Dear Poppy Harlow, We Need To Talk About your Hair.

Dear Poppy,

We need to talk about the ends of your hair. What I'm about to say, I'm saying with the honest love of an older sister who wants the best for your hair. It's a no-shade zone, seriously. Either straight or waved, your hair looks lovely. It's only been since you've been wearing it straight that I've noticed we share hair issues. I think I can help you. 

While I doubt you're a Gouldylox little sister yet, you probably aren't familiar with my hair woes and why they might just apply to you, too. Trust me when I say that my hair is problematic more often than not. My hair often takes on a spongy texture with frazzled ends that seem to stick together like spaghetti. When I shake my head, my hair (only in certain sections) often moves together in a clump, like my ends are tangled, despite being as smooth as possible. Even when I flat iron or heat style, the ends don't lay nicely and cutting them off doesn't help.  It's the same problem you've been having for the last few days, since you started wearing your hair straight in the last week or so. You have sticky ends that are misbehaving!

While your hair has not reached the level of spongy-ness or stickiness that mine has, you can curb those problematic ends quickly with a few uses of  Color Wow's Cocktailing Serums. (I'll even send you the product if you want to try it.) I want to help you. We all have Kate Bouldan hair envy when it comes to the health of her hair and those ends. (Her ends are so healthy!)

Here's what you need:

Color Wow Kale Cocktail Bionic Tonic, a simple liquid that is applied to wet hair before blow drying. The Kale Cocktail takes frazzled ends from looking tangled and messy to smooth and sleek. This makes my ends look healthy and happy!

Equally awesome is the Color Wow Coconut Cocktail Bionic Tonic, which adds "slip" to the individual strands. Applied before blow drying as well, this helps hair move independently in a smooth and shiny way. It's kind of like adding that model-like shine and movement you see in Pantene ads. It's exactly what hair like ours needs. 

And while there are so many more important things to think about these days, frazzled ends are an annoyance you just don't have to live with.

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  1. I think it's kind of shitty that this pressure to be perfect is placed on women. I know you aren't trying to be malicious, but she's a journalist-- not a supermodel-- and here we are talking about her hair! Male journalists can be sloppy and unkempt and we still talk about the work they do, not their eyebrows or hair or clothes. Maybe she just doesn't prioritize perfectly smooth straight hair because her hair isn't her job.

    Again, I know you aren't coming from a place of cruelty, but I think it's time we really examine how we talk about women who are in the public sphere and maybe try to frame conversations around the work they do not whether they need a brow wax/ manicure/trim.

    1. You are totally correct, it is a really lousy double standard. But still, I'm a beauty blogger and it's kind of my job, as sad as that may be deemed, to address problems women (and men) face when it comes to grooming. To be fair, I also pointed out some Sean Spicer shortcomings last month and praised Dana Bash's eyeshadow, too. I watch a lot of CNN these days... I honestly think these products could make a change in Poppy's hair and that may be important to her stylist or to her. Maybe someone else has the same hair that particular anchor has and shares the same problem. As the big sister you didn't ask for, if I can help with product reccos, I honestly want to help. And if you happen to have that same hair texture, these products worked bigly for me. :-)

      Thank for pointing out I wasn't being a mean girl, which could not be more true. And thank YOU for commenting! <3 <3

  2. Replies
    1. They are amazing. The slip in the coconut is something I didn't know I even needed. LOVE THESE!

  3. I must have this problem because I don't see a thing wrong with her hair. Some of us just have unruly hair, which I wouldn't include her in that. I have wavy frizzy hair if I don't use product. For scrunching I use Deva Curl Coconut Curler, its my HG. For straightening I blow it out with Redken Frizz Dismiss 40, applied while its wet. Then I flat Iron after drying.

    1. Nah. You'd know if it you had that problem. It's a weird texture thing where most of the hair looks nice, but the ends get spikey and have a mind of their own. There are certainly worse things in the world to complain about, but if you have that hair type, this will help. Also, I <3 DEVACURL!!! They even have a new micellar water to clean hair gently!

    2. True. Oo I didn't know that will have to check it out . Any recommendations for helping hair after lots of chlorine exposure . I have the hardest time in the summer . It's not color treated but feels almost like people describe when they over process their hair .

    3. Swimmer's Hair can feel awful!! Besides wearing a cap (UGH!) when swimming, you should always rinse your hair out immediately after swimming and use a shampoo that will remove the copper from your hair. You want to make sure you use a clarifying shampoo. People through around the word chelating sometimes, but I'm told by my stylist that can be really devastating to the hair. InStyle had a great list from last summer, with a lot of price ranges. Check these out:

  4. Thank you so much :) Yea, I've thought about the cap but not so sure could stand it ://.

  5. I ordered the Kale Cocktail and it just arrived! I am so excited and looking forward to a miracle. Thanks for the tip :)


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