My Quintessential Pixi by Petra Mascara Wardrobe

My lashes waffle between long and lush (when I remember to use a lash growth treatment) and the saddest, stumpiest lashes on the planet (most days). Of course, I want what I don't have and I want better lashes right now!

Pixi By Petra is rocking my world lately. Their mascara has actually inspired me to change my entire makeup look (I'm all about drama on the lower lash line and barely there on the top. More on this later.). Each one of the mascaras in my wardrobe work differently, but all can work together to make an amazing lash look.

Here is my current mascara wardrobe--I've got a little something for every situation!
The 3-1 Black Lacquer Lash Primer is my go-to on days where I just want a little lash without getting tricky. Since it's not white, you don't need to cover it up. The brush is PERFECT for lining your eyes with mascara. I've heard bloggers talk about this all of the time, but I've never been able to do it. The brush in the Lash Primer is amazing at grabbing every single lash. Think of it like a good foundation garment. This primes, plumps and defines each lash. Plus, the formula helps to hold a curl!
Lengthy Fiber Mascara is a thinner formula, infused with tiny fibers that attach to your lashes, extending your look. My natural lashes are quite sad at the moment and this gives them life. Plus, the fibers don't bend and break, spotting your face like weird little spider legs. Cause honestly, no one like spider legs on their face.
Lower Lash Mascara is a must for this season. This tiny brush grabs each little lash, helping to frame your eyes completely. It won't flake on you, either. I love this so much, I actually used it to break out of my shadow rut recently. Instead of lid, contour and crease, I'm now loving the look of a sheer, shiny color wash on the lid and a dramatic smoky line and lash on the bottom. I feel like it makes my eyes look more awake and my skin well rested. That's quite an accomplishment for a mascara wand that tiny!
Lash Booster is like the perfect fall jacket. It elevates your look and protects your lashes from water at the same time. The Lash Booster literally coats your lashes to help add extra oomph to your look, and Blackest Blue? I wish all mascaras came in this color. Plus, it's waterproof!

The best part is that all of the products are thinner, not thick or clumpy, which seems to be the current trend in lashes. You can layer all three of these and still get long and lean lashes, which is exactly what I want right now.

Grab Pixi by Petra at Target for around $14.00-$16.00 each. What is in your mascara wardrobe? How many lash products do you layer?

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