Maybelline Master Kajal Liner

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I'm always looking for something that stays on the waterline. Nothing stays on me. I don't know if it's because my waterlines are dry or wet or simply missing the magical component that makes Lauren Graham always look flawless.

Recently, Hourglass launched a trio of gel liners that are amazing for the waterline. But they are crazy expensive and very delicate. I love them, but I can't suggest you all stop eating food to afford these specialty gel liners. I could suggest that, but that would be rude.

Instead, try these wacky looking ones from Maybelline. The Master Kajal liners are darkly-pigmented liners that will last forever (just don't push on one too hard from a weird angle or it will break). They work especially well on the lower lid, which is the hardest of lines to bulletproof. They claim to be waterproof, and also contain a luxe oil to help the pigments adhere. You won't need a sharpener, either. Just rotate it each time you use it and it will retain its shape. Make sure you warm it up a bit on the back of your hand before applying for maximum pigment payoff.

Grab it in one of four shades: Onyx Rush, Charcoal Skies, Midnight Brown and Navy Night for around $8 each.

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