Essie Gel Couture Polish Might Just Work Better ...

Essie Gel Couture Polish might just work better than any other at-home gel manicure polish I've tried, with or without a lamp.

That's a strong statement to make and I think I can back it up. I've tried almost every at-home gel system and they don't seem to work well with my dry, somewhat weak, ridged nails. I'm sure I could be doing something incorrectly with the other gel polishes. Maybe I'm getting too close to the edge, so it lifts. Maybe I'm not curing it long enough with the right lamp. Maybe there are oils on my nail beds, despite using alcohol wipes prior to application. Maybe when I have it done in salons (and have to go back repeatedly because the polish keeps lifting) there is something wrong with the technician who performs the service.

Or maybe I'm just weird.

That is the key factor here. I think something in my body chemistry repels manicures cured with light, with the exception of the Knock Out Nails, one of the best nail products I've ever used. But that is a different approach to maintaining your nails entirely. So let's blame my body chemistry for the oddities that happen to me when I use at-home gel polishes or go to the salon.

If traditional gel polishes don't quite work for you, try the Essie Gel Couture Polish. You don't need a special base coat or light; just the colored polish and the top coat will do. I find that applying several light, thin coats works best. I'm getting more than a week's wear out of the polish, with almost no chipping. Considering I'm typing and working with my hands all day, every day, a week's worth of wear is impressive for me. Plus, it's super easy to remove.

If you struggle with gel manis in general, this might be perfect for you, too.

Try it yourself anywhere Essie is sold for $11.50 each or in bundles of 2 for $18.50.

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