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Today, let's talk about newness from It Cosmetics. Although the Confidence In An Eye Cream is absolutely amazing and life changing, I love it when they release COLOR products. It Cosmetics does makeup so flawlessly and without fancy airs, I look forward to each and every innovative product that helps my skin look better while I wear it.

The latest is their Confidence In Your Glow cheek colors. Available in three glowing shades. Instant Nude Glow, Instant Natural Glow or Instant Warm Glow. Each shade includes a blush, highlight and contour in one compact. While it's annoying (to me, anyway) to apply gradient shades with a blush brush, It Cosmetics makes it really easy with their new Heavenly Skin One-Sweep Wonder Brush (which seems like it would be a mess, but works somehow). Not only is the brush loaded with skincare, the bristles were created to pick up the exact right amount of each shade with only one sweep of color. It sounds crazy, but it honestly works. Take a look at the shades and looks -- which one is the right shade for you?

Instant Natural Glow is a plummy, tri-colored blush that works well for cool-toned women. It contains skincare, including a vitamin C to help improve the radiance of the skin over time. If you have vitamin C sensitivities, you may want to test this in a store to make sure your skin doesn't react negatively.

I paired this shade with the Blurred Lines Smooth Fill Gel-Crème Lipstick in Love, a naturally pretty mauve shade. The Blurred Lines lippies are so natural and creamy, if you haven't checked them out, do it!

Instant Nude Glow is a peachy-based, tri-color blush that would work on anyone with neutral undertones or honestly, whoever likes peachy shades.  I think this may be my favorite of the three shades!

It's a color that works for anyone. I paired this with the Blurred Lines Smooth Fill Gel-Crème Lipstick in Perfect Nude.

Instant Warm Glow is on the pinky side and works well for anyone who is on the warmer side.

I paired this with the Blurred Lines Smooth Fill Gel-Crème Lipstick in Je Ne Se Quoi. Each of these shades are so forgiving, they can be worn by virtually anyone. This one looks very warm in the package but comes out much brighter on my skin. If you like pinky shades, this one is for you!

So let's talk about the brush. The One-Sweep Wonder Brush seems like it should make a mess, but it works. The bristles were created to sweep color from the pan in a very specific way, thanks to the weighting and placement of the bristles. This brush also contains skin-loving ingredients, if you are into infused brushes. I want to believe, but I'm still not quite there. While you don't need the brush for any of this to work, the brush actually does make it better. (Which is usually the case with most of the It brushes.)

These have just hit the shelves online at Ulta and QVC.  Each Glow retails for $32 and the One-Sweep Wonder Brush is $48 (that seems really expensive to me, if I'm being honest). However, BOTH THE BRUSH AND THE BLUSH ARE AVAILABLE FOR $35 right now on QVC. If contouring and highlighting seem overdone or just too complicated, this is the easiest way to get confident, natural glow. Which do you like best?
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  1. Oh wow these looks amazing I love the ombre effect of the product

    Beauty Candy Loves

    1. They give the cheeks the most radiant flush that isn't overdone!

  2. Love your blog. Especially when you post pictures with the products. It makes it easier to visualize!

  3. This had been on my Ulta wish list but I thought it was too much for both the blush and brush- thank you SO MUCH for the QVC tip, I just totally impulse bought it! :)

  4. I thought when u first said the "Brush" has skin loving ingredients ur auto correct kicked in. Upon reading more it was right. I don't where I have been but have never heard of that one. These sound AMAZING but I don't know if I could ever afford them. Maybe I will hit a Good sale sometime. I Love It Cosm I don't have a lot of it. I haven't tried the CC cream yet. I'm so oily. It I know oily ppl like it. I would own all their Brushes but who wouldn't. Lol. Love this Blog and always informative thanks for all ur hard work.❤️

    1. Thank you!!! These are really pretty and I'll take all of the anti-aging I can get ! <3

  5. Bought it in warm and love the colors. I can't figure out how to apply without ending up with bronzer on my temples, though -need a good tutorial, haven't found one yet.

    1. YEAH!!! The trick for me is to rotate the blush palette when I do the opposite side of my face so the brush picks up the right colors! When I apply on the left side, I hold the palette normally. When I do the right side, I turn the palette to 3 o'clock. Does that make sense?

  6. Love this! The ombre look is sooo pretty and they all look wonderful on you! I have several other IT Cosmetics products from b-glowing and love them all. I will definitely be on the look out for one of these beauties.


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