FOTD: Karaoke Birthday

Last weekend my hubs and I celebrated my good friend Mandy's* birthday with a little karaoke. I'm more of a sit quietly in the corner and talk about silly things than a get up in front of people and act silly. Not to mention that I can't sing at all. In fact, my choral teacher in high school once asked me to "only move my mouth" moments before going on stage at a Madrigal competition. So now I'm sing-shy. Thanks, Mrs. B-hart.

But since Mandy loves karaoke, I wanted to break out of my shell and have fun. In my mind, my vocal prowess is all Fiona Apple. But in reality? I'm more MC Lyte. Which is no diss on Lyte. Just the truth. So while Mandy's Mom and fiance (congrats!) were performing their crowd-tested karaoke versions of the hits from Pulp Fiction, I was plotting how to turn this mother out.

Go big or go home, right? Wearing my glorious butterfly sequin top, grabbed a mic and hid in the hallway while my song cued up. I then bust through the living room archway as my song hit, urging everyone to put their hands in the air and make them stay there.

While I may have moved the crowd (into the kitchen), I only made it to Luda's part before I was out of gas. I have to give DJ Khaled props; his stamina is something else. And clearly, I need to build up my cardio abilities. Next time, I'll stick to Cha Cha Cha, which is way more my speed. In thinking back on my DJ Khaled song choice, I guess I didn't know the ledge.

The night was SO. MUCH. FUN.

I also really dug my makeup that night. I was going for glow-y skin, radiant, pretty eyes and a natural lip, since my butterfly top was already entering a room before I could (that thing is not only loud on the eyes, but it's HEAVY!).

So, the makeup. I'm really into this orange shadow palette right now from Jay Manuel Beauty and loved how my makeup came out. Fun, pretty and not overdone. Check it out.


To Plump My Skin: Confidence in a Cream, It Cosmetics
Primer: Backlit Priming Filter, Becca 
Base: Confidence in a Compact in Medium, It Cosmetics
Concealer: Hydrating Dual Action Concealer, Bravon Beauty
Setting Powder: Perfect Setting Powder, Cover FX
Blush: Tea Rose, Bravon Beauty
Brow: Blonde Brow Powder, Full Brow
Eyes: 3D Illuminator in StardomJay Manuel Beauty
          Loud Shadow Quad, Jay Manuel Beauty
          Creme Eyeliner in Latex, Jay Manuel Beauty
          Lengthy Fiber Mascara, Pixi Beauty
          Magnetic Eyes Primer, Bravon Beauty
Lips: Satin Lip Pencil in Bansar, NARS

Vocal warmups with Jodeci and The Dixie Chicks at Gouldylox HQ.

In case you were wondering, I also sang It's Tricky, Paul Revere, My Adidas and (I think) Radio. What are your favorite songs for karaoke? You know I want to picture you singing songs I didn't expect, so GO!

*That's the yacht rock version of her name, not her real one. 
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