Makeup Wars: Face Masks for Dry Skin

This week's wars is all about masks; all kinds of masks. If it's more than a regular serum or looks scary when you wear it, then we've got opinions.

For example, we've talked about my feet mishaps in the past. And just a few weeks ago, I picked out a few of my current favorite masks that are getting me through this weirdo weather we are having in Baltimore (it was 70 on Saturday and 36 on Sunday!).

Seoul Mamas continues to be one of the juiciest face masks I've tried. These sheets are overloaded with serum that gives a good glow.  These are honestly almost too liquidy. I've never been able to absorb one mask entirely. Make sure you massage the rest into the face, neck, chest and hands. I love to do this before bed, so I wake up beaming!

TonyMoly Snail Masks seem to be the perfect answer for when my skin gets very dry. The idea of snail anything makes me a feel a little "squidgy" lately, so I've given these up for the time being. But if you're down to get slimed, these give great results.

While I haven't tried the Pilaten Black Head Remover mask that seems to make everyone cry in faux-agony, LookBeauty's Masque Bar Luminizing Peel-Off Mask does a really nice job without any discomfort. (Note: I shave my face and you should too!)

If you are getting ready to go on Spring Break, don't leave home without a Talika Bio Enzymes After Sun Mask. Over-exposed skin is instantly comforted and refreshed for hours .

Need to plump skin in a hurry? Miss Spa Youth Renewal Hydrofacial Mask plumps and brightens skin very quickly (the product shown and linked may have different packages).

Looking for options for oily skin, hair or something else? Check out what the other Makeup Wars warriors have chosen. Click the tiles below to get started!

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  1. I want to try that blackhead mask! Those little buggers are out of control!

  2. What a great selection of sheet masks for dry skin! I have, and love, Miss Spa Youth Renewal Hydrofacial Mask!

  3. The first mask is bookmarked. If it's juicy, it's for me. I love it when they come with excess serum so that I can massage it in on my neck, decollete and hands. Hell, if there's enough left over, I put it in my hair, too. :D

  4. I'm a big fan of Miss Spa masks and always have some on hand. The Tony Moly sounds like it would make me squeamish but I'd love to try it.

  5. So many here I haven't tried to check out!

  6. Great choices--those Miss Spa masks are so affordable!

  7. The Miss Spa Youth Renewal Hydrofacial Mask sounds wonderful for dry skin.

  8. I gotta check out that after sun mask!

  9. I want to try everything from your list

  10. Great list. I have a TonyMoly mask sitting here to try. Might do it today!

  11. That snail mask is so intriguing! I wonder if it will feel slimy at all. Please let me know once you're tried it out.

    1. It feel like every other face mask, just basically wet. I was a little worried too! I think this is the fifth or sixth one I've purchased!


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