Inspiring Cannabis Gifts: Glass, Vapes and More

pot gifts for women

Today's gift list is a little different! Forget pigments and shadows, here is what to give the midnight toker in your life. Whether a medical or recreational user, the right glass, vape or rig can make all of the difference. And before you ask, everything listed in 100% legal in all fifty states to ship and use. Most of the products listed are for dry flower, so be sure to read the descriptions if you're looking for pieces that use oils and waxes.

Best pot presents for women.

I love good glass and this is my all time favorite piece. The Chameleon Glass Monsoon Spubbler Water Pipe is the greatest glass for on-the-go, ever. It's a self-regulating, non-spillable water pipe that can go everywhere. It's small, the glass is thick, it's not impossible to clean and it won't spill, even when you leave it in your purse for days and days. And it only needs a few tablespoons of water to boot. Grab a case to protect the glass and to keep odor out. // $65.99 + free shipping

Best bong for women

I'm obsessed with these gorgeous My Bud Vases. Each one is more feminine than the last, which is a glorious change from the phallic shapes EVERYWHERE ELSE. I don't know how long a flower would last if you forgot to change the water, but if you want something stealth to keep on a counter, these are what you want. I love the Melody design. // $99.00 + free shipping

Bong that can't break

Has your heart been broken when your favorite glass gets knocked over? I have and the pain is real. If you live dangerously, try this non-breakable, food-grade silicone water pipe by Strong Silicone. // $64.00

Is the Pax still the best portable vaporizer?

The Pax 2 is still the best portable vape money can buy. Just be sure to clean it regularly for smooth tokes. // $199.00

Best tabletop vaporizer that isn't a volcano.

The Arizer Extreme Q Vaporizer is my favorite table vape for sharing with friends. While it doesn't have the great mouthpiece the Volcano does, you'll like saving a few hundred more than having that mouthpiece. // $199.00 + free shipping

CBD-only vape oil

People always ask me what CBD-only product is great for pain management (and a whole host of other benefits). My favorite is from Palmetto Harmony. Grab their high-quality whole plant vape oil and vaporizer (you need to make sure your existing rig can handle the viscosity of the vape oil). This is a great combo deal and one of the best I've tried. If you are worried about getting stuck with snake oil, Palmetto Farms makes a really nice product that delivers. Because this contains less than 0.3% THC, it's legal to ship and use in all 50 states. I use this often and my oil lasted several months before running out. // Vaporizer and Oil, $110.00

This stash jar from Van Der Pop filters out UV light, making your herbs last longer. Plus, your friends will think you are so fancy. // $39.00

Are you out of the cannabis closet? Would you dare to put any of these on your holiday gift list? Got questions about any of this? Ask me!!!

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  3. Hello,

    Have you ever purchased from i found a cute pipe on their website and i would just like to know if you recommend them? I looked on other websites and couldn't find the same product.

    Thanks Kelly.

    1. Hi Anya! I haven't ordered from them, but one of my friends does often !


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