The Truth About Skin Care Today

Is it just me or has skincare gotten to be hella confusing lately? Between all of the extra steps (where does the essence go?) and the snake oil, it's no surprise consumers don't know where to begin. Years ago, I was lucky enough to have the chance to chat skincare with Jan Marini, of Jan Marini Skin Research. Since it's been more than five years, I wanted to check back with her, to discuss what trends are important, where ingredients are going and what is going to make me look like a baby.

Gouldylox: How has skincare really changed in the last five years?

Jan Marini: Honestly, it hasn't changed that much. Real efficacy in products can still be hard to find. I still believe that peptides are the way forward to truly younger looking skin. Retinols, glycolic acid and peptides are still some of the most active and effective ingredients on the market. With specially formulated peptides, not only can products reach more deeply into the skin; they can also trick the skin into building more collagen or they can downregulate hormone production and their their effect the skin.

One issue that has become quite a concern for many women is rosacea. While you can manage your rosacea by learning what triggers your skin, we can also use peptides to downregulate how the skin responds to some triggers. We've seen huge success using that kind of advancement in our RosaLieve Redness Reducing Complex. RosaLieve often provides a major reduction in redness, where other treatments may create more inflammation.

GX: Let's discuss loss of volume and if there is any way around injections. Especially around the eyes.  I'm asking for a friend...

JM: Of course. So first things first, you'll never get the same results from a topical that you will from an injectable or procedure. That said, you can use a variety hyaluronic acid, in conjunction with peptides and actually add volume to the skin. Our Hyla3D actually uses tiny hyaluronic acid molecules to create a framework that helps to build 3D volumization in the face. In other words, you can add volume back into the skin. We've got a great library of before and afters on the site - you won't believe the difference!

GX: Other than wearing a sunscreen every day since birth, what is the most important thing a woman approaching middle age should do?

JM: I think you know the answer to this one already. Wearing a sunscreen is your best defense against aging. We know that damage from the sun causes the signs of aging. The skin's best protection from sun damage is actually melanin. People with darker skin have more melanin and can tolerate sun exposure much better than those with pale skin. While some sunscreens feel heavy or unpleasant, we've worked hard to create a sunscreen that not only protects the skin beautifully, with a combination of UVA and UVB filters, but one that also contains phytomelanin, a bio-identical version of melanin. The Jan Marini Antioxidant Daily Face Protectant with SPF 33  will even protect your skin for up to 80 minutes in the water!  You've got to start with a sunscreen or you will never see the results you're hoping for. That's not all you can do. Of course you should drink water. Eat well. Exercise. Effective skin care products can help you balance everything, even if you don't always eat the salad topped with salmon.

GX: While I know it's impossible to pick just one, what product in your line is a true rockstar?

JM: I have to say it's our Bioclear. It just works beautifully for everyone. Aging skin, acenic skin, skin suffering from rosacea can all benefit from Bioclear. It contains glycolic and salicylic acids to help resurface and keep the skin looking clear. The azelaic acid helps reduce redness in the skin with rosacea. We believe Bioclear is so important, we have it in two formulas; a lotion and a gel. The cream is better for dry skin, while the lotion is better for normal to combination skin. Everyone wants smoother skin with clarity and luminosity and this is the product that delivers.

I hope what people understand is that all of these little steps to slow the aging process really do work; the little things add up. But anyone over 50 with a great neck has had surgery - don't let them fool you. 

Jan Marini Skin Research products are available online and in select spas. For those who are new to the JMSR line, check out the Skin Care Management System. You pick your skin type, the preferred type of sunscreen and if you want standard or full-sized products. They take care of the guesswork and you get skin that improves rapidly.

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