Weight Loss Tip #15: Be Your Own Beacon

I wish losing weight were simple (calories in, calories out, right?). I wish it didn't cloud my brain with all kinds of thoughts about what I'm doing wrong or what happens if I "screw up". In the past, botching my points for the day may have signaled the end of that diet. But since I'm not on a diet (see Tip #3), I'm trying not to allow myself to think that way.

But really. How many times have you thought to yourself, "Zoiks! Two pieces of birthday cake must mean I'm not going to succeed at all, since I just failed avoiding such a basic food trap." It's easier to quit than it is to dust yourself off and keep going.

Here's the real scoop, little sisters. If losing weight in America were easy, we'd all be skinny. Instead, we are mainly fat. And honesty, a lot of it isn't our faults. OF COURSE we are responsible for the food that we buy and put in our mouths, but what if our options aren't great?

To lose weight in today's world, you almost have to become your own beacon of positive food modeling, not afraid to stand up for your own needs. You have to stop the burger ads where the young women made sexy by eating food they would never touch, from getting into your mind and tingling your taste buds. You have to ignore that the "healthy menu options" still have over 800 calories per serving, and create a better option for yourself. You have to forget that people will badger you into "just one bite", forcing you to stand up before you may be ready. You have to be able to afford fresh produce and if you're lucky, organic, non-GMO foods. And then you have to deal with the food that everyone else around you wants to eat, all of which leads you further away from your goal.

So don't be afraid to be that one person who silently (or loudly) stands up for their own food integrity. Don't give up because there is an obstacle in the way. Figure out the way around it. I find that it's often easier to figure out how to avoid the traps by thinking backwards. What do I mean?

1. See yourself as healthy and fit, in clothes you love and comfortable in your skin. Pretend you're watching the ending scene of a movie about how awesome you've become.

2. Now ask yourself, "What did it take for me to get there?"

3. Try to think in reverse, as if you can watch it backwards. Maybe you see that you held fast to your food goals on vacation. Maybe you see that you had two pieces of birthday cake and while it wasn't your best bet, you still succeeded. It's not about how many times you fall down, it's about how you get back up!

4. Now that you've "seen" what the outcome will be, stick to the steps that get you there! You know what the outcome is--you, full of amazing strength, happiness and much healthier than before.

They say hindsight is always 20/20. Try creating your own movie in your head and skip straight to the end. Watch it backwards, avoid the traps and beat the odds. You can do this. I know you can!

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  1. This is suuuuuuuuuuuuuper true! The world is out to make us fat. Our brains are out to make us fat (via millions of years of evolution that decided that seeking fat & sugar would make us feel really good). It really takes an active mind and diligent habits to make long-term weight loss happen.

    1. Right? Not like it's never our own fault, it is. But at some point it's also conditioning and the market and the help that is available to the masses. The more I think about it, the more mad I get at the sugar industry. It's almost impossible to tell what is true and what is spin, but the way sugar has been added to everything is probably responsible for a ton of our health problems. To avoid that pot hole, you practically have to live off of the grid. KWIM?


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