New Year's Makeovers!

Resolutions, makeovers and new traditions always seems like such a good idea at the end of December, don't they? New Years Eve is almost like a do-over button and now is the time to start thinking about small changes. Bangs? A really red lip? Starting a 401k?

While you certainly don't want my investment advice, my Instant Makeover advice is a different story. Not ready to take the big chop or commit to anything? Go virtual! The Instant Makeover by StyleCaster can show you what you'd look like with a different hair style, eyeliner or lipstick.  All you need is a good photo of yourself and a few extra minutes. I'm sure you've tried other makeover tools (and gotten totally annoyed). Here's why I like Instant Makeover.

1. You can try on actual products. Not sure you'll be able to tell a real difference between REVLON and Le Metier de Beaute? Try them both on. Sure, it's not a perfect science, but you'll be amazed by the nuances.

2. You can adjust the looks, especially the hair (!) in more ways than I've ever seen. If the hairstyle is too far away from your cheeks or the length isn't quite right, adjust that one section and get your perfect look.

3. You'll get a shopping list with the products you've used so you can re-create the look at home.

4. It's addictive. (But you'll never have to ask your Facebook friends for help!)

5. Eventually, you'll be able to purchase your new look straight from the site.

Click on the icon in the middle of the page, or just go here. Have fun and try something new!

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