Curvitude (Liquid) Liner by Maybelline

Earlier this week, I found myself wandering a CVS while waiting for someone and I couldn't help but check out the beauty aisle. I'm glad I did (as if there is a time when I wouldn't!) because I hadn't seen this liner before. Curvitude, a new liquid liner from Maybelline, is not the first curved liner at the eye liner rodeo, but it might be the best. Here's what I'm thinking...

  • The curve is perfect for lining the corners without making a thick mess.
  • The ultra fine point is not a brush, but a carefully shaped, flexible, soft nib.
  • The handle is more like a pen and fits naturally into your fingers.
  • The liner itself (mine's black) is a deep and rich and doesn't seem to flake.
  • It's under $10.00!!!

If only it were available in more colors. I would want them all! I really like how the liner feels in the hands. It's so much more elegant that the "brow" shaped curved liners from a few years ago. This just works.  For now, it's only available in black. (More colors, please!) // $8.00(ish)

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  1. Does it dry matte or is it a glossy black finish?

    1. I guess I'd call it a satin? It's not glossy black or dry matte.


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