Benefit's Erase Paste & Powderflage

I am very pale and have a little bit of darkness under my eyes, not too bad, but it bugs me. I also have very dry skin, so I was having a hard time finding the right concealer to make my eyes look flawless. You know what I mean. Magazine perfect eyes. Since I work in advertising, I know that real people don't achieve this in their daily lives. You need serious lights and the right angle to get that flawless look. Ads lie and some part of me understands this, but I just can't get that image out of my mind.

Makeup artist pal, Erin Chado, convinced me to give Benefit a try. I haven't tried a lot of Benefit- their cutesy names turn me off a little. But if the product delivers, than I won't let a little cutesy stop me. Erin insisted I try their Erase Paste in combo with Powderflage. Erase Paste is a thick-ish concealer that needs to be warmed up and dabbed on. Powderflage is a white-ish, pinky powder that you apply with a fan brush (which it comes with). Honestly, I don't care for the brush - it's a little too ouchy to use. But with my Sonia Kashuk dome brush, it's just lovely. The end result? Pretty close to magazine perfect eyes.

I love these. I bought these. You should try these.



  1. Hey! I'm a friend of Mel's (from Karma Dogs), and she led me to your blog.

    Very glad she did! Also, so glad you found a Benefit product to get you over the cutesy name--I've long been a fan of theirs, and I got myself on their mailing list when I worked in publishing, so for over a year was getting samples of all their new products--I ended up using/keeping nearly half of them myself.

    Particuarly fond of their lipsticks (I rarely wear any, but their color is soft and not sticky), and their cream eye shadow pots.

    Anyway, great blog, looking forward to reading more!



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