Perfect Pink Lipsticks For Right Now

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Am I the only one noticing a resurgence in thoughtful pink lippies? Not nudes, not your-lips-but-better, but straight up pinks? Vibrant lips have been everywhere for so long, I haven't even thought about delicate, ladylike pink for some time. Pinks always seemed too Barbie, too stuck-up, too sorority. I'm just not that girl.

I know, stay with me. Pinky-pink lips? It sounds crazy, even to me. It's so middle school, so sweet. Blurgh. But right now, pinks are a little different, a little more inspired and a little more creative.  The pigments and formulas are different and it's just all working for me. Be it the season, a shift towards softer colors or just me paying attention--positively pink lips are back with a passion!

Lip Lava by COVERGIRL is amazing. Ooh La Lava is more on the purple side, but filled with shine and the tiniest microglitter ever. You'll never feel the glitter, but it reflects like crazy.

Sephora's Lip Glitter's Retractable Pencil in Fuchsia is a loud raspberry that is full of sparkle. My good friend at Fire Gnat insists this the only lip color I'll ever need. I don't know about that, but it is pretty sassy! (You'll need to find this one in stores. It's sold out online and was LE.)

Urban Decay's Naked  Gloss in Sesso takes it down a notch and leaves lips soft and a little minty. It's only in the Naked On The Run Palette, so you now have another reason to scoop it up.

Laura Mercier's New Paint Wash Liquid Lip Color in Petal Pink is delightfully pigmented, a true pinky pink, without going chalky. It wears all day and isn't drying.

COVERGIRL's Colorlicious Ravishing Rose Lipstick reminds me of middle school in the best way humanly possible. It's like my now-self crashing into my 13-year-old self. I kind of love it.

MAC's Pro Pink Fusion Lipstick isn't fracking around. It's bright, long-lasting and not for the timid.

L'OREAL's Colour Riche Balm Pop in Bold Blush adds a bright touch of almost-Barbie pink in the most wearable way yet.

Did your favorite make my list? What should I try next?

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