizing Foundation and Dior Airflash. I am not 100% happy with either, so I am up for suggestions!

Then it was off to find me a Fall/Winter Coat that wasn't too heavy or too light, that came past my tuckus and was under $100. We hit the sales at Macy's and found bupkis. I'm still giggling at the fact that I said, with disgust, "I'm not finding anything. I'm too buxom." (I totally am.) But what Anne heard was, "I'm not finding anything. I'm too awesome." I guess it proves the point that if two bloggers are staring at the same thing, chances are opinions will differ. :-) Either way, Macy's was a bust. (Insert rim shot, please.)

Later that day, we made it to Burlington Coat Factory, which is where the world stores its coats for awesome/buxom ladies. After pointing out to Anne the things I avoid in coats (No fake fur, could be dog. No leather after watching an aerial hunting video. Bright colors scare me. Same with patterns. "I'm quirky" was the polite way Anne put it, I believe), we were off, looking for a dark coat made of something wool-like. After combing the racks of coats that fit my exact description, we found a Dereon coat that looked amazing.

While I am not one to jump on celebrity clothing lines (this one is Beyonce's), this coat looked amazing, came with a belt a mile long and was $89.99. Sold! (A serious bargain shopper would score this on Overstock for under $70, but I was happy to find something that looked like it was made for my figure!)

Back to makeup. The other goal of mine that day was to find a new fall lip color. It's hard for me to find something "different" from what I have. If you included all of the old MAC colors that I took out of plastics and put in palettes, I have hundreds of them.

We were at MAC looking at the new long-wearing foundation (fail!) and Anne found a really bright color I would never have picked up. Knowing my love of all things peach, Anne selected Crosswires, a color that she saw as peachy, which I saw as weird old lady too pink/coral.

Always up for a laugh, I tried it on, assuming she was crazy-pants. Then people passing by started complimenting me.

Next, the makeup artist added Passing Fancy, one of the Dazzleglass Cremes in the holiday A Tartan Tale collection. Then she and Anne stood back, sizing me up.

"It's the new red for red heads.", Anne said.

"What? This color? Really? It's so loud." I said, looking in the small hand mirror.

"Will you trust me? It's perfect," she replied.

And my new favorite fall lip color was born. When I looked it other light, in better mirrors, it really was a whole new red for red heads. I'm not sure too many people can carry off this color. But fair-skinned red heads should check this out, stat, before the limited edition lip gloss is gone.

And while you're at it, pick up the My Highland Honey blush from the same collection.

It's one of two of my must-have fall blushes. The other one is called Poison Apple, check it out here.

The big question is, how did both of us manage not to take any photos?

We were shopping at the mall, nothing was sent for review. MAC doesn't test on animals.

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  1. 1. I AM crazy-pants.
    2. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that color on you. Seriously.
    3. Come on -- show us a pic of you in the coat! That stock pic doesn't do it justice.
    4. I'm going blond-ish tonight at 5:30. :) Pics will ensue this time for sure.

  2. Oh - and you're awesomely quirky. :)

  3. I'll try to take a photo, but honestly, the stock photo looks much more svelte than I do...

    TAAZ is a dangerous tool! So excited to hear you are going for a change! Blonde like your photo or just little highlights? Golden or frosty? All over? Details!! I am getting new color later in the week and can't wait!

  4. I'm going to buy that lipstick and gloss combo for my redheaded sister (and possibly the blush too). Please do more redhead-themed posts! Love love love the coat too :)


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