Sunday Night Beauty Prep Means A Better Monday

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I swear my beauty prep on a Sunday night is the only thing that helps me face Monday. Setting yourself up for a confidence boost helps take the sting out of waking up on Monday. I'm telling you, it's all about the Sunday night prep.


Deep condition those strands, my gorgeous friends. It makes no difference if you've been on the festival circuit or the sofa circuit; it's time to treat those tresses to some TLC. I put one of my all-time favorite oils in my hair once I know I can have a ponytail Sunday. About an hour before the shower, I'll add a deep conditioner like this one to my dry hair, mid-shaft down.

When I get out of the shower, I add a touch of Olaplex No. 3 (to make sure it's actually Olaplex, get it from a salon) to my wet hair. This is the most amazing leave-in conditioner, ever.

My hair still needs protein, and this nutrient boosting shine spray, Roux Keratin Repair and Shine, delivers at a fraction of the cost of other keratin-infusing sprays.

Finally, to really lock in moisture, Moisture Mist from Arrojo is a must for hair that dries beautifully, while remaining soft to the touch. This is one of my newest favorites - try it!

I then comb my hair with a fine tooth comb and let it air dry. Be careful to work out tangles before attempting to use a comb, you never want to pull or stretch wet hair. Ever.


Obviously, it's time to de-fuzz the face. I'm still in love with my DermaFlash, the sonic face razor that removes dead skin and peach fuzz, leaving your skin so incredibly soft, you'll be shocked at the difference this makes. It's like dermaplaning, but without the hefty price tag, and you can do it at home. And watching all of that surface gunk coming off of your clean skin is so, so gratifying.

After I've essentially shaved really, really well, I'll do a sheet mask. Lately, I've been into the firming Bee Venom Plumping Mask from Miss Spa. Royal Jelly and Bee Venom help firm and smooth the skin while honey and aloe moisturize. If you are allergic to bees in anyway, if you weren't already sure, this isn't for you. I love sheet masks from Miss Spa and this one is definitely one of my favorites!

Staying up late for Talking Dead on Sundays sometimes lead to sleepy Mondays. To hide that fact, I use an eye mask before I go to bed (and sometimes, I fall asleep that way). Chella's Anti-Fatigue Eye Mask Kit contains ingredients that brighten, lift, firm and smooth the delicate eye area. If you've got a special event, this is a must-have!


No matter how many lip treatments I try, I always end up loving Sara Happ and Fresh. I just can't find anything better. Using both keep my lips looking younger and less lined, which is key for pulling off a matte lip over 30. Teeth Whitening Strips also go a long way towards making Mondays manageable. This is the one step I'm most likely to forget. And I can always tell the next day!

Do you prep on Sunday nights? What's your favorite thing to do? I wanna know!

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