Tutorial: The Bubble Pony

Eons ago, I was enchanted by this style in a video by Sam Villa (which I can't find again!). On a shoot a few weeks ago, my glam team lead, Debbie Dover, was rocking a bubble pony and I loved it. The only reason I hadn't tried it before was 1.) I never go anywhere that I need to have unusually fancy hair and 2.) I'm hair shy. Sure, I'll try all kinds of styles, but for some reason, this is a little outside of my comfort zone for a rainy Thursday. I mentioned this on Facebook a few weeks ago. Sorry it took me so long to get the tutorial up!

That said, I figured it out in a few moments (it's pretty easy) and got compliments all day long. Here's how to get the look for yourself.

Start with your hair dry and add a little dry shampoo for volume.
Pin up your bangs, making a little bump at the top of your head. Secure them with pins or a clip. (I'm lazy, so I went for a clip.)

Pull a small-ish section back and fasten with a pony tail holder.

Gather another small section of hair and add it to the existing ponytail. Taking only the hair from the pony above, pull that hair out to make a small bump.

Now gather another section of hair and join the tail of the previous section into this new section. Take the hair from the above pony and pull it out to make a small bump. Continue this all the way down the back of your head. I suggest creating two or three "bumps".

 I have a hard time getting the pony to go straight down my back. Instead it sweeps around my shoulder, which is just fine with me.

Once your hair is in a pony, with all of the hair from the sides flowing into one tail, it's easy sailing. Add a ponytailer a few inches down from the previous elastic. Holding a few hairs from the very bottom of the pony, grasp the elastic and push it up, sliding up the hair to form a bubble. Do this a few times down the rest of the ponytail.

If you want, finish with a bow or a pony cuff.

If you need a little help building texture into really fine hair and a dry shampoo won't do the trick, pick up Sam Villa's TexturIron.

It's a little pricey, but if you always long for updos or braids and your hair is too fine to hold the style without a ton of spray, this iron will do the trick. It gives you teeny, tiny crimps that really help hold the look you want.

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  1. You look very lovely.
    And the style doesn't look very hard to do -- Yay!


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