Weight Loss Tip 16: The Difference Between A Bad Decision & The Erosion of A Good Habit

We all slip up from time to time. Life is about making mistakes, learning from them and appreciating every second of the journey. So what happens when you've got a good thing going on your weight loss plan and then one extra helping of mac and cheese turns into an extra piece of cake, turns into that funnel-core-thing going on at Sonic right now (which I'm dying to try, by the way)?

Being on a weight loss plan means enjoying every morsel that goes in your mouth for one reason or another. It could be taste, it could be for nutrition, or it could be for fuel. Your food choices should complement the complete picture of what is nourishing your body. So the occasional slip up is fine. It's part of living. It teaches you that perhaps once in awhile, something decadent is amazing for the soul.

If you are fortunate enough to be in constant contact with your body and what it's telling you (I'm not, so you aren't alone!), then maybe you'll learn that an ice cream the size of your head doesn't feel so great on the other side. For me, who is struggling to connect with her body, those signals often get lost. Essentially, this means that I only remember how amazing it tasted on the way down. I seem to black out when it comes to the other side of that decadence-- where I'm sluggish, bloated and sleepy. Can you imagine if you put gas in your tank that made your car sluggish? You probably wouldn't do that more than once or twice. If you did, your car would probably start to get poor gas mileage, your AC wouldn't work as well and the radio would probably only play songs you hate.

While we aren't cars, we are pretty easy to throw off track. So when you are faced with the urge to go for the second helping, the late night ice cream or the third piece of birthday cake, ask yourself these questions before engaging your taste buds:

1. Is this truly special?
2. Will I cherish the memory of this food?
3. Will I feel better afterwards? Will this help or hurt my performance in two hours?
4.  Are my brain and body fully engaged together in this decision or is one side trying to take over? (I'm talking about that Mouth Monster again.)

If you can answer yes to the majority of these questions, then figure out how to fit that food into your plan. If you answer no to more than one of those questions, then skip the food. You are more likely eroding your good habits when you should be supporting them. Choosing to look the other way while stepping backward will never help you reach your goals.

Eroding your habits means chipping away at your foundation of healthy eating. The problem with erosion is that it's not always easy to tell when the ground will give and your hard work will crumble before your eyes. Once that foundation is gone, it's hard to get back. We've all been there too many times before, right?

Before your next splurge or plan deviation, just make sure you are being supportive of your goals and not eroding your healthy foundation.

You've got this. I know you can do it!

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