My Hit List: November

As the holidays approach, the offerings are insane. Matte lips are not your only option, Huda Beauty is killing it, Fenty isn't for everyone and yes Virginia, you do need a hairdryer with an unlimited number of speeds and heat settings. Ready? Let's dive into what's good this November.

that liner tho...

10. Fenty Beauty: I haven't seen a launch that connected with so many feelings in forever. I love the idea of a softer, metallic look without all of the face shaping and liners. Alien Bae is my new BFF when it comes to liner that slays. Something about that blue black color makes my blue eyes look so intense. The foundation (don't hate the messenger) oxidized like a orange on my face. It didn't matter what primer I used, it went orange. I loved the liner Alien Bae and the lipstick, Supernova.

9. While only news to me, the Clarisonic Foundation Brush Head is the greatest invention and you need it. Flawless foundation is yours in less than the time it takes to wash part of your face. Seriously - grab it now.

8. The Huda Beauty Desert Dusk Palette is beautiful; think lush tones, shimmering shades and glorious glitters. The texture is creamy and the only shade I've had issues with is the mega-chunky russet glitter, Cosmo.

7. I'm so happy about the new Too Faced Melted Latex Lips that skip the matte look. Who are these li'l darlings that can wear matte everything without looking like a wrinkly raisin? I'm not one of them, so the High Shine Latex Lips are long wearing, a little sticky, and perfect for me. Personally, I love  Peekaboo, a light pink that doesn't make your teeth look yellow, which is my main problem with those ultra-light pink shades.

6. I've been showing off my shadow a lot more since I invested in these brushes that allow me to look like I'm a way better artist than I actually am. Try this brush from Sephora and tell me your shadow doesn't look 40% better. I dare you. Even if you think you can't apply shadow, this brush fixes everything. Grab the Pro Drawing Blending Brush and show me your improved pics!

5. I'm not really a gloss snob, but this gloss from Glamour Dolls continues to be one of my favorite lippies to take anywhere. This shade, Mood Ring, is like a Kylie nude or a rosewood shade (if you were alive in the 80's and bought lipstick, you know all about the color rosewood). It's beautiful, it feels super luxe and costs less than your pumpkin spice frappe.

4. It Cosmetics CC+ Cream is really awesome athleisure wear for your face. It looks like you tried way harder than you did, holds up in you exercise moderately and is as comfortable as wearing pajamas. Not sure if the coverage can really be that good? Check out my before and after!

3. ZO Medical and I have a storied past. I tried their Brightenex, a very strong topical that evens out skintone and my skin freaked the frack out. You can read about it here. My derm suggested I try one of their newer products, Melamix, to help fade dark spots that crept up when I was ignoring my own SPF rules. This seems to be working quickly, without the irritation. You'll need to see your derm, though; this product requires a prescription.

2. Too Faced Just Peachy Velvet Matte Eyeshadow Palette. The colors are just too pretty to pass up. Think you don't need a bright peach matte crease? Honestly, you're just wrong. Wait until you see how it makes your eyes pop.

1. The 8thSense Hairdryer by Elchim is the dryer that will make your stylist jealous. Forget that Dyson, it's not as quiet as you think it's going to be. The 8thSense has an unlimited number of heat and air settings, which mean you can take your styling in new directions with the same tool. It's gentle, it's tough, it doesn't weigh much, it's very quiet and it is glorious.

All of these make lovely gifts, too. Just sayin'.

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  1. I have been looking at the Just Peachy palette ever since it came out. I should just buy it; but I have cool undertones and when I wear warm colors, my eyes look bloodshot. So I keep thinking I should try it first.

  2. I actually bought Glamour Dolls gloss for my friend for this Christmas. They love it so much.


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