Upgrade to a Proliss Flat Iron for about $40!

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Flat irons wear out, stop working as perfectly as they once did and need to be replaced. Sure, buying a really good iron extends the life of the product (and your hair), but the good ones can be so expensive! So little sisters, I've got a serious deal for you to jump on, NOW!

Proliss is offering the chance to upgrade your flat iron to any of their infusion irons for $40.00! Each of these irons uses 100% ceramic plates for safe, even heating. Those plates also help eliminate static electricity and help to seal the cuticle, making hair shiny and perfect. Aluminum plates won't deliver the same results! The Proliss Infusion iron allows you to control the temperature from 140-450 degrees, depending on your hair and the style you want to create. To maintain that temperature, the Proliss Infusion uses Positive Temperature Co-Efficient Heaters to keep the specific temperature exactly where you want it, with no hot spots, even after extended use (that is really important when shopping for a new flat iron and no one seems to mention the importance of PTC-Heaters).

It's easy to get supremely straight hair, gorgeous bent waves or even curls with a flat iron. And a flat iron that heats evenly and maintains its temperature causes less damage and stress to the hair. If you are in the market for a new flat iron (or really just want to upgrade your boring black iron to a gorgeous color or pattern, like the peacock), this is the deal for you! You'll even get a bottle of Argan Oil to help protect and smooth the hair, both while adding incredible shine!

This upgrade promotion from Proliss won't last forever! It just started on Monday, June 15th and runs through July 15th.

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  1. I needed to replace my flat iron! This post couldn't have been more timely!! Thanks for sharing!


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