Matte Makeup for 40+ Women? Too Faced NEW Peaches and Cream

Let's get one thing straight. I am not a fan of matte makeup on anyone over 30. Ditto for powder foundation. Why emphasize any line or wrinkle for the sake of a matte texture? Unless you want to age yourself, that is. Sure, there are a few exceptions; where the powder makes you look younger, not older.

Comfort Mattes, the foundation component of the new Peaches & Cream Collection from Too Faced are supposed to feel great on the skin while giving you that matte look without the taut, dry skin. Color me surprised, but I'm not mad at them. The foundation is even lighter and more comfortable than expected. I can't put down the Peach Matte Shadow palette - do you need it? Yes, you do. Do you need the Melting Highlighter or Bronzer? Eh...that's a different story. Go!

So the Just Peachy Velvet Matte Shadow Palette is beautiful. The powders blend like a dream and the shade peach punch is the ultimate fair girls' peach. You'll get 12 peachy mattes, all of which smell like a peach. There are lid colors, transition colors and crease colors galore. Add a little Rose Gold or Angelic from this palette and get prepared for compliments. I didn't want to like this palette or these colors and I'm kind of obsessed. $45.00 // Sephora

Let's discuss those Melting Powders for a minute. These are essentially cream blushes that melt into the skin for a long-wearing pop of color.  Apply them with a brush or your fingers and start with a light touch...the blushes are pigmented. So Peachy Melting Powder is a really bright pinky peach (emphasis on the pink) that can go on the lips and cheeks. I've been popping it on my apples for a quick glow that lasts.

However, the Peach Frost highlighter is too beige (described as an icy champagne) to appear on my fair skin. Because it's a matte highlighter that is the same color as my skin, it's a fail for me.

On the other hand, the Bronze Peach Melting Powder is ok, but doesn't offer enough glow or pop for me to get excited. Try the blush and skip the rest. $30.00 // Sephora

The Peach Perfect Mattifying Setting Powder does a really nice job of setting my foundation and helping it last all day long. I've been applying it over my YSL Foundation, which gives me a satin-like finish and doesn't go too matte. I enjoy how this airbrushes the skin to camouflage small imperfections. $32.00 // Sephora 

Now for Jerrod's favorite, the Peach Blur Translucent Smoothing Finishing Powder. How many setting powders does a collection need? I wondered quite often as I try to determine how a pressed setting powder made its way into the collection. This does brighten the skin a tiny bit and it does blur imperfections slightly. If you suffer from dull skin that needs a pickup before happy hour, then keep this in your bag. Otherwise, I just can't get too excited about this adorable little peach. $30.00 // Sephora

Let's talk Comfort Matte Lipstick. I've tried three of the twenty-one Peach Kiss Moisture Matte Long Wear Lipstick; Doll Face, Sunday Funday and Drunk Dial.

These are definitely the most comfortable mattes I've tried lately; they make my lips feel hydrated while looking matte.

Sunday Funday is my go-to nude and Drunk Dial is a glorious grape that I can't wait to wear to a gala this weekend. $21.00 // Sephora

What about the Comfort Matte Foundation? Available in 12 shades, this foundation wears nicely, feels really comfortable and gives the skin a satin-matte finish. This feels more like a tinted moisturizer but can be built up to give full coverage. There aren't many shades that will work for anyone darker than a very light mocha, so keep that in mind. If your skin is showing advanced wrinkling, I'd go for something with hydration. But if you want a matte look, this is comfortable and doesn't sink into wrinkles. I'm easily getting 8 hours of wear before I use the Peach Mattifying setting spray ($32.00). With the setting spray, I'm getting closer to 12 hours of wear. $36.00 // Sephora

About the Mattifying Setting Spray and the Cooling Primer...while they work nicely and I do really like the Peach Setting Spray, both are only $4.00 less than the foundation, which strikes my wallet as weird.

Overall, I am really impressed with this collection. The shadows are amazing, as are the lippies and the blush. All products have that candy-like Peach smell, so if you are sensitive to that, beware. Once applied, I can't smell a thing. And honestly, as long as it's not cloying, heavy or too sweet, I don't care how my makeup smells.

This collection is only available at Sephora. No matter what, grab that shadow palette. You can thank me later.

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  1. It's so funny you say the shadow is the must have of the collection. I've read that in so many blog/vlog posts so I grabbed it as a birthday present to myself. I just got it yesterday and I can't wait to play. I also picked up the loose setting powder as I just so happened to need some. I wasn't running low on anything else so I'll wait until the need comes up. Can't wait to try the items out today.

  2. Great collection, looks lovely on you. I wish we had Sephora in the UK. I'm about to go on holiday to Athens and I haven't researched it at all, other than to establish that there are two Sephoras in the city.

    1. Funny you say that... when we were considering moving, I needed to make sure the city had a Sephora. That was years ago now, but it still remains important to me. :-)


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