My Take: Armani Maestro Foundation (Plus Half & Half)

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This self-proclaimed revolutionary foundation from Armani is nothing if not polarizing. No matter where you read, people either feel like it's changed their lives or kidnapped their first born. There aren't many who find themselves betwixt and between where this foundation is concerned.

According to the company:

This ultra-lightweight formula applies easily with an unforgettable sensation, leaving skin moisturized and conditioned for a flawless complexion with just one drop. Pure color pigments fuse to the skin for coverage with a no-makeup feel. Buildable coverage with a natural finish.

In my experience, I can say that the Armani Maestro foundation is very, very light and does not feel like you are wearing makeup. You can build up coverage for a more opaque finish. I also find that this foundation wears until I take it off, to the point of my skin looking magnificent all day long if I use a primer. Oddly, I get longer wear from my Chanel Illuminating Primer than I do from my Armani Light Master primer.

I have dry skin and I have not noticed any creasing, sliding or wear. I do believe that this foundation needs to settle. You'll get the best result if you apply a few drops to your face, blend with fingers and let the foundation sit for a few minutes. It will find its place and the color will look pretty amazing. I definitely fall on the "huge fan" side of this foundation.

To save you from reading scads of user reviews, here are the highlights.

Women with dry skin really like this foundation compared to women with oily skin.
Women with more mature skin prefer this foundation over their younger counterparts.

Here is my foundation half & half.

Here is the look with full makeup.

 (In the spirit of full disclosure, this photo was taken after the Half & Half. Same foundation, different day.)

I find that I reach for this almost every day over my other foundations. This foundation does take a few minutes to set,  so some days I stick with my Skin79 BB Cream, tied for favorite with my Dr. Jart.

If you dislike the feeling of foundation and don't have oily skin, this might be exactly what you are looking for. Since it's such a polarizing product, see if you can try it out in person before committing to the hefty price tag ($62).

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  1. I don't mind paying extra for foundation - IF - I love it. How big is the bottle for $62?

  2. Hi Kelly. Ok, I'm going to say're killing me! Your posts on the half and half are making me crazy because the side with foundation always looks so freakin great. I've read a lot of your reviews and I've noticed how often you mention all of your skin issues. And yet, when your foundation is on it is flawless. You have GOT to do a separate post on this. I'm begging!! How do you do it? Tools, techniques, prep, so forth. A video tutorial would be the cat's meow. But if that's not something you would do, how about just a step by step rundown? Talk to me like I'm a five year old :) One question I have is do you have large pores? I do and that is my biggest challenge. If you do and have mentioned that in other reviews, my apologies for missing it. It's hard to tell from pictures. Give up the goods!

    1. Hi Deb!! My skin is far from flawless, but I was given great skin and hair (and got a questionable waistline!) You can have great skin too! I'll totally do a post about how I do my foundation. I focus on great skincare and am really, really adamant about how I treat my skin. I do have some spongy pores around my nose, but they aren't huge.

      My sun spots are my biggest issue. I'm glad you see flawless, but I still see some undereye circles (pre-concealer), so redness from broken vessels popping through and some blotchy brown bits.

      Foundation is great at covering things up, but great skin will be great all of the time! It's all about what is reasonable for you. I'm reading this great book right now, called the Skin Regime by Dana Ramos. She has some great tips on getting fabulous skin, including how to use peels at home for amazing skin. Check it out!

      In the meantime, I'll work on a post with the details. And THANK YOU for the compliments. It totally makes my day!!

    2. Hi Kelly,
      I really meant what I said and you're welcome! What strikes me the most is I can definitely see the difference in the half and half pics and I don't mean that in a bad way. I totally know what you mean by how you see yourself; we are our own worst critics. I actually have pretty good skin for 56, or so I'm told by derms and the guy that does my Botox. I am a very fair red head with freckles but I don't have brown spots or broken vessels or anything like that. Just large pores on my nose and 56 years of living on my face :) I do take very good care of my skin so you speak the truth there sister! I'm just in awe of your technique. You would think by my age I would have figured it out but I look at your half and half pics and and I just want to slap myself silly because I just can't get it to come out like that. My point is, you never look like you're wearing a mask. And that is what I'm trying to get to. I happen to like my freckles, they're not very dark and not that many but I don't want to look like I've dragged out the Black and Decker spray gun to put on my makeup. When you have done your foundation you just look like you...only flawless. Thank you so much for taking the time to read and reply to my request and especially for agreeing to do it! I can't wait!!!

    3. I'm on it, sister!!! Thank you!! <3

  3. Thanks for a great review! I can totally see the difference between with no makeup and with makeup on. I was just wondering, I have an oily skin and sometimes, putting foundation just makes it even worse, do you think that if I'll use this, it would have a different effect? I do hope so.

    1. People with oily skin aren't always a fan. what might be great for you is the foundation by Kat Von D at sephora.


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