MAKE UP FOR EVER: HD Not Retouched

Between Kimora's super long legs, the ridiculous thinning of models and fattening of lashes, beauty advertising has gone crazy with photoshop. While I personally WANT to be that pretty/thin/flawless/perfect/poreless, it isn't attainable. It has to, over time, mess with our collective sense of self, in one way or another, right?

MAKE UP FOR EVER has recently launched their first campaign that includes no digital retouching what-so-ever. I love the honesty. I'm not sure not being HD ready is the reason that retouching exists in the first place, but either way, I dig it. And I think the model looks amazing.

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  1. you know what though? i know some people with GORGEOUS glowing skin, even without make up ... i bet those are the kind of people they hired for their ads ...

    but at least they're being honest about no retouch!

  2. No doubt! I am sure that is why they picked that model, which is fine with me. What bugs me (currently) is the retouching for eye lash ads. It's getting ridiculous. I also hate when they make people unbelievably thin, extend their waist so it's physically impossible or retouch facial features. I'm happy with a little bit of honesty - even if it did start with a gorgeous model.

  3. Yay!! Looking at beauty ads just makes me annoyed nowadays. I was looking at the models in the latest Ulta catalog and was just annoyed with the amount of airbrushing and contorting of facial features (i.e. not a single pore or fine hair, and even how they stretch or shrink or alter the eye and lips).

  4. I saw the ad in a magazine today and it looked gorgeous. I'm really glad they are doing this campaign.


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