Currently Craving: Shadow, Shimmer and Laser Engraved Brushes

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You read the Lipstick League, right? It's a merry band of beauty superheros who scour all of the shelves, trying all of the products and giving you all of the details along the way (subscribe!). Each week in our Lipstick League Update, we've added something new: Currently Craving.

Currently Craving is what we really wish had in our hands and on our faces right now. Or wrists or ears, wherever it goes. Maybe it's that gorgeous palette we haven't seen in person or a perfume from when we were younger. To kick off the new feature, here are three things I can't stop thinking about.
1. Viseart Shadow Palettes, specifically 3 Bridal Satin. I haven't tried any of these shadows because of the price, but wow do they make me drool (in the most glamorous way).
2. Natasha Denona All Over Glow Face & Body Shimmer in Powder looks like it would transform anyone into a willowy fairy or goddess of some sort and I'm not going to lie to you--some days, that's what I want.

3. Anniversary Brush set by Wayne Goss is something I would never buy. I don't know that I could pull the trigger on this beautiful set of glorious, artisanal Japanese brushes, but I really, really want to. This set is a limited edition that includes a new brush 05 and an update to the original 01 brush. I don't even know exactly what that means, but I think I should find out!

Be sure to look for the Lipstick League each weekend and tell me--what are you currently craving?

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  1. Oh, what is that gorgeous lipstick above currently craving in the post header? That is gorgeous!
    And those Wayne Goss brushes....hubba-hubba...

    1. hi Rita!
      That is a lippie from Vasanti called Unconditional Love. It's a really pretty one!


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